Republican Unitary Enterprise "CENTRKURORT" is one of the leading organizers of MICE-events on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad. Our company is ready to carry out activities of any scale and complexity. Over the years RUE"CENTRKURORT" has implemented a great number of unique projects. We are always on the move and would very much like to share our experience in implementing various projects, thereby presenting to our clients and partners how to create real events. 

The portfolio of  RUE "CENTRKURORT" comprises such projects as:

Summit of the International telecommunication union

Summit was held on November 23-27, 2009 in Minsk.

This forum brought together three events: a high-level meeting "Connect CIS", a regional preparatory meeting of CIS countries to the World Telecommunication Development Conference in 2010, the 41st meeting of Council of Heads of RCC.

The purpose of the activities - introduction of information technologies in CIS countries, mobilization of human, financial and technical resources to ensure a rapid transition to the establishment of the regional digital infrastructure and digital network services that is intended to be an engine of economic growth and development in the region.

ITU Summit brought together more than 400 representatives of scientific, technical, and business communities.

The event was attended by the Presidents of Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, the senior officials of CIS countries, as well as the International Telecommunication Union, the UN European Economic Commission, the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank, the senior officials of branch ministries and the Heads of 62 companies and organizations fr om 27 countries.

XXX World logging championship

The championship was held in the National Olympic Training Center for winter sports Raubichi on August 23-27, 2012.

Competitions were held in five disciplines: tree felling, fitting bar and chain, bucking by combined cuts, precision bucking and limbing.

Teams from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Finland, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Czech Republic, Spain, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Ecuador, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus took part in the XXX World Logging Championship. In total this event assembled more than 500 participants and guests.

XV International congress of slavists

International Congress of Slavists was held on August 20-27, 2013 in Minsk.

The forum was dedicated to the problems of development and structure of Slavonic languages, literature, culture, folklore and history of Slavonic studies.

The program included plenary and section reports, "round tables", meetings of the clusters, presentation of new fundamental Slavonic works and work of the special commission of the International Committee of Slavists.

The Congress was attended by more than 600 scientists from Austria, Australia, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, Italy, Spain, Canada, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, France, Croatia, Czech Republic , Switzerland, Japan and many others - all of the 35 countries of the world.

World ice hockey 2014

78th Men's World Ice Hockey Championships was held on May 9-25,2014 in two arenas: "Minsk-Arena" and "Chizhovka-Arena".

The official tourist operator of this event became RUE "CENTRKURORT Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus. A team of our high-qualified specialists was in charge of not only service of official delegations but also ensuring all activities within the event, including preparation of documents for entry to Belarus, accommodation, supporting interpreters.

In addition, RUE "CENTRKURORT" engaged in the formation of travel packages (accommodation of tourists and fans, distribution of tickets for matches), promotion and advertising. Our company provided travel services for more than 16 000 fans, as well as officials and media representatives.

79th General Assembly of International Electrotechnical Commission

79th General Assembly of the International Electrotechnical Commission was held on October 5-16, 2015 in Minsk.

IEC General Assembly - the largest business forum, "Technology Olympics", which brought together representatives of the world's largest manufacturers of engineers and mid-level managers of senior management, senior representatives of the ministries and departments.

The forum was attended by over 1,000 delegates from more than 80 countries, representing the world's leading companies in the field of electrical, electronic technologies, international, regional and national organizations in the sphere of technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment, as well as academic institutions.

IX Congress of Oncologists and Radiologists of CIS and Eurasia

The congress of oncologists and radiologists of CIS and Eurasia was held on June 15-17, 2016 in Minsk.

During thematic workshops the achievements in the field of basic oncology, as well as new approaches in diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms were discussed.

The congress of oncologists and radiologists gathered about 2500 leading experts from Belarus, Russia, neighboring and far foreign countries.

Minsk half marathon

Half Marathon was held on September 18, 2016.

The route of sporting event ran through central avenues such as Nezavisimosti and Pobeditelei, Sport Palace, wh ere the start of the race was given and the final results were recorded, as well as through the Karl Marx street, Victory Square, Red Church, Trinity Suburb, and Pushkin Park. About 20,000 athletes from 42 countries took part in it.

45th General Assembly of European Olympic Committees

45th General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees took place from 20 to 22 October in Minsk.
The event was attended by representatives from 50 countries, as well as 11 members of the International Olympic Committee, the President and Vice-presidents of the international sports federations, about 260 people.