VETLIVA decided to tell you about such locations in Minsk where you can barbecue (and not get a fine at the same time).


Today VETLIVA is ready to introduce you to some favourable and low-cost Belarusian health resorts.


Lovers of renting houses for a day on holidays; families wishing to relax in nature; a company of friends — VETLIVA welcomes you and invites you to your tour of the best agricultural estates in Bela...


Belarusian festivals are really diverse: here you will find music, sports, and historical events in Minsk and other parts of our country.


Our top-10 health resorts in Belarus were formed based on the impressions of tourists who have already managed to book vouchers and relax in each of the health resorts.


Everyone needs rehabilitation after pneumonia. Recovery in health resorts, where special programs have been developed, is especially effective.


When it comes to architectural masterpieces, no one can resist them. There are fascinating churches and cathedrals in our country that can lead you to say «Wow!».


Belarus experienced all horrors of the war from its beginning to the long-awaited Victory Day. There are a lot of places in our country that still remind you of those terrible events. On the eve of th...


We love May for 2 reasons: it is followed by summer and also, thanks to the holidays, there is an opportunity to relax and rest from work a little longer. Don’t waste your time! Get new impressions, i...


It's no exaggeration to say that the coronavirus pandemic has been a seismic event and changed the way of life. Coronavirus is a real challenge even for absolutely healthy people. Everyone needs r...

12.03.2021 Berezovka

The art of creating glass products was known 4 millennia ago and came to us from Egypt. So the winged expression would be worth paraphrasing: you can endlessly watch how the fire burns, the water ...

09.03.2021 Schychin

Glory literally fell on the quiet Shchuchinsky district after Elena Zuy-Voytsekhovskaya's ironic song "Shchuchinshchyna" in the form of Elena ZheludOK. The video parody on YouTube has already gain...

04.03.2021 Ozertso

The village of Ozertso is located just 5 km from the Minsk ring road. It is surprising - but not all Minsk residents know about it. And the place is remarkable, and if you have never been there, ta...

04.03.2021 Gervyaty

There is a village in Belarus with a population of just over 500 inhabitants. And it is unlikely that she would have got into all tourist routes in the Grodno region, if not for one attraction, be...


Belarusian ski resort There are no mountains in Belarus, but at least six ski resorts. The most famous is Silichi, which is located just 30 kilometres from Minsk. The Logoisk district ...


Today VETLIVA will tell you about the best health resortsfor prevention of respiratory diseases!


There is a place in Belarus where you can meet world-class sports stars. This is the Raubichi Republican Sports Complex. And  it is not just about competitions - for example, here Ule...

11.12.2020 Kamenuki

The Belarusian Residence of Father Frost and its inhabitants Now it is hard to imagine how we lived without our residence of Father Frost in Belovezhskaya Pushcha! But it was opene...

21.12.2020 Polotsk

Who are these four sisters of Sophia - the older one in Constantinople, the middle one in Kiev and Novgorod, and the younger one in Polotsk? Have you guessed? Of course, we are speaking about ...

21.12.2020 Sula

Park-Museum on the shore of the lake It is located very close to Minsk, on the shore of the lake of the same name. "Sula" means "tree sap" or "oleoresin" in Lithuanian. And if y...