VETLIVA summarizes and wishes you a Happy New Year 2020

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VETLIVA summarizes and wishes you a Happy New Year 2020

So another year came to an end. Christmas trees are already dressed up, the program for New Year is thought out to the smallest detail, it remains only to count the days/hours/minutes until the X moment and to summarize. VETLIVA follows the established good tradition and congratulates you, dear readers, on the upcoming winter holidays and recalls what 2019 was remembered for.

2019 Results

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

VETLIVA, your guide to Belarus

During the time that VETLIVA is with you, we have already managed not only to show the beauties of Belarus, but also to be related. And that means we congratulate you, dear readers, as the nearest and dearest ones. With the most sincere and special wishes from VETLIVA:

  • good health to travel with pleasure at any age in Belarus;
  • wonderful mood to get the most vivid impressions from travel;
  • close friends to make your travel even more cool;
  • always full wallet so that any vacation plans come true!

Meanwhile, we will organize your dream vacation. It is for this purpose that VETLIVA decided to recall what was done during the year, and at the same time introduce you to the most popular destinations among our tourists.

Top 5 of the most visited places in Belarus

Top 5 of the most visited places in Belarus

What travel destinations were the most popular among our tourists? No need to contact a fortuneteller: on the first place there will always be our favorite castles in Mir and Nesvizh. Want to know where else travelers have been in 2019? Then read on:

  • Mir + Nesvizh. Two pearls of Belarusian architecture, protected by UNESCO, are still leading.

  • BELAZ plant. The city of Zhodino, where the largest mining dump trucks in the world are manufactured, is on the second line of our chart. By the way, our team was even lucky to make a video about a trip to the factory, which we hasten to share with you. Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles! 

  • Brest. A beautiful city with the spirit of European charm and stunning sights, including the Brest Fortress and the unique Sovetskaya Street. By the way, this architectural miracle celebrated its 1000th anniversary this year! 

  • Yelnya. Yelnya is a corner of unspoiled nature, a swamp that is more than 9000 years old! The reserve attracts tourists with the opportunity to take walks along non-tourist trails and look into its very heart. And then our team is in a hurry to share their impressions with you.

  • Exclusion Zone. The Belarusian part of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone сompletes the top of our excursion routes and impresses tourists not less than Pripyat itself: abandoned houses and schools, overgrown paths and mysterious atmosphere, frozen in 1986.

How we helped not to stay outside this year

Top places to stay in Belarus

We helped not only to find the best destinations for tourists, but also to book amusing lodging all around Belarus. The issue of accommodation is always relevant, and it does not matter if you travel in a comfortable car with your family or hitchhiking with a backpack behind you. And here are the directions that were popular with our tourists:

  • Overnight in a visa-free zone. The Brest and Grodno regions united into a single visa-free zone, which helped our tourists to travel freely in the above regions of Belarus. And VETLIVA gladly helped them not to stay without a roof over their heads.

  • Living in nature. Recreation facilities on Braslav lakes and Naroch are accommodation options for those who love nature, outdoor activities and clean air.

Kayaking, swimming (and the opportunity to go fishing, of course), cycling and hiking through the incredibly picturesque area — what else is needed for happiness? In addition to the lake regions, the VETLIVA catalog also contains other unique natural places in Belarus.

  • Affordable luxury. Staying in a place that looks like a museum or a fairytale castle is about our offers! The most luxurious hotels that our tourists booked in 2019, you can find here.

  • Budget options.The main thing in the journey is the emotions that it gives, and therefore many people are looking for cheaper accommodation so that you can spend the money saved just on impressions. For such travelers, we have prepared a selection of the most inexpensive accommodation options.

  • Home comfort. And, of course, apartments, which are both quite budgetary and a great family option, were very popular.

Top 5 of the most popular resorts

Top 5 of the most popular resorts in Belarus

All Belarusian health resorts are good in their own way, but even among the best there are always the best. Here are the statistics of the most popular resorts in 2019:

  1. Yunost
  2. Alpha Radon
  3. Vesta
  4. Borovoe
  5. Krinitsa.

Each health resort has its own unique "feature", which attracts tourists here. For example, at “Yunost” this is a European-level SPA certificate and location on the shore of the Minsk Sea; “Alfa Radon” pleases its guests with an impeccable quality of service at the level of fashionable resorts; in “Vesta” you can not only improve your health, but even ski from an equipped slope; “Borovoe” is famous for its sources of mineral waters; and “Krinitsa” offers its guests an ideal price-quality ratio — a fairly budget vacation in the health resort of the highest category.

Perhaps you have long dreamed of a good rest, and strengthen your immunity at the same time. Here is a great chance! There are a lot of wonderful health resorts in the Brest and Grodno regions which, as you remember, are in the visa-free zone! Moreover, we constantly talk about the features of rest in Belarusian health resorts in our Blog and you can easily choose the one that suits you!

Our Blog: recalling achievements of 2019

The II European Games in Belarus

One of the coolest achievements of VETLIVA was coverage of events related to the II European Games in Minsk. We wrote a lot about the incredibly large-scale sporting event and helped everyone to attend it, because it was our portal that became the official tour operator of the Games.

We also wrote a series of articles about the regional centers of Belarus, where we talked about their attractions, history, restaurants, places of entertainment and simply the most useful information for travelers. Among these articles:

  1. Minsk

  2. Brest

  3. Gomel

  4. Grodno

  5. Vitebsk

  6. Mogilev

And in order to consolidate the belief that Belarus is beautiful everywhere you look, we published the article about the best cities of the country!

The best cities of Belarus

The most popular travel destinations — Mir and Nesvizh Castles — were also awarded their own articles. In each of them we have collected the most interesting facts about castles, legends about their ghosts and guides for finding treasures of palaces' owners.

VETLIVA also reminded its readers of what the Chernobyl nuclear power plant really is. What tragedy happened back in 1986, how it influenced modern culture and how you can get on an excursion to one of the most mysterious and sad places on the planet. 

Chernobyl tragedy

We also participated in the global flashmob of checklists and travel tips lists, releasing a huge number of articles on a variety of topics:

  • what stereotypes do foreigners have about Belarus and which of these are true,

  • what unusual souvenirs to bring from the blue-eyed (beaver sausage and concrete charges are included),

  • cool facts about our country that you didn’t even know about (for example, that your euro in your wallet is made from Belarusian linen),

  • how much money will be needed to have a cool vacation in Belarus (spoiler: very little),

How to get to Belarus

Believe it or not but VETLIVA even made a trip around the world! Of course, on a local scale, but it has not become less interesting or exciting. We invite you to repeat our feat! In just a week, we traveled all over Belarus, and our route was like this:

  • Day 1: Chechersk → the village of Grudinovka → Mogilev
  • Day 2: Buynichi village → Polykovichi village → Vitebsk
  • Day 3: Polotsk → Idolto village → Druya ​​village → Prudniki village
  • Day 4: Braslav Lakes → Mount Mayak → Naroch → Murovanka → Vidzy
  • Day 5: Grodno → Augustow Canal → Mir + Nesvizh → Brest
  • Day 6: Brest Fortress → Kossovo → Ruzhany → Olmanskie swamps
  • Day 7: Mazyr → Rechitsa → Gomel

Belarus in 7 days of travel

And finally, we’ve uploaded our cool YouTube channel, where there are videos about traveling to places that you read about in articles! Now almost all of our videos have English subtitles, so broaden your horizons now on VETLIVA’s YouTube!

So, it’s time for us to round off so that you can plan your vacation for the next year. Travel and fall in love with Belarus every time more and more! And VETLIVA will be happy to organize new meetings with the beauties of our wonderful country.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear friends!

VETLIVA summarizes and wishes you a Happy New Year 2020