The vaults under the sky: the most beautiful churches of Belarus

The vaults under the sky: the most beautiful churches of Belarus

Once upon a time someone came up with an interesting joke about tourism in Belarus: "in every city, there is a church, a church, a church, a museum of miniature jelly bears, a monument to Lenin and a church". Of course, it is all about that cute sarcasm and we are not talking about jelly bears, however, we decide to touch on the topic of the most beautiful churches in the country.

In every city of Belarus there are really incredible cathedrals, monumental mosques and cozy houses of praying. Many of them are real masterpieces, that are interesting not only for believers, but also for simple tourists who love beautiful places.

VETLIVA is ready to open the doors of these amazing churches and show you what they hide inside. Get ready to be amazed: we begin our christian tour!

Beautiful vaults of Belarusian churches

Churches in Belarus

Trinity Church in Gervyaty village

Little Switzerland and Belarusian Notre Dame are the name for this unprecedented beauty in the village of Gervyaty, Grodno Region. The 61-meter-high Trinity Catholic church, built in neo-gothic style, rises above the Belarusian nature. The temple appeared on the site of an old wooden church in 1903, and for more than a hundred years it has attracted the views of believers and tourists from all over the world.

Trinity Church in Belarus

Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in Vidzy

Our religious holidays goes on in the Vitebsk region. The city of Braslav is famous not only for its stunning lakes, but also for the church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in the neo-gothic style. The temple survived the Second World War, playing the role of a defensive structure and observation tower, and after the war, being partially destroyed, the church was used as a warehouse for flax and a school gym. Today, the temple is striking in its beauty: gabled towers, openwork interweaving of windows, pointed arches. Luxury interior decoration does not leave anyone indifferent. It is returned to the believers who come here daily.

Church in Belarus

Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier in Grodno (Farny)

This Belarusian church is located in the city of Grodno and bears the honorary title of a small basilica. The church appeared in 1683 and since then has struck the minds of the most experienced connoisseurs of art and architecture: the main advantage of the church is the main altar, decorated with 40 sculptures, painted walls, frescoes and stained glass windows. In 2006, a fire broke out in the temple, but the parishioners gladly donated a sum that helped restore the interior of the church.

VETLIVA reminds: we are not just telling you about the most beautiful churches in Belarus.  We have already prepared excursions and tours for you to see all this incredible places! And so that you do not have to worry about everyday things during your trip, you have already collected the best accommodation options in different cities of Belarus.

Religious holidays in Belarus

Roman Catholic Church of Michael Archangel in Ivyanets

In the Volozhin district of the Minsk region there is a town of Ivenets. The complex of buildings of the monastery headed by the Church of St. Michael the Archangel that is a very valuable architectural monument, an important cultural and historical value and landmark of Belarus. Originally, this monastery in Ivenets was founded in 1702. Throughout its history, it has been abolished several times by the secular authorities, but at the moment it is again active. Locals call this temple the White Church, and the residents of Ivenets have already become accustomed to the crowds of tourists admiringly photographing the magnificent church.

Religious place of Belarus

Church of Mother of God of the Rosary in the agro-town of Soly

We will stop our Christian tour here, near the church of Our Lady of Ruzhentsova — the main attraction of Sol, one of the most unusual and beautiful churches in Belarus. The church in Soly is relatively young, it was built in 1926-1934. However, the unusual shapes and beauty of the lines make it unique for Belarus. From which side you do not look at him, he is always different. Inside the church there are two unusual frescoes depicting famous events of Polish history, which became part of the past of Belarus, although in the warm season and sunny day the temple resembles a fabulous house from old Spanish fairy tales.

Belarusian religious place

The most beautiful churches of Belarus: tour must go on!

That are not all the churches that attract so many tourists to Belarus every year: on religious holidays you can go to Minsk and see the Red Church, or to the Trinity Church in Kossovo, or to the Church of Sts. Barbarians in Vitebsk.

It is said many a true word is spoken in jest, and the humorous sketch that we placed at the very beginning of this article really reflects the essence of religious tourism in Belarus: here everyone can find something interesting and beautiful for themselves.

And which churches do you consider the most beautiful? Maybe you have already visited one of the bottom and can share your impressions? Leave comments, like it if you like it, tell friends about us and stay on the same wavelength with VETLIVA Blog!

The vaults under the sky: the most beautiful churches of Belarus