Local Inception: where is Belarus located?

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Local Inception: where is Belarus located?

We so often talked about the most diverse cities of Belarus, history, culture, nutrition, and many other things that completely missed one important detail: where is Belarus located? Africa? America? Europe? Few people know, in fact, where our dear state is located (someone decided that we are a part of Russia in general). Therefore, in detail about where exactly Belarus is located — right now and with VETLIVA!

Where is Belarus?

Belarus and the World

Let's start with a close examination of Belarus on the world map: we increase the scale and look more extensively:

  • coordinates of Belarus are latitude of 53°31'44,54" and longitude of 28°02'41,90" (this is the conditional center of the country, located 70 km south-east of Minsk, 6 km west of Maryina Gorka, 1 km south-east of the village of Antonovo, Pukhovichsky district, Minsk region);

  • Belarus is conveniently located in the Eastern Hemisphere;

  • the surface area of the Earth is 510,072,000 km², of which only 207,600 km² was allotted to our sweet little country, with such dimensions it was allocated 84th place in the list of countries by size.

Where is Belarus located on the world map?

1st hint by VETLIVA: such a cute and small country and so many unusual cities. Belarus consists entirely of small and cozy corners full of mysticism and incredible sights. We, by the way, have already told about them in detail in our top of the best cities of the country!

Belarus and Europe

We are looking for the Eurasian continent on the map, on which we are discovering Belarus. Let's talk about it in more detail:

  • Belarus is located in Eastern Europe, in the north-west the republic borders with Lithuania, in the west with Poland, in the north with Latvia, in the east with Russia, in the south with Ukraine;

  • the geographical center of Europe is a hypothetical point, the location of the center depends on the definition of the borders of Europe and is mainly determined by the chosen method of calculation, as well as whether the remote islands are included in the list of extreme points of Europe or not. Thus, several places claim to be the geographical center of Europe, Belarus is one of them: a point 259.8 km south-west of Polotsk in the northern part of the country;

  • the length of the Belarusian border is 3617 km. Belarus is part of the CIS, but not of the European Union, despite the classic signs of European architecture and mentality. Therefore, to get to the same Poland or Lithuania from Belarus, you need a visa.

Where is Belarus located on the map of Europe?

2nd hint by VETLIVA: if you have a ticket to the European Games of 2019, you can safely visit Belarus without a visa from 10th of June to 10th of July 2019! All the other time thanks to the visa-free regime, you can enter Belarus without a visa for a period of 30 days (if you enter through Minsk National Airport)Gathered to travel to Belarus? Learn about local prices in advance from our tourist guide. Oh, sorry, you are not sure yet whether it is worth going? Hm, well, here are 12 reasons why you should visit Belarus!

Belarus and the World again

You can get to Belarus in different ways (only you can’t sail on a ship, we don’t have a sea, sorry for that). But we can discuss the plane and other classic ways of transportation! For the conditional point of arrival we take Minsk as the capital of the country:

By plane:

  • from Athens to Minsk we fly 6 hours 30 minutes (this is with two transfers) and pay $250 for a ticket,
  • from Bratislava to Minsk we will fly exactly 29 hours for about $380 and transfer in London once,
  • from Reykjavik to Minsk we fly for 9 hours and pay about $610.

By train:

  • from Berlin to Minsk we go 17 hours 6 minutes for $100,
  • from Vilnius to Minsk we go 2.5 hours for about $40,
  • from Warsaw to Minsk to go 8.5 hours for about $55.

By car:

  • from Luxembourg to Minsk we go 17 hours 58 minutes on the A4 highway,
  • from Bucharest to Minsk we go 19 hours 41 minutes on the highways DN2/E85,
  • from Brussels to Minsk we go 18.5 hours on the A2 highway.

Where is Minsk?

3d hint by VETLIVA: all roads lead to Belarus, and despite being surrounded by Europe, the country's culture is still very different from what you saw before. Learn more about what foreigners think about us and what is true of it. We have dealt with cities and prejudices a bit, let's finally discuss the language features of Belarus — and that's it, you're absolutely ready to explore our country!

Belarus and Minsk

We told about Minsk so much and so often! Recently, we have compiled a full guide through the city, in which we painted the location of the capital on a map of the world, Europe and Belarus, its sights and interesting places. And we have already released our top city attractions.

  • Geographical coordinates of Minsk are 53°54’39" of north latitude 27°33’0" of east longitude.

  • Minsk is located in the central part of Belarus, directly surrounded by all other regions of the country (therefore, the Minsk region does not border on any of the neighboring countries of Belarus).

  • Minsk is the largest transport hub of Belarus. It is located at the intersection of transport corridors linking Russia with Poland and Ukraine with the Baltic states. The distance from Minsk to Moscow along the M1 highway is about 700 km. From the capital you can reach any city of Europe by plane (here is the Minsk National Airport) or by train and bus (right in the center of the city is the Railway Station).

Where is Minsk on the Belarus map?

To cut a long story short, we have already spoken about Minsk more than once — just open our Blog to make sure of it!

Belarus and the World one more time

A cozy corner of Europe, a small piece of the planet, a tiny grain of sand of the Universe is all about Belarus, which cannot boast of enormous size or incredible technical progress, but we are a real stronghold of nature and medieval architecture. “Beauty is in the details” is the unofficial motto of our country.

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Local Inception: where is Belarus located?