Traveler's bag in Belarus: souvenirs from blue-eyed

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Traveler's bag in Belarus: souvenirs from blue-eyed

All hail souvenirs from different countries: magnets, handicrafts, alcohol and seasonings, jewelry and precious stones, sweets and so on! Each does whatever he is able and buy almost everything that local shops sell. Belarus is no exception: it is very easy to spend money on various trinkets from masters of straw weaving, flax spinning, brewing and making all sorts of things from paper.

What is obligatory to get into your travel bags and what are the restrictions on purchases in the country? VETLIVA presents a guide to souvenir shops and ordinary grocery stores!

Souvenirs to bring from Belarus

Classic for all times: souvenirs from Belarus

Before we move on to the unusual representatives of tourism products, let's go through favorite local gifts:

Products from flax. Rushniki (=belarusian towels), clothes, tablecloths and simple fabric home decorations made of flax are very popular with tourists: these are easy to use and care products that are especially pleasant to use in the summer. And if the Belarusian ornament is applied on the towel, it’s definitely a top-notch gift.

Souvenirs from Belarus and Europe

Products from clay. Clay firing is an art that Belarusians mastered many centuries ago. Pots, plates, home decorations and other things from ceramics with national color are what you need.

Straw weaving. Golden straw bars look simple but cute themselves, and all sorts of animals and suns, watches, coasters for hot dishes, bracelets and other useful household items from such material are just wonderful gifts from Belarus.

Gifts from Belarus to buy

VETLIVA reminds: classic Belarusian souvenirs are sold in many stores, and you can also buy them during excursions! Why not combine pleasant with...pleasant?

Unusual souvenirs from Belarus: you won’t believe!

If flax and embroidery are familiar and loved by many tourists and local residents, then the following list of possible surprises from Europe will amaze you.

Belarusian books. Do not worry that you do not know the local language: in Belarus, translated texts that are known throughout the world are sold: Alice’s adventures, Harry Potter, Winnie the Pooh stories. And the Bible. And all this in colorful processing!

Books from Belarus

Sweets. Various goodies have always been considered the best souvenirs from Europe: Polish perniki, Belgian chocolate, German cinnamon stars. And in Belarus, a special place on the counters is occupied by zefir (=marshmallow) with various tastes: sea buckthorn, coffee with cinnamon, blackberry, coconut, mojito, cherry. And be sure to grab a box of cranberries in sugar: this is a natural delicacy of berries that are harvested in the marshes of Belarus. Beneficial and tasty!

Sweets from Belarus

Jewelry with Belarusian symbolism. Made from leather, ceramics, glass, wood, silk and other materials, the look with local motives look stylish and unusual. Moreover, each element of the Belarusian ornament has its own meaning: love, health, family, etc.

Stylish boots. Only two words: valenki with bullfinches. Doesn't that sound cool? And they are very warm, waterproof and generally look charming. Like ugg boots, but more Belarusian.

Beaver sausage. Yes, we are shocked too. Technically, hunters are not allowed to shoot these cute little animals, but the organization MinLesHoz sells such an unusual delicacy quite legally. If you are not against the exotic taste of dam builders, you are welcome!

Cool souvenirs from Europe

Flash drives and power banks of concrete. Called to be lightweight compact, these versions of the popular mini-technology will not only be a wonderful gift and helper in difficult times, but a defensive weapon in the dark doorways!

VETLIVA advices: do you like to look for unusual local alcohol? It's time to taste the Belarusian moonshine! You can't find it in stores, but in various taverns with local cuisine, as well as museums of national culture (like Dudutki), so take a bottle or two.

Be careful: the rules of exporting cool souvenirs from Europe

Buying lots of different knick-knacks is a nice thing, but remember the rules for bringing these gifts across the border! Here are a few reminders:

When traveling by land, you can only take 2 packs of cigarettes, or 10 cigars, or 50 grams of tobacco to EU countries. As for alcohol, for beverages with a strength above 22% a limit is set at 1 liter, at lower — 2 liters. For wine, the norm is 4 liters, for beer — at 16.

Best souvenirs from Belarus

Be careful with objects of art, collections, coins and other things, the "age" of which is several decades. In order not to be in an unpleasant situation, it is best to contact the Department for Supervision of the Movement of Historical and Cultural Values ​​at the Ministry of Culture and get an opinion of the experts on the status of this product, as well as the possibility of its export. Moreover, such an appeal must be made in advance — otherwise it is completely likely that problems will arise with a quick crossing of the border.

It is forbidden to take meat and dairy products with you to the EU countries. Even a small sandwich with cheese or sausage is best eaten before the border. The weight of fish and seafood is limited to 5 kg, caviar — 250 g, vegetables — 2 kg.

Belarusian gifts and souvenirs

Belarusian souvenirs: you will definitely find something you will like!

It doesn’t matter what you buy: a simple cute postcard with a magnet or a whole set of wooden ornaments and a watch made of straw. In any case, this is a great reminder of your trip to Belarus. Do not forget to bring something with a national flavor to your family and beloved, and also come for a new portion of “omg, that’s incredible”!

Like it if you like it, tell your friends about these unusual gifts from Belarus, read our Blog and love the little surprises from VETLIVA!

Traveler's bag in Belarus: souvenirs from blue-eyed