Around Belarus in 7 days: mountains, lakes, temples

Around Belarus in 7 days: mountains, lakes, temples

Our trip around Belarus has led us to many picturesque places of our country. Recall that Chechersk and Mogilev, Vitebsk, Polotsk and even Belarusian waterfalls have already submitted to us. Mountains, lakes and temples no worse than in Europe (and even the whole world) are next in line. Get ready to be surprised and admire the beauty of our beloved Belarus! 

Day Four: Braslav Lakes → Mayak Mountain → Naroch → Murovanka → Vidzy

  1. What to see in Braslav?
  2. Vidza Village
  3. Lake Naroch
  4. Village of Murovanka

What to see in Braslav: blue eyes of Belarus and the mountain

We arrived at the Braslav Lakes National Park at sunset last day. We managed to stay in a chic place overlooking the lakes: is it possible to imagine a better panorama than the one that opened from our windows?

What to see in Braslav

Morning met us with choppy weather. The snow was no longer falling, but the sun was either shining brightly or hiding behind the clouds, so the photos were simply amazing!

Advice from VETLIVA: if you want to take the same cool photos, book your lodging in one of the recreation centers located there.

Braslav Lakes National Park in Belarus

We visited the local museum of traditional culture, located in the hotel building, and had a snack in the buffet for 4 BYN per person.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: Belarus has got its poetic nickname “blue-eyed” for a reason. In our country there are more than 11,000! However, the rivers are actually much larger. By the way, we have already wrote about all this in our cool guide about the nature of Belarus.

A local fisherman was just preparing his boat for the new season: it dried and tarred its sides. He gladly shared his observations with us.

Fishboat in Belarus

Due to fish spawning, fishing was temporarily prohibited. However, during the season, few people leave here without prey. The fisherman said that catfish, pikes, burbots, and shellfish often come across. The purity of water is also indicated by the fact that crayfish are found in abundance here. We envied him with white envy, because every day it is cool to see such beauty. A light wind blew from the lake, that is why we were inspired by the atmosphere of this place.

It was time to go to Grodno. However, we decided to show you another extraordinarily beautiful place before. Who would have thought that among the sights of Braslav you can see...the real mountain! From it, by the way, breathtaking panoramas open.

Mayak Mountain in Braslav Lakes

Mayak Mountain rises 174 meters above sea level. 

Mayak Mountain is a part of the natural complex, where each object has its own bizarre name, starting from the Bald Mountain and ending with the Grandfather's Oven. The variety of hills is combined into the Kezikovo mountains, and the name was given to them by the village located in the neighborhood. The lighthouse in this mountainous abundance is the most impressive hill.

Advice from VETLIVA: do you love mountains? We have plenty of them! And VETLIVA also has special offers for holidays in the ski resorts Silichi, Raubichi and Vesta resort (yes, it also has its own ski slope).

Visit Braslav Lakes in Belarus

Wherever you look, you can take luxurious photographs here. Not far from this place there is the enchanted spring of Okmenitsa. We admit honestly: we wandered around the mountain for about 30 minutes, but could not find it. By the way, many mythical stories are known about it, and ours has been added.

Enough of admiring the views, we drove on. 500 kilometers of road were waiting for us and even more interesting places. 

Vidzy Village: one of the highest temples in Belarus

During our trip, we made sure that there is something to see in Belarus. However, each time the blue-eyed surprises and amazes us. So it was the same with Vidzy: at first it seemed to us that we were driving through an ordinary small village where there simply could not be anything cool. And then, from the roofs of the village huts, spiers appeared.

the Trinity Church

The height of the Trinity Church with spiers is 59 meters.

The Trinity Church, which is also called the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, is a real masterpiece of neo-Gothic architecture. It is only 2 m below the highest church in Belarus, located in Gervyaty, and is rightfully included in our top of churches in Belarus.

Having photographed a wonderful scarlet temple from all sides, we set off on.

Naroch Lake in Belarus

The speedometer showed that we had already traveled about 200 kilometers. And then it appeared — the endless, blue, beautiful Naroch.

Naroch in Belarus

Compared to the Braslav lakes, Naroch does not give the impression of an untouched corner of nature — the infrastructure is developed here and everything is done for comfortable rest. Resorts, hotels, recreation centers were built right on the shores, asphalt paths and recreation areas were organized. Despite the fact that the tourist season has not begun yet, we were surprised at the number of tourists.

Advice from VETLIVA: you can not only have a great time on Naroch, but also get treatment. Such magnificent panoramas are simply designed to ensure that the body comes into harmony with itself, improves well-being and mood. Belarusian health resorts Narochanka, Naroch, Narochansky bereg, Sputnik, Priozerny, Sosny give paradise rest to everyone.

Naroch Lake in Belarus

Naroch is the largest lake in Belarus. Its area is 80 km2.

Directly on the waterfront, a man was selling smoked fish and eels (a local delicacy), as well as hot soups and lard. During our trip to the cities of Belarus, we were pretty hungry, so we enjoyed our fragrant ear with pleasure. Deciding not to waste time on the sights of Naroch, since it was still far from Grodno, we got into the car and continued on our way.

In the previous photo, you probably did not notice that, but a layer of snow is 7 centimeters thick! Radio presenters broadcast that this miracle happened at night. Traveling around Belarus by car allows you to see more, because even on a highway curious places sometimes come across. For example, we saw the pipes of a Belarusian nuclear power plant, which will become a real Belarusian attraction soon. 

Belarusian NPP will be fully commissioned by 2021.

Belarusian NPP will be fully commissioned by 2021.

Tip from VETLIVA: watch your navigator carefully and avoid the P146 highway! GPS tried to guide us through the reserved part of Belovezhskaya Pushcha, which is why we lost two hours before we hit the right track.

Before Grodno, we planned to visit another interesting attraction — Murovanka village and an unusual temple of Belarus, which is located there.

What to see in Belarus: Murovanka village and the temple-fortress

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin was built over 500 years ago.

No, it is not a castle or even a fortress, but a defense-type temple in the village of Murovanka, which we definitely recommend to see during your trip to the Republic of Belarus. Just imagine: the thickness of the walls of the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin is about two meters! Almost like a real impregnable fortress.

Photographed, admired and went on. About a hundred kilometers remained to Grodno.

Fields in Belarus

Do not get bored! We will present you a report on the 5th day of our trip around Belarus soon. Oh, what will you see? Magnificent palaces the Polish king was charmed with, and a full-flowing Neman, and a dog (there must be intrigue in the end!), and the real Belarusian classic!

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Around Belarus in 7 days: mountains, lakes, temples