Tourism Romance: Benefits of Camping in Autumn

Tourism Romance: Benefits of Camping in Autumn

A fire is crackling, the starry sky is spread over our heads, it is cozy and warm in the tent ... Do you think we started talking about camping too late because the summer is over? Hell no! Camping with tents is more relevant in autumn than ever. And if you doubt it, then VETLIVA will debunk these myths and tell you about the most interesting options for autumn camping.

1. 5 reasons to go camping in the fall

2. Preparing correctly: what to take with you

3. Lakes of Belarus for recreation with tents

4. Camping in Belarus: other routes

Benefits of autumn camping

camping in the fall

Frosty sunrises, beautiful sunsets by the fire, warming meals, and the absence of summer heat, when you don't even want to take a step beyond the threshold — autumn is just made for camping. Even those who are chilly from the slightest breath of breeze will like this kind of rest. And here are our 5 reasons why:

1. Wonderful landscapes. Clear sky, flashes of yellow, orange, and scarlet leaves, haze over the water in the mornings and evenings — it's good that now we are not limited by the number of frames in a film camera, but we can shoot whatever our heart desires with our smartphone. The main thing is to make sure that there is enough memory and the power bank is always at hand. We are sure that you will want to capture every wonderful moment of your mini-vacation.

2. Great prices. It is during the season that you have to monitor offers and look for discounts, if you want to save money on vacation. And in the fall, many accommodation facilities themselves reduce prices for their services.

3. Privacy. What could be better in the pandemic era than camping in a tent! There is no one nearby: only you, fresh air, and the beautiful nature of Belarus around.

rest in tent

4. Lack of insects. Forget about fumigators, endless sprays, lotions, and mosquito nets. There is so little gnat that it will not bother you during your vacation.

5. Sleep well. Just imagine: you wake up at dawn and feel an incredible surge of energy. Sounds like a fairy tale? However, this is exactly the effect that sleep in nature gives. Moreover, in summer, its benefits are much less, because low temperatures help the body produce melatonin, which slows down the aging process.

Advice from VETLIVA: do you know where else to go in the fall? Of course, in a health resort in Belarus! The velvet season is the perfect time to boost your immune system before winter arrives.

Must have: what to take with you for camping

auto camping, what to take with

If you are going camping, then everything you need goes into the trunk of your car. And if you prefer to travel on your own, then a hiking backpack will be your best friend during your vacation. For an autumn trip, you should have with you:

  1. Sleeper berth. Make sure your tent and sleeping bag are adapted to the climate and the area you are traveling to. For example, keep in mind: the lakeside for camping with tents is a great option, but in the morning it can be noticeably cold here, so it is better to take an additional tourist rug or air mattress with you to lay on the bottom.

  2. Advice from VETLIVA: do you like to travel light? Then you can do without carrying a tent and a sleeping bag. Just choose one of the accommodation options and all you need to take with you will be warm clothes, a smartphone, and a good mood!

    accommodation in a tent
  3. Warm clothes. You should be warm even away from the fire, which means that you need to take a sweater, warm jacket, hat, gloves, scarf, and warm socks with you. Thermal underwear will also be useful.

  4. Fire supplies. If you are going to an equipped campsite, then there should be firewood and a specially designated area for making a fire. However, if space in the car or backpack allows, it is better to play it safe and take everything you need with you: matches, lighter fluid, firewood, and a small hatchet for chopping wood.

  5. Dishes. We probably don't need to remind you how delicious food cooked over an open fire is. Therefore, experienced tourists always take with them a kettle for making tea or coffee and a cast iron for preparing hot dishes.

  6. camping dishes
  7. Food. Secluded relaxation also has its minor drawbacks: there are hardly any grocery stores nearby. Therefore, you need to take with you so much water that it is enough for both cooking and brewing tea, as well as the required amount of food.

  8. Documents. Many vacation spots are located in the border area, so you will need identification documents, receipts for camping, fishing, or hunting permits.

  9. Other necessary things. Other necessary things. Take with you also a first aid kit with a basic set of medicines, a hand torch, and trash bags.

Best places to stay with tents: lakes of Belarus

Perhaps it is difficult to find more picturesque places than the Naroch and Braslav regions. After all, it is thanks to them that our country is poetically called blue-eyed. Despite the fact that both territories are national parks, there are many campgrounds equipped with everything necessary for recreation.

Resting on the Naroch

Naroch with tents

Infrastructure. On the coast of 12 lakes in the Naroch region, there are 14 tourist sites: Antonisberg, Lager, Kochergi, Zolotaya Gorka, Beloe, Strugolapy, Tyukshi-2, Tyukshi-3, Rossokhi, Melnitsa, Bolduk, Konkovo, Volchino, Naroch auto camping. There is everything for a comfortable stay:

  • campfires,
  • awnings from rain and sun,
  • benches,
  • gazebos,
  • toilets.

What to do on the Naroch. There are plenty of options for an autumn holiday in Belarus! For example, you can walk along the Blue Lakes eco-trail, go on the «Heritage of Tadeusz Kosciuszko excursion, or visit the local arboretum. And if you go to a picturesque region after the recent rains, then it's a sin not to take the chance to collect a basket of mushrooms. There will also be plenty to do for fishermen because in the territory of the Naroch there are a variety of fish species. Remember that catching species in the Red Data Book, especially eel, is strictly prohibited!

Price: 4-7 BYN per person. This amount includes 0.04 cubic meters of firewood per person, garbage disposal, and cleaning of the territory and toilets. There is no charge for setting up tents and cars.

Napping on the Braslav Lakes

picnick on Braslav

Infrastructure. There are 77 sites of two types on the territory of the Braslav National Park:

  1. General — a place for rest, where there is no preliminary reservation and accommodation is paid per day/per person.
  2. 2. Custom — payment is made for the entire parking lot and depends on its capacity, location, and amenities on the territory.

Each сamp has:

  • gazebos or awnings,
  • tables,
  • benches,
  • campfires,
  • waste bins.

What to do on the Braslav Lakes. The water here is so clear that it is conducive to diving. A wonderful underwater world is ready to open before you, no matter if you have the appropriate experience or equipment: everything is on the spot. The state environmental institution "Braslav — Ritchie" conducts training for beginner divers in cooperation with one of the private dive clubs in Belarus.

There are other leisure options for every taste:

  • sightseeing tours and visits to enclosures with animals,
  • hunting and fishing,
  • walks along eco trails,
  • boating/catamarans and other types of water transport.

Advice from VETLIVA: our team has already been to the Braslav Lakes. Here we shared our impressions and revealed the secrets of interesting locations, so you can ride the same route and gain new experiences.

Price: from 4 BYN/per person to 180 BYN/tourist camp (for custom locations). The most expensive accommodation options are equipped with a hiking sauna.

3 more options for camping in Belarus

camping options

Camping with tents on the lakes of Belarus is a great option for autumn camping. But there are other directions that you may like more to your taste:

  • Native American style camping. Do you want to feel like a real inhabitant of the Great Plains? Go to the suburban eco-park "Aquarelle" 50 km from Minsk. There is no need to take tents with you: there is unique camping where you will be invited to stay in a teepee. This is the traditional dwelling of the North American Indians in the form of a cone-shaped tent, tapering upwards. Mattresses and sleeping bags are provided free of charge, and the cost for accommodation will be from 40 to 90 BYN per tent.
Native American camping
  • Romance in an authentic place. Have you heard about the amazing open-air museum located in the village of Zabrodye? Here you can see uniforms from the First World War, a museum of vintage cars and the USSR, spend an evening on the cinema veranda, visit an old smithy and a bathhouse. you can camp with a tent in the territory of the ethnographic complex. This pleasure will cost you 15 BYN per person.

  • Neighborhood with bison. One of the popular agricultural estates of Belarus "Belovezhie" is located right on the territory of the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha". There are places for 15-20 tents and three trailers. There is an outdoor shower and a field kitchen, as well as a dry closet. Accommodation will cost you from 5 to 17.5 BYN per person.

Advice from VETLIVA: the national parks of Belarus offer many other accommodation options. If you don't like camping in a tent, you can choose comfortable hotel accommodation, etc.

Discover the campsite in autumn

forest camping

Of course, BBQ can be fried in the capital of Belarus, even for a picnic there is everything you need. But don't you know how different is the morning in the fragrant pine forest or the sunrise over the crystal clear surface of the lake? So it's time to uncover your tent, stock up on everything you need and go where your soul calls. And VETLIVA will always be happy to advise you on the best options for a great vacation at any time of the year.

Tourism Romance: Benefits of Camping in Autumn