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Excursion «Heritage of Tadeusz Kosciuszko»

Excursion «Heritage of Tadeusz Kosciuszko»

Days: 1
Mode of transportation: Bus and walking tour
Tour length (km): 500
Duration (hours) 13
Travel theme: Historical tour, Architectural tour, Culture and art
City: Minsk
Method of conducting: Group tour
Time and place of dispatch: 9.00, Minsk, Storozhovskaya str. 15, hotel "Belarus"
Route: Minsk - Ruzhany - Merechevschina - Kossovo - MInsk
Language: Russian

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The price includes

  • Travel by tourclass bus
  • Guided tour of the route and museums
  • Tour of Ruzhany, sightseeing of temples
  • Entrance ticket to the House-Museum of T. Kosciusko in Merechevshchina
  • Entrance ticket to the Sapieha Palace Museum in Ruzhany
  • Entrance ticket to the Puslovsky Palace Museum in Kossovo
  • Visit to the Church of the Holy Trinity in Kossovo 

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Additional information

The bus is marked with a yellow plate on the windshield with the name of the excursion. We ask you to be 15 minutes before the time of departure, check into the guide`s list and take a seat on the bus.



Reviews (1)

Тишкова МарияТишкова Мария 11.07.2018

Экскурсия состоялась при хорошей погоде с замечательным экскурсоводом и не менее замечательным водителем. Мы смогли увидеть и услышать достаточно много интересной и познавательной информации о жизни Т.Костюшко и династии Сапегов, посетить дворцы и костелы в Коссово и Ружанах.

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