Beauty is in the details: the best cities of Belarus

Beauty is in the details: the best cities of Belarus

If you have been reading our Blog for a long time, then you are aware of what cities are worth visiting first of all: the capital of the country, famous for its castles places and natural centers of Belarus. However, did you know that even in the tiniest cities in the country one can find real pearls of beauty? Today VETLIVA has collected for you a list of cities that, regardless of size and population, are able to surprise even the most capacious tourist.

The best cities in Belarus

Belarusian most amazing cities




Minsk 1 992 685 Minsk region
Gomel 508 839 Gomel region
Mogilev 380 440 Mogilev region
Grodno 368 710 Grodno region
Vitebsk 362 466 Vitebsk region
Brest 343 985 Brest region
Pinsk 138 202 Brest region
Polotsk 84 597 Vitebsk region
Novogrudok     29 441 Grodno region
Postavy 20 039 Vitebsk region
Glubokoe 18 921 Vitebsk region
Nesvizh 14 300 Minsk region

VETLIVA reminds: we did not include some cities in the current guide, although they undoubtedly deserve your attention. That is why we described in detail the whole information about Minsk and Grodno in previous articles, so do not forget to study the information about these cuties carefully!

Amazing cities in Belarus

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Gomel is the administrative center of the Gomel region and bears the proud title of the second most populous city in the country. The Gomel region borders with Russia and Ukraine, which left its mark on the culture of the regional center. From the capital to the city it’s about 4 hours by train, you will spend on it $6.

Facts: for all the time of its existence, Gomel was owned by many significant names. Initially, these were Chernigov princes, then the city began to belong to the Novgorod-Seversky principality. From 1335 — to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. After the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was divided for the first time, Gomel became a part of the Russian Empire.

Sights: when visiting Gomel, first of all go to the Palace and Park Ensemble and the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, and art lovers are obliged to see the gallery of Vaschenko.

The city of Gomel in Belarus

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This charming city with true European architecture is the center of the Brest region and the object of attention of tourists from many countries. It will take you about 4 hours and $5 to get from Minsk to Brest.

Facts: Brest was the first Belarusian city to receive self-government based on the Magdeburg law in 1390. Also the plan for the famous Battle of Grunwald was developed in Brest Castle in 1409, with the participation of the Prince of Lithuania, the King of Poland and the Kultchak Sultan.

Sights: naturally, do not pass by the Brest Fortress, and besides it, do not forget to visit the embankment of the river Mukhovets and the famous for its lanterns Sovetskaya Street.

The city of Brest in Belarus

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The second oldest city of Belarus and the administrative center of the Vitebsk region, this city is located at the junction of the most important trade routes, which made it prosperous. 5 hours and about $6 are needed to get from Minsk to Vitebsk.

Facts: Vitebsk became one of the first cities not only in Belarus, but also in the whole Russian Empire. In 1898 along the streets of the city the first tram ran. Also in Vitebsk a unique festival "Slavic Bazaar" is held. The international festival of arts “Slavic Bazaar” is an interesting phenomenon in the cultural life of not only Belarus, but also of the entire post-Soviet space.

Sights: in Vitebsk there is the stunning Assumption of Cathedral, as well as the Museum-Estate of I.Ye.Repin and Marc Chagall House-museum for art lovers.

The city of Vitebsk in Belarus

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Mogilev is located on the Dnieper River and is the administrative center of the Mogilev region. Mogilev deserves its place in the guide: it was the moment when this city has almost become the capital of the SSRB instead of Minsk. About 4 hours and $6 will be needed to get from Minsk to Mogilev.

Facts: during the Northern War, one of the Swedish soldiers also recorded his impressions of Mogilev: “The Dnieper or Borysfen River flows through Mogilev, which together with the suburbs on both banks of the river is a fairly large city. The city is well built and rich, good-looking. It has an earthen embankment around which the whole Mogilev is encircled, even the suburb on this bank of the river is also protected by a rampart”. During World War I, it was Mogilev that became the residence of Nikolai II.

Sights: Mogilev is a real fount for lovers of amazing churches and temples: the Church of Sts. Boris and Gleb and the Church of St. Nicholas will not leave anyone indifferent! And don't forget to look at the amazing theater.

The city of Mogilev in Belarus

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The city in the Minsk region with the smallest population among the cities of this guide, but far from the last one in the list of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the country. Just a few hours and $3 — and you are already in Nesvizh (if you are coming from Minsk).

Facts: the center of historical glory of the city was, of course, the Nesvizh Castle and the Radziwill family who lived here. Monumental stone buildings of the late 16th — 17th centuries are represented by the castle, brahms, churches, monasteries of Bernardine (1598), Dominicans (1672); Jesuit church of the Body of God (1593). At this time, the first austeria was opened here.

Sights: naturally, in addition to the famous Nesvizh Castle (which can be visited as part of an excursion), the Farny Church and the Bernardine Monastery are worth visiting.  

The city of Nesvizh in Belarus

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Pinsk is a large cultural and industrial center of Polesie. The country's major religious core is the center of the Catholic and Orthodox dioceses. It’s also a significant place for Jewish community and cultural capital of Belarus in 2019. $5 and 5 hours — all you need to travel from Minsk to Pinsk (the main thing — do not confuse the names of cities when you buy tickets!).

Facts: ever since the times of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Pinsk has been a multi-faith city. The Pinsk suburb of Karolin is the birthplace of Hasidism, a religious movement that emerged in the 18th century. Literally, "Hasid" means "pious." Jesuits created a real educational and scientific center in Pinsk. At the collegium they opened a library. Here the first printing house and pharmacy in Polesie began to work. And today in the collegium building there is the Museum of Belarusian Polesie.

Sights: as we have mentioned, Pinsk plays an important role in the religious life of the country. Therefore, be sure to visit the Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, St. Barbara’s Cathedral, the monastery of Friar Minors to get sure we were right! And do not forget to walk along the beautiful pedestrian Lenin Street.

The city of Pinsk in Belarus

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City in the Vitebsk region of Belarus, the administrative center of the Polotsk district. Plus or minus 4 hours and $5 you will need to get on the train from Minsk to Polotsk. During its long history, Polotsk was able to become an important tourist destination for Belarusians and foreigners.

Facts: this is the oldest city of Belarus, which is first mentioned in The Tale of Bygone Years under the year of 862. In the middle of the X century arose Polotsk principality. The first known Polotsk prince to whom the chronicle sources mention is Rogvolod. A new cultural dawn of the city happened in 2002, when the annual Belarusian festival of agriculture “Dazhinki” took place in Polotsk.

Sights: in Polotsk you can visit the Cathedral of St. Sophia, the Convent of the Savior-Euphrosyne, the monument “Geographical center of Europe” and the Museum of the Belarusian Book-printing.

The city of Polotsk in Belarus

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Novogrudok is a special city in the Grodno region of Belarus, the regional center of the Novogrudok district. In the past — one of the main political and cultural centers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. And in Belarus, of course, it is far from the last place in the country's cultural life. About 2 hours and $4 for a bus ticket — and you will arrive from Minsk to Novogrudok.

Facts: according to archaeological research, life here began at the end of the 10th century. The city consisted of the Detinets (Castle Hill) and the Posad (the Small Castle). Already in the first two centuries of its existence, Novogrudok has became the richest city and center of the Novogorodsky principality. In the middle of the 13th century, construction of a stone castle-fortress began on the Castle Hill, which was completed at the beginning of the 16th century. The castle had seven towers and for a long time was one of the most impregnable.

Sights: in addition to the ruins of the most famous castle in the city, you must look at the Temple of St. Boris and Gleb, Buildings on the Market Square and the Church of St. Nicholas.

The city of Novogrudok in Belarus

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Such a small city and such beautiful sights! Postavy is the administrative center of the Postavy district of the Vitebsk region. Two and a half hours and $4 are needed to visit Postavy, leaving the capital. How can it get your attention?

Facts: Postavy was also an independent city, and part of the Commonwealth, and was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and later of the Russian Empire. Postavy were also part of the Polish state and the BSSR. Despite this situation, Postavy was able to maintain freedom and culture.

Sights: the Catholic Church of St. Antony of Padua and Tyzenhaus Palace are the places you must visit the city for, trust us.

The city of Postavy in Belarus


The tiny town of Glubokoe is located in the Vitebsk region and doesn’t get lost on the map of Belarus due to its powerful cultural code and simple but interesting history. Almost 6 hours by train and $6 are needed to get from Minsk to Glubokoe. What can VETLIVA tell about such a small charm?

Facts: Glubokoe was first mentioned in 1414. The geographical location of the city — on the Old Smolensk Road, between Vilna and Polotsk, allowed it to be a “bridge” for Western and Eastern Europe. The city lived in established trade relations with Riga, Königsberg, Vilna and Warsaw. The Coat of Arms of Glubokoe is an image in a silver field of a Spanish shield of a blue wall with three teeth, on which are two crossed silver sabers with golden handles and three golden coins.

Sights: even in such a small town, amazing beauties await you: the Trinity Church, memorial columns, the Temple of the Nativity of the Mother of God and much more.

The city of Glubokoe in Belarus

Belarusian amazing cities: the beauty inside

As you can see, not only major cities and administrative centers of Belarus are famous for their beauty, but also tiny towns on the outskirts of the country. This is the whole of Belarus: in amazing sights and corners of nature, which are hidden everywhere. That is why even such a small country like Belarus cannot be visited in a week: you will need whole months to see everything. Are you ready to travel?

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Beauty is in the details: the best cities of Belarus