All roads lead to Minsk: how to get to Belarus

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All roads lead to Minsk: how to get to Belarus

Not so long ago we told you about prices in Belarus and where our country is located on the world map. And since visa-free travel for foreigners has expanded again (more on this in the article below), it's time to talk about how to get to Belarus from different capitals of Europe more convenient!

From capitals to Minsk

how to get to belarus and minsk

Visa-free travel in Belarus

The words “travel” and “visa-free” go well together, don't they? It’s good when you can go to another country without worrying about filling out one more document. What about a free visa to Belarus? There it is!

Getting to Belarus has become easier when the president signed the decree on a visa-free entry in Belarus: now, when you are getting to the country through the Minsk National Airport, you have the right to stay in the country for 30 days. This rule applies to residents of 74 countries. Anyway, grab some documents with you:

  • Passport,
  • A medical insurance policy worth at least 10,000€, operating in Belarus,
  • Monetary amount in calculation 2 basic values for each day of stay in the country or 50 base rates if the stay is full 30 days, in Belarusian rubles or foreign currency.

But that is not all! To this is also added a new point in the conditions of entry without a visa: foreigners will be able to travel without visas throughout the western regions provided that they follow routes with organized tourist groups that include visits to the Brest-Grodno visa-free territory. So that you can come to Belarus without visa and not through the mentioned airport and stay in this zone for 15 days.

Visa-free travel to Belarus 2019

NB! Don’t forget about the necessary registration on the territory of Belarus!

From Poland to Minsk

The neighbor country of Belarus is a frequent guest here, so it is not surprising that the transport links of the capitals are well established! The distance between cities is almost 550 kilometers, and you can overcome it in about 7 hours. So how to come to Belarus and specifically to Minsk from Warsaw:

  • Bus. Since the distance is not very large, you can safely ride in a comfortable vehicle with WC and Wi-Fi and not worry about anything. From Minsk to Warsaw, a ticket will cost you about 25 euros. By the way, a tip from VETLIVA: round-trip tickets are cheaper! Keep this in mind when booking your trip.

  • Plane. Classics for all times will not let you down here: in an hour or more you will arrive at the place, giving about 100 euros for a one-way ticket.

  • Train. If you like to ride on rails, listen to an even knock and drink tea, which happens only on trips, enjoy going to Belarus via train: about 8 hours and 40 euros for a ticket — and you are already in Minsk!

  • Car. 7 hours in a car are not a problem for you? So grab your keys and go to Minsk by S8 and P99 autobahns.

How to get to Minsk from Warsaw

VETLIVA reminds: in addition to paying for tickets, one should not forget about accommodation, meals and excursions. To prepare in advance and compile a checklist of spending money in Belarus, pay attention to our guide at local prices.

From the United Kingdom to Minsk

Belarusians and British are considered to be almost relatives: we also have here Foggy Albion recently, but do not be discouraged. The sun still pleases the eyes of visitors, so welcome. You will only have to overcome the distance between London and Minsk for about 1345 miles (2164 km), and you can’t drive a car here: it’s not very convenient to travel along the bottom of the Dover Strait, either. So how to get to Belarus from London?

  • Plane. The fastest, most convenient and safest option for such a trip. About 5.5 hours of flight and plus or minus 150 euros for a one-way ticket will help you overcome a huge distance.

How to get to Minsk from London

Naturally, there are a lot of options for transfers on trains and airplanes, but such routes are built solely at the request of the tourist, so take care of this issue in advance.

From Italy to Minsk

Saluti! Welcome, dear friends from Italy, in Belarus! While you look around here in search of an online guide around Minsk and make plans for visiting main attractions in Belarus, it's time to tell about the most convenient ways to travel 2325 km from Rome to Minsk.

  • Plane. On average, you will need about 3 hours and 300 euros to get from Rome to Minsk.

  • Train. Not the best option in terms of road, quite expensive and a bit uncomfortable. Not only will you have to change trains in Italy itself (first drive from Rome to Termini station), and then give about 350 euros per ticket and spend 30 hours on the train.

  • Car. Do you like long trips with friends and a sea of adventure? Travel by car! Exactly 24 hours will be needed to get from Rome to Minsk by Süd Autobahn. By the way, you will pass through a couple of other countries, for example, Austria and the Czech Republic.

How to get to Minsk from Rome

From Spain to Minsk

Spanish friends, we invite you cordially to Belarus to enjoy the light cool weather and fiery night adventures! Let's start from the road: 3 386 km will have to be overcome in order to visit the best sights of Belarus. You can do it this way:

  • Plane. About 7 hours of flight, 500 euros per ticket and one change in Frankfurt — and there you are, in Minsk!

  • Train. If you are not confused by 2 days on the train, why not choose it? Your stops will be in Paris and Berlin, very picturesque! About 300 euros per ticket — and let's hit the road.

  • Car. 33 hours via the A10 highway, traveling through France, Germany and Poland — and now you are in Minsk! An adventure for lovers of classic road movies.

How to get to Minsk from Madrid

A tip from VETLIVA: you can always choose not only useful, but also a pleasant travel option! For example, in September, the head-to-head Ryder Cup-style competition will be held in the recently renovated Dinamo National Olympic Stadium. Tickets are already on sale, so don’t miss a great sporting event!

From Lithuania to Minsk

Greetings, Baltic friends! Our neighbors, with whom we also often visit each other. Why not if it is only 300 kilometers? To make you understand, it takes longer to get from Minsk to Brest than from Vilnius to the capital of Belarus.

  • Plane. Only 35 minutes and 100 euros will be needed to get from the capital to the capital. Everything is very simple and clear.

  • Bus. About 5 hours and only 12 euros per ticket will be needed to reach Minsk.

  • Train. 4.5 hours on the road and 15 euros per seat in the reserved seat car will provide you with a path from one capital to another.

  • Car. Spend a little more than 2.5 hours on the E28/M7 and M6 highways — and you are already in Minsk.

How to get to Minsk from Vilnius

From Germany to Minsk

Friends from Germany are not uncommon guests in our country, in the end, we are definitely united by bar culture and love for cultural sweeping festivals (we even have our own analogue of Oktoberfest, Leed Beer, and a couple of other cool events). To overcome a little more than 1000 km from Berlin to Minsk, you can use the following options:

  • Plane. In almost 2 hours and 220 euros you can fly by plane without changes. By the way, do not forget that ticket prices vary by day, and it will be cheaper to purchase them in advance.

  • Bus. Plus or minus 20 hours and 50 euros for one-way ticket — these are the conditions at the bus from Berlin to Minsk.

  • Train. About 16 hours on the road and 60 euros per ticket — and you will get from Berlin to Minsk without any problems.

  • Car. Almost 12 hours on the A2 autobahn will take you from Berlin to Minsk.

How to get to Minsk from Berlin

From France to Minsk

Soyez le bienvenu! Guests from France will appreciate the romantic views of Minsk and the magnificent nature in the area, so getting to Belarus from Paris and covering the distance of 2126 km are possible next ways:

  • Plane. About 7 hours on the way, transfer in Vienna and about 400 euros per ticket — these are the approximate requirements for traveling from Paris to Minsk by plane.

  • Train. For the road from Paris to Minsk you will have to spend 30 hours and about 350 euros. Cheaper than on an airplane, but it will take longer to shake in a carriage.

  • Сar. Want to feel like a real traveler? Then use a car! A little more than 20 hours on the A2 highway and visiting Belgium, Germany and Poland on the road will make your trip unforgettable.

VETLIVA tells: are you confused by such routes? So you still don’t know where Belarus is actually located! It’s time to fill this knowledge gap.

All roads lead to Minsk: travel wherever you are! 

In our century, you can reach your destination wherever you want, there would be a desire, but there will always be funds! Well, if you have chosen out country as your destination and made going to Belarus your new travel goal, VETLIVA will always help you choose the best excursions and see the most interesting places.

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All roads lead to Minsk: how to get to Belarus