We invite travel agents for partnership

We invite travel agents for partnership

VETLIVA represents the multipurpose service of online booking and the catalog of tourist services.

VETLIVA is the specialist on vacation and tourism in Belarus 

We are glad to offer you cooperation and help your customers to discover Belarus as a country of cordiality and hospitality, telling about tourism in Belarus and provide the best deals for tourist staying in the country:

Functional of the system of reserving

  • All necessary functions for agents
  • Conclusion of detailed statistical and accounting reports
  • Work with popular payment systems


  • The optimized Internet-portal with a wide range of different types of services
  • Actual prices and suggestions
  • Guarantee the quality and timeliness of services
  • Simplicity and usability


  1. For booking of turns through on-line reserving, register yourself, get a login and password. 
  2. Downland, sign and send a contract.
  3. For all questions arising in booking you can contact the experts working with agencies:      

           Phone: + 375 17 215-48-08
                       + 375 29 115-49-49                  

           E-mail: agent@vetliva.com