Through space and time: tourist life in Belarus

Through space and time: tourist life in Belarus

How do you decide where to go traveling? On a whim? Following the advice of relatives and friends? We believe that the most effective way when choosing the next country to visit is to read feature articles and watch videos. Colorful landscapes, interesting architecture, unusual shops and cafes — all this causes a bright response in our hearts.

Today VETLIVA shares with you 12 reasons why you should visit Belarus, accompanying with vivid photos of the most picturesque places of the country and the exact facts about why this Republic should be your next spot for traveling.

What to do in Belarus

What to do in Belarus: check-list for tourists

Colorful nature. Belarus is called the land of rivers and lakes, and if you look at this piece of land from a bird's-eye view, you will see endless blue expanses mixed with green spots of forests. Even in every city of Belarus you can find more than one recreation park. Gorky Park in Minsk or the National Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve — your phone will be replenished with photos of these beautiful places.

Belarusian nature

Architecture. Belarus combines the style of past years and modern lines. Literally on the same territory there are houses of the Soviet style and modern shopping centers. And this is all wonderfully combined with natural landscapes. The most striking example of such combinations is the historical center of Minsk: the Trinity suburb is located on the banks of the Svisloch, and across the road from the old elegant houses there are modern hotels, a shopping center, shops and an ice rink. It's amazing how such different species could be in harmony.

Local cuisine. Fried, stewed and stuffed potatoes, skim milk, pickled vegetables, meat, Belarusian pies, local moonshine — that’s all about classic meal in the country. Wanna something more unusual? How about bigos, beetroot soup or verashchaka? Well, about where to look for such goodies, we already wrote in the article about gastro tourism!

Belarusian cuisine

Unusual entertainment. Fans of unusual excursions always find things to do in Belarus: ride drakkaras, drive down the slopes on snowboards, explore ancient castles, watch unusual fauna. Belarus is a country that not only remember its past, but also beautifully weaves it into everyday life.

Cheap travel. You only need $5 to have a tasty meal at a cafe; about $3 you pay for a ticket to one of the most interesting museums in the country; travel by public transport will cost you 30 cents; and you can rent beautiful apartments while living in the center of Minsk for nothing!

Rent apartments in Minsk

Night life in Belarus. During the day there are not too many people on the streets of the country, even in the center of the capital. But closer to the night you will be able to meet walking youth everywhere: bars and round-the-clock coffee shops, bowling, billiards, a huge amount of mod clubs, nightly shows in cinemas, bar streets (like Zybitskaya) and gastronomic yards. Do not forget about the stylish and bohemian street Oktyabrskaya, as well as legalized casinos and gaming houses.

Event tourism. In the past few years, a lot of concerts and festivals have been held in Belarus: Tankman Day, Slavianski Bazaar, Junior Eurovision 2018, World Hockey Championship. 2019 breaks into the life of Belarus with the European Games in Minsk! Look for detailed information in our feature articles and website.

Sport in Minsk

Visa-free regime. This is not only a special feature at the time of the European Games, but also an absolutely normal thing for any other time of the year. The visa-free regime in Belarus has been extended to 30 days and allows foreigners to visit our country for tourist purposes!

Health tourism. What to do in Belarus if you fond of wellness, spa and relaxing nap? In Belarus, there is a huge number of resorts and recreation centers with their own mineral springs, spas, mud baths, sauna and special procedures. VETLIVA assures: you can always find something special for you!

Sanatorium in Belarus

Nice people. The people in Belarus value cosiness and comfort above all else: the locals will gladly help you, if you get lost, they will not interfere and come up with ridiculous questions, and if you make new friends here, you will definitely be able to visit their homes and come to visit later. Do not forget that it is common for Belarusians to bring something nice to the table, for example, a box of chocolates or a bottle of champagne.

A point on the map. Belarus is not just a small country somewhere in Europe. Here is the geographical center of the continent, namely — in Polotsk. In addition, Belarus is an important transportation point, so if you are going to visit, for example, Russia and eat from remote corners of the world, staying for a few days in Belarus is the best option.

The city of Polotsk

Combination. Since the main reasons for visiting the country VETLIVA has already been listed, it is impossible not to mention the small pleasant bonuses: the absence of traffic jams, acceptable silence for relaxation, clean air even in the city centers, history prints on every meeting building.

Things to do in Belarus: getting more and more!

Belarus is not just a small cozy state with its own culture and history. Modernity with an easy hand touched certain points of the country, leaving intact the pristine beauty of nature and architectural delights. Everything that exists in Belarus can be seen in other countries of the world, but only here all these elements are gathered in one place and harmoniously combined.

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Through space and time: tourist life in Belarus