Somewhere deep down we know that love can create miracles. 

Probably, you were wondering: how can you give it to another people?

Online booking portal VETLIVA knows the answer - just present your loved ones an unforgettable experience of rich and vivid travel!

We did a good job: we collected all the most pleasant emotions in the big travel suitcase and compactly reflected them in the form of a stylish gift certificate, which will be an ideal gift for those you love. Just think: the whole suitcase of emotions in one gift!

By the way, impressions do not dust on the shelf, they can’t be broken or broken, they involuntarily make us smile!

Present love with VETLIVA, because "only two things we will regret on our deathbed - that we are a little loved and little travelled"!

How to present a certificate from VETLIVA?

1. Make and pay an Electronic Gift Certificate for any of provided services (excursions, accommodation, sanatoriums, transfer)

2. Give to your loved once unforgettable impressions of rich and bright travels

How to use the certificate from VETLIVA?

Each VETLIVA Electronic Gift Certificate has an unique code. To use the certificate on the portal VETLIVA.COM (VETLIVA.BY, VETLIVA.RU), you should enter the received unique code when placing an order in the Basket, in the field "PROMODE".

Rules for applying certificates from VETLIVA:

1. The Bearer of the Electronic Gift Certificate has the right to use the services of the VETLIVA.COM (VETLIVA.BY, VETLIVA.RU) portal and to purchase any tourist services presented on the VETLIVA portal (accommodation, sanatoriums, excursions, transfers) for the amount indicated in the gift certificate.

2. When purchasing for an amount greater than the nominal value of the Electronic Gift Certificate, the difference is paid by the bearer.

3. When purchasing for an amount less than the nominal value of the Electronic Gift Certificate, the difference is paid by the Bearer.

4. Electronic Gift Certificate is not refundable and exchangeable for cash.

5. Validity of the Gift Certificate is 90 (ninety) calendar days from the date of purchase. After expiration of the Electronic Gift Certificate, it loses its validity. Money does not return.

6. An Electronic Gift Certificate can pay for only one order on the portal VETLIVA.COM (VETLIVA.BY, VETLIVA.RU), due to the single presentation of the Electronic Gift Certificate;

7. The Bearer can use several Electronic Gift Certificates at once to pay for selected services on the portal VETLIVA.COM (VETLIVA.BY, VETLIVA.RU).

8. By purchasing an Electronic Gift Certificate, the buyer agrees with the Regulation on Electronic Gift Certificates.

The regulations on the electronic gift certificate can be found here.

You can buy a gift certificate here.

Give love to your dear people with VETLIVA!