What every traveler needs: your virtual suitcase

What every traveler needs: your virtual suitcase

How often does this happen to you: you get out home with a suitcase, get in a taxi to the airport and only while boarding you remember that you forgot an important thing at home. If you are worried about how to put together a travel bag and make the right list of things, VETLIVA offers its universal checklist, which you can always add on your own!

What to take on travel

What does every traveler need: checklist


Documents to bring on a trip

What to bring when you travel? During a trip you can survive without a makeup bag (only if you are not a beauty blogger, of course) or your favorite T-shirt. But without documents you can’t do anything. Be sure to add to your list:

  • passport
  • insurance
  • copy of the passport (paper in a suitcase, electronic on the phone or in the cloud storage — in case of emergency)
  • tickets (if electronic, download them to your phone/tablet, so as not to get into trouble in the absence of the Internet)

Cash and bank cards are also included here. Collect all this in your hand luggage, but hide part of the cash in the inside pocket of the jacket, bag or the secret section in the suitcase to protect yourself in case of emergency.

VETLIVA advices: do not forget that you need to get a visa before your trip! Well, unless you go to Belarus, because there is a visa-free regime, which we have recently told about in our article. 


Toiletries and clothing to bring on a trip

Most hotels offer miniatures of shampoos, shower gels, soaps, creams, toothpastes, and so on. However, do not forget: if you are traveling to another country, your favorite brand of cosmetics may not be here, which means you will have to buy at random. Many stores now sell mini-bottle travel packages. So what things to pack for a trip? 

  • shampoo
  • shower gel
  • mouthwash
  • hand/face/body cream
  • deodorant
  • perfume

Also, many companies now produce ready-made travel kits with toothbrushes and pastes, and girls can find mini-versions of their favorite cosmetics in any store.

VETLIVA tells: if the toiletries just do not fit into your travel bag, do not be afraid. The most famous brands and own production are presented in Belarus, and all this at reasonable prices. For example, a classic Schwarzkopf shampoo will cost you $3. Read more about prices in the country in our article.


Clothing on a trip to take

The second what should you pack for a trip is clothes. It is very difficult to put together essential items in one small suitcase. Here's a simple tip: imagine what you’re going to wear every day, add home clothes, a spare kit and a small evening dress (for girls). So you obviously can travel without an extra pair of jeans or three sweaters. Be sure to check the weather at the destination. The classic set will be:

  • underwear
  • socks
  • home shorts
  • a pair of t-shirts
  • pajamas
  • jeans
  • sweater/cardigan/jacket

This set is suitable for walking in Belarus in September–October and in April–May. So ask yourself seriously: “What should I bring to travel?”. No need to pack more than you wear daily.

VETLIVA reminds: do not forget about comfortable shoes! If you want to take your favorite shoes, imagine, for example, that you decide to take a walk along Dudutki or the Brest Fortress. Huge open-air museums are worthy to get around far and wide, so comfortable sneakers and boots on a flat sole are a perfect choice. 


Medicines to bring on a trip

Everything is purely individual here. Even if you are confident in your health, caution will not be superfluous. However, the basic essentials are universal for everyone:

  • painkillers
  • drugs for the digestive tract
  • throat lozenges
  • antiseptic
  • motion sickness pills
  • patches

VETLIVA warns: the most important thing to remember is that not all medicines can be transported across the border. Details on the rules for transporting drugs to Belarus can be found here.


What else to bring on a trip

What you need to pack for a trip if your road tooks long? Since you still need to get to your destination (by the way, see how to get to Belarus in our article), you should take care of the entertainment on the road. You need to take:

  • book
  • tablet
  • chargers for equipment
  • headphones
  • travel notebook+pen
  • portable charger

Again, everyone will have their own list: someone wants to bring a laptop or camera, so do not forget to charge them too.

Other things

This list can include anything from a manicure set and a sketchbook to a plush toy and a small travel blanket. It is worth taking an umbrella, a travel pillow under your head, small snacks (such as sweets and dry biscuits), a water bottle or a thermo mug, a sleep mask, earplugs, napkins, and so on.

Since we mentioned the basic things, you have a "skeleton" of the checklist, now add items here as necessary.

VETLIVA reminds: leave some space in your bag for souvenirs! You will definitely want to buy something for yourself and family as a keepsake. Read in our article about cool souvenirs that can be brought from Belarus.

Checklist of things to take made by VETLIVA

Download checklist of things to bring for a trip made by VETLIVA.

What to bring with you on a trip: make your own list!

Naturally, the most important advice for any traveler is to make lists. In this case, we talked about the checklists of things. VETLIVA regularly publishes lists of attractions, collections of tips for guests of Belarus and other lists, so do not forget to look at the Blog for interesting and useful content!

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What every traveler needs: your virtual suitcase