About company

About company

Portal VETLIVA  is a project of the company "CENTREKURORT" and was developed as part of the implementation of the "Hospitable Belarus" State Program for 2016-2020.

VETLIVA is a multifunctional online booking service and a catalog of tourist services specializing in rest and tourism in Belarus.

The VETLIVA project was staffed by a large team of specialists, from the creation of the brand concept, the promotion strategy and its technical development and implementation. As a result, the portal has a unique and memorable design, simple but functional interface in three languages: Belarusian, Russian and English.

The aim of the project is to help our clients to open Belarus as a country of hospitality, telling about tourism in Belarus and providing the best offers directly from service providers on all possible ways of tourist stay in the country:

  • Excursion tours
  • Hotels
  • Sanatoriums
  • Bases of rest and agro tourism
  • National Parks and Reserves

On the one hand, the portal is the largest tourist guide in Belarus: it contains information, starting from the description of a unique nature and culture, ending with stories about sights. Guests can find a lot of interesting facts about history, traditions, national cuisine. Here you can find information on tourist events in Belarus, as well as the rules of entry and stay in our country. On the other hand, the project offers the opportunity to visit the interested places, having booked almost any services without leaving home.

For your convenience, the portal offers the following benefits:

  • A convenient and flexible search tool
  • The widest range of tourist services in Belarus
  • Only current prices and best offers
  • Guarantee of quality and timeliness of rendered services
  • Our support team works for you in 24/7 mode

Your guide to Belarus


NAME The service uses a common positive stereotypes about the hospitality and cordiality of the inhabitants of Belarus ("politely" = "hospitable", "welcome"). Using the Belarusian-word also refers to the national specifics of the project.

THE LOGO is a stylized ancient symbol of Belarus "Star".

TAGLINE reveals the functionality of the portal vetliva.com under the idea of "Guiding Star"


The principle of the reservation system

The principle of the reservation system is as follows: the travel services provider independently place their offers in the system, and the service provides implementation of proposals among the wide audience of customers according to their needs. A key feature is that VETLIVA direct to the national tourist product.