Health resort Yunost
Health resort “Yunost” and perfect recreation in the Minsk Region Do you want to relax and improve your health on one of the most picturesque reservoirs of Belarus — the Minsk Sea? Then recovery in Yunost is for you! The health resort is surrounded by a pine forest, which means that nature itself helps to recover and strengthen the body of vacationers. The Yunost resort near Minsk offers its guests the following accommodation options: two dormitory buildings — Morskoy and Lesnoy. The infrastructure of the health resort is organized as comfortably as possible for vacationers: the residential buildings are connected by covered passages. That is, to go to the procedures at the Yunost resort, you do not have to walk down the street: the sports, medical, and spa buildings are within walking distance. Yunost resort in Minsk region: what to see The health resort is located not far from Minsk and Zaslavl, which means that there will be something to see for both Minsk residents and guests from other cities. In summer, on the Minsk Sea, you can arrange a real beach holiday, for example, sunbathe or go sailing. And if you miss interesting places, you can go to Zaslavl to see its sights. Treatment in the Yunost health resort Yunost offers to book one of two types of vouchers: Wellness — from 3 days (2 nights in a health resort); Health — from 11 days (10 nights at the resort). The health resort was awarded the highest category. In addition, the SPA center of the Yunost resort has a European quality certificate EuropeSpa med. It helps patients with diseases of the central nervous system, gynecology, blood circulation, and musculoskeletal system. And for those who have had COVID-19, there is an effective rehabilitation program. It includes the following procedures: consultations of a therapist and a psychotherapist; aromatherapy; inhalation or oxygen therapy; magnetotherapy; massage; visiting the pool: the Yunost health resort has one of the largest and most modern; heat and mud therapy, as well as undergoing a course of procedures with applications of therapeutic sapropel mud or fangoparaffin; Nordic walking, physiotherapy exercises, etc. Length of stay:  - from 2 days (1 night) — wellness voucher - from 11 days (10 nights) — sanatorium voucher
  • Zhdanovichsky s / s, 67, 223080, Minsk district, Ratomka, Minsk region, Belarus
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wheelchair ramp
Health resort Priozerny
The tickets to the health resort "Priozerny" of Belarus The Priozerny resort is one of the most popular health resorts in Belarus, which is located in the Naroch region. The favorable location, combined with high-quality health improvement and the organization of leisure at a high level, makes the rest here comfortable and unforgettable. Priozerny resort: rooms and services The health resort can accommodate 450 people at a time. There are two dormitories for accommodation — Priozerny and Lazurny. Both are connected to the medical building via a covered walkway, and therefore you can easily come here to relax in winter. For those who value privacy, there are accommodation options in cottages and a cabin in the woods. Health improvement in the Priozerny resort is also facilitated by its modern medical base, which includes more than 100 medical procedures and the services of 90 qualified specialists. In Priozerny they provide paid services of ultrasound, and also treat with mineral waters fr om their source and healing Saki mud from all over Belarus. What to see during the weekend tour to the Priozerny resort Myadel is located 20 km from the health resort. There, all architecture lovers will delight the Holy Trinity Church and the Church of the Mother of God of the Scapular. And if you like fishing, then lakes Myastro and Rudakovo will please you with an excellent catch. And, of course, we recommend visiting an equestrian show in the Nanosy-Otdyh ethnocultural complex. Treatment in the Priozerny health resort SPA vacation can be booked from 6 nights. Tours without treatment start from 2 nights. The prices of Priozerny may include one of two programs for patients who need rehabilitation after COVID-19 or other serious respiratory system injuries. Programs the Priozerny health resort: Physical activity: exercise therapy, Nordic walking, gym classes, and Kneipp path; Herbal medicine, inhalation, wax room, speleotherapy, or aromatherapy; Physiotherapy for getting rid of asthenia and general strengthening of the immune system: General magnetotherapy or intravenous laser blood irradiation; Whirlpool baths for hands or feet (No. 1) or dry carbon dioxide bath (No. 2); bath with Pinementhol concentrate; Local methods and manual massage. Vouchers with treatment can be booked from 7 days. Vouchers without treatment — from 1 day.
  • str. Peschanaya, 21, 222395, Myadel district, Naroch, Minsk region, Belarus
Health resort Sosny Myadel town
The health resort “Sosny”: vacation and health improvement in the Minsk Region The health and spa resort "Sosny" is in 150 kilometers from Minsk, in a pinery nearby from two lakes – Naroch and Beloe. This health resort — one of the most popular places among tourists, who appreciate high-level service. Throughout long time the personnel of a health resort perform treatment in Belarus, including consequences of the Chernobyl accident. The resort holds 220 people which are accommodated in 3 buildings (“Main” and “Krugly” connected with the medical center by a passageway). Between the sleeping "Pine" building, 6 cozy cottages and medical building no passageways. The health resort “Sosny”: the best value for money Minsk resort "Sosny" is the health resort of Belarus with 40-year expierence. At your service: the modern medical care; remarkable conditions of accommodation; magnificent natural beauty and aromas of a pinery. Retreatment and cognitive tourism in the Minsk Region "Sosny" is the Belarusian health resort, in which everyone can find a harmony with inner world thanks to excellent service and improbable landscapes.Nearby is the national park "Narochansky" — the pearl of the lake's wealth of Belarus. Resting in the resort on the shore of Lake Naroch, you will get a unique opportunity not only to rest and improve your health, but also to admire the wonderful monuments of architecture: the Church of St. Ilia and the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle, located in the village of Naroch.
  • Myadelsky s/s, 7, 222405, Myadel district, Sosny, Minsk region, Belarus
  • Wi-Fi
  • Rooms for disabled guests
Health resort Borovoe
The Vitebsk health resort “Borovoe” Borovoe is a health resort of the Vitebsk region, which is located in one of the most picturesque places in Belarus — the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. It is located in the midst of a pine forest, on the shores of a picturesque lake. That is why you can feel better here just walking around the territory of the health resort. The rooms of the Borovoe resort are designed for 207 beds. There are three buildings to accommodate vacationers. For your convenience, the 1st building is connected by a covered walkway with a medical one. Health improvement in the Borovoe resort  Treatment in the Borovoe health resort is carried out according to the following medical profiles: Diseases of the endocrine system, metabolism, skin, and subcutaneous tissue; Respiratory diseases (including rehabilitation after COVID-19); Diseases of the genitourinary system; Diseases of the digestive system, central nervous system, etc. The visiting card of the health resort is its source of mineral water. A modern medical base and qualified doctors of the Borovoe resort will make your rest and recovery here as comfortable and effective as possible. And the presence of special comprehensive programs will help get rid of stress, improve skin condition, raise immunity, lose weight and achieve other equally impressive results. How to get to the health resort "Borovoe" It's easy to get to the health abode: it is located only 25 km from the village of Domzheritsy. Add coordinates to the navigator of your car, go here by public transport or book a convenient transfer from VETLIVA. You will get a unique opportunity not only to improve your health but also to visit one of the most beautiful national parks in Belarus — the Berezinsky reserve. Sanatorium vouchers can be booked for a period of 8 days. Health tours can be booked for a period of 1 day.
  • 211730, Dokshitsy district, Bydachi, Vitebsk region, Belarus
  • Wi-Fi
  • Rooms for disabled guests
Health resort Sputnik
Rest in the modern Sputnik Health resort in Belarus One of the most beautiful natural corners of the country is the Naroch Territory. It is here, in the Minsk region, near amazing lakes that the modern health resort Sputnik is located. The health resort complex is represented by two 7-story buildings, interconnected by covered walkways. In one of them there is a medical unit, a dining room, a large swimming pool, and in the second — a cinema, bar, spa complex and cafe. The buildings of the Health resort can comfortably accommodate up to 295 vacationers. In addition, in the resort there are 11 two-story cottages made of wooden beams. Each of them can accommodate families or companies up to 9 people. Children from the age of 3 accompanied by adults can rest in the health resort, and undergo medical procedures only from the age of 18. For young tourists, there is a children's playroom, children's TV channels, swimming in the special Sputnik pool. Free Wi-Fi is available both in public areas and in private rooms. Wellness near Naroch lakes Sputnik was opened not so long ago, in 2006. As a result of the attestations, it was awarded the highest category. This speaks of excellent conditions for recreation, quality treatment and good service. Vacationers are offered: recovery in different directions and profiles of diseases; restoration of all body systems; selection of an individual treatment program for each vacationer; relaxing holidays in a modern spa complex, etc. Meals are organized according to the principle of a customized menu. The daily diet is selected in such a way that the body receives the necessary amount of vitamins and nutrients. Vacationers can choose a dietary, vegetarian or individual menu in one of the two dining rooms in the main building. Amazing rest in the Sputnik health resort on the Naroch! The Sputnik Health resort is located in the Minsk region, the distance to the capital is 152 km. The nearest town of Myadel is 21.4 km away. There is little that can be compared with the beauty of the local region. Therefore, tourists are recommended to visit the National Park "Narochansky", as well as be sure to stop by for an excursion and tasting Belarusian dishes in the ethnocultural complex "Nanosy-Novoselye". The types of package tours available for booking in the resort “Sputnik”: Sanatorium vouchers can be booked for a period of 5 days. Health tours can be booked for a period of 4 days. The health resort offers a basic program of rehabilitation after viral pneumonia. According to the feedback from visitors, treatment and services in Sputnik in this area have been in great demand lately. Purposes of the program: treatment and prevention of complications of diseases of the respiratory system, viral (including coronavirus) pneumonia; a rehabilitating effect on the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, and other systems of the body to increase their function and maintain overall physical performance; The procedures complex in the Sputnik resort is aimed at restoring the respiratory function of the lungs at all levels (improving the ventilation of the lungs, restoring damaged tissues, improving alveolar gas exchange). You can find out the price of a voucher or a tour to the Sputnik health complex on the website during the booking process when choosing the dates that suit you.
  • str. Turistskaya,14, 222395, Myadel district, Naroch, Minsk region, Belarus
  • Rooms for disabled guests
  • Wheelchair ramp
Health resort Belaya Rus Tuapse
Health and spa resort Belaya Rus in Tuapse on the Black Sea Belaya Rus health resort can be found at the address: Krasnodar Territory, Tuapse district, the village of Maysky. The resort complex has successfully taken its territory on the incredibly beautiful Black Sea coast, 25 kilometers from sunny Tuapse. Looking ahead, this proximity to the resort place allows you to go on an exciting excursion in the process of recovery. Due to the fact that the resort is located on a mountain slope 40 m above sea level, a mild southern climate prevails there, which is conducive to rest and treatment. In addition, there is a swimming pool, which will allow guests to relax at any time. A huge plus for customers is the transitions that connect the complex buildings. It is not difficult to get from the dormitory building to the diagnostic and treatment rooms here. Recreation and treatment in the health resort Belaya Rus in Tuapse In the Belaya Rus health resort, you can choose medical wellness programs in accordance with the individual characteristics of your body. Professional doctors will help you cope with ailments of: central nervous and cardiovascular system dermatological conditions respiratory and ENT systems supporting-motor system gynecology and urology Leisure in the health resort is thought out to the smallest detail: tourists are given the opportunity to use a swimming pool filled with seawater, a variety of slides for launching into the water, a bathhouse, or a sauna, as well as other entertainment areas. You can find detailed information about the programs of Belaya Rus on the website of the resort. Rest in the Belaya Rus health resort in Tuapse can be surely offered to children. According to the reviews, the resort is great for a family wellness trip. There are many exciting activities for children: game rooms swimming pool for children special children's menu and meals You can choose a suitable medical and recreational voucher in the Belaya Rus resort, which is suitable for both parents and children. Make your dream come true on the shores of the Black Sea with a tour to Belaya Rus. Check availability and make reservations at Belaya Rus in Tuapse. The cost of rest depends on personal preferences, the period of stay, and the chosen room category.
  • 352832, Maysky town, Tuapse district, Krasnodar Krai, , Russia
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi in rooms
Health resort Belarus, the Sochi city
Health and spa resort Belarus in the center of Sochi Rest in the Belarus health resort in Sochi is an ideal option for those who miss the sea, but at the same time want the quality of services to remain at the traditionally high level, like in the blue-eyed. The Belarus resort is one of the favorite vacation spots in Russia. That is why both Russians and Belarusians prefer to buy a ticket to the Belarus health resort in Sochi. One of the main advantages is where the Belarus health resort is located. It is located right on the sea coast, 150 meters from the Black Sea. The territory is an evergreen arboretum, and therefore you can relax here all year round, enjoying the fresh breeze from the sea and the air saturated with phytoncides. The health resort itself is located almost in the center of Sochi, which means that its attractions are within easy reach. Benefits of rest in the Belarus health resort in Sochi 408 vacationers can have a rest in the health resort at the same time. There are two buildings for accommodation — Main and Primorsky, as well as cottages with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Residential buildings are not connected to the medical one with the help of covered passages, however, due to the mild southern climate, this is not necessary. The Belarus health resort has an excellent cultural program. They pay equal attention to leisure and patient care. Health improvement in the Belarus resort in Sochi is carried out according to the profiles of diseases of the circulatory system, skin, respiratory organs, musculoskeletal system, and central nervous system. And these are not the only advantages of the health resort. There are: own sources of the mineral, as well as healing hydrogen sulfide, waters Matsesta; a large number of leisure options, which includes indoor and outdoor pools with a jacuzzi, a gym, conference rooms, and dance floors; beach with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Tours with treatment can be booked from 11 days! How to get from Minsk to the Belarus health resort If you are looking for how to combine relaxation by the sea and health improvement, then it's time to go to Sochi. It will not be difficult to get to it: the airport is located 35 km from the health resort, and the railway station is 5 km away. In addition, you can go on the road in your car or use the most convenient and comfortable option and book a transfer to VETLIVA.
  • Str. Polytechnicheskaya , 62, 354008 Central district, Sochi, Russia