All you should know about the European Games 2019

All you should know about the European Games 2019

Hey there, welcome back! We are here again to acquaint you with new details about the II European Games, that are held in June 2019 in the capital of Belarus. If you still do not know what to expect from a grand event, or just wonder whether to spend your time on the Games, VETLIVA will help you learn more right now!

European Games 2019

The European Games: 9 facts about

The European Games is an incredible event for their scale and combines a huge number of various things that should encourage you to come to Minsk to see everything with your own eyes.

Sounds too fussy and unbelievable? Let's dwell on some of the benefits of the Games in Minsk!

  • Belarus has already held the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018, as well as the World Ice Hockey Championship in 2014. The European Games 2019 will be included in this magnificent top three and will add another paragraph of the modern history of Belarus. Today, anyone can become part of this story, just visiting the event and seeing everything with their own eyes: tickets, that cost from 2 to 20 euros for guests of the country, will take you to the world of new discoveries.

Sport events in Belarus

  • The main difference between the European Games 2019 and the previous ones that were held in Baku, and from the very same Olympic Games, is the uniqueness of the approach. To create a network through which the whole system of the Games will be managed (from software to design of the mobile application and the official website), only Belarusian specialists were involved. The form of volunteers was sewed according to the drawings of the Belarusian stylist Yulia Latushkina at the Belarusian company “Solo-Pinsk”. That is, all the beauty that guests of the country will see is created by masters of their work, of which the whole Belarus is proud.

  • Even the most remote corners of the capital are being transformed to the European Games 2019: the athletes and their teams will be accommodated in the comfortable rooms of the Sport Village, next to which a new passenger terminal will be built; competitions are held on the territory of many sports facilities, the list of which includes the famous “Minsk Arena” and the recently reconstructed Dynamo stadium.

Sports complex Minsk Arena

  • VETLIVA reminds you that all foreigners who have tickets for the Games does not need a visa. Feel free to see the Republic from the best sides! Take the chance to learn not only the sporting side of these 10 days, but also to get acquainted with the culture of the country, enjoy the architecture and fall in love forever with the amazing nature of Belarus. Choose your travel option: self-exploration of the city or full and delightful excursions to the most interesting places of Minsk!

  • We have already mentioned that during the European Games 2019 the best sports facilities of the country will be involved: there are 12 of them, and each is impressive in its own way. The opening ceremony will take place on June 21 at the Dynamo stadium and will resemble a grandiose music festival: a team of talented craftsmen of their craft will turn the site into a chamber hall, give a concert and arrange a real light show. It is planned that the ceremony will last about 2 hours, and its scope will be able to impress even the most jaded fans of such events. Sport is a real art that can be expressed in hundreds of ways: this is what we are going to demonstrate this summer!

Sport in Minsk

  • Thousands of volunteers will assist all visitors to the sports and non-sports facilities of the European Games 2019. Everyone who needs any piece of advice or help will get it. And the information support will be taken care of by the media and VETLIVA, that created a website with all the necessary information for you. To make your trip to Belarus more comfortable and interesting, we also provide you with some travel packages that include accomodation, breakfasts, excursions and, of course, tickets to the European Games competitions!

  • A special schtick that appeals to any foreigner is the “guest card”, which is already on sale and costs about 7 euros. This bonus can be purchased both at the box office of the city and online, and its main advantage is a whole range of different discounts for visiting museums and water parks, excursions and attractions, restaurants and cafes, shops and much more. During the Games, a number of concerts and events will be held in the capital, that are definitely worth visiting if you want to have a good time! And do not forget that you do not need to look for suitable accommodation options yourself, they are already collected in one place, right here: from hotels to apartments.

Minsk hotel

  • More than 4,000 athletes will compete for 199 sets of awards at the European Games 2019, but not only participants will feel the taste of victory and enjoy the time spent in Minsk: we can all enjoy a great show, support our favorite athletes, spend time in an interesting company and celebrate the end of June, followed by two more months of summer!

  • Sports events of the magnitude, like the European Games 2019, are not held to find the best of the best and praise the achievements of a particular country. If you delve into the history of the global version of this event — the Olympic Games — you can find out that there was a temporary truce in Greece during the war period to hold competitions. Now, in our turbulent time, it is more important than ever to be united and to maintain peace between nations.

Sport in Minsk and Belarus

European Games 2019: the last fact is found!

Why are there only 9 facts? Have we missed something? Purposely silenced? No, VETLIVA believes that the European Games are pleasant to everyone in their own way: someone expects the show, someone wants to personally see great athletes, the best of whom after the European Games 2019 will have the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo, someone hopes to travel. We have identified 9 main amazing facts about the Games, and the last one — the most important for you — write yourself right now.

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All you should know about the European Games 2019