Rating of the best health resorts in Belarus according to VETLIVA

Rating of the best health resorts in Belarus according to VETLIVA

What do you first of all pay attention to when you are going to relax? Do you read people's reviews, trust photos or study all the available information about a resort carefully?

VETLIVA has collected everything for you at once. Our top-10 health resorts in Belarus were formed based on the impressions of tourists who have already managed to book vouchers and relax in each of the health resorts. So, get ready to put together your vacation checklist.

Top-10 best health resorts in Belarus

Health resort “Yunost”: the best health resort in Belarus

A girl at a massage session in the

Those who do not want to take a rest in "Yunost" simply do not know anything about it. And there is something to tell about the health resort on the shores of the Minsk Sea.

✓ Price-quality. There is nothing to worry about: the resort takes the first place in our rating of health resorts in Belarus by rights. Each voucher includes a variety of procedures, specialists’ consultations with an individual approach to each guest, 3 meals per day with the "Buffet" system. It doesn't matter whether you choose a trip ticket with medical, spa, wellness programs or a weekend tour. Any of the selected options will be a perfect choice for your rest.

✓ Medical profile. The resort specializes in helping people with cardiovascular, peripheral nervous, gynecological systems illnesses and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. For each direction, we have developed special programs, for example, "Healthy back", "Healthy joints", "Women's health", etc..

Advice from VETLIVA: if you want your rest and treatment to be more effective — always choose stays of at least 10 nights. During this period of time, you can go through the most optimal number of procedures.

✓ Uniqueness. Did you know that the Yunost resort has a unique spa-center called "Slavyanskoe SPA", which was awarded the prestigious certificates EUROPE SPA and EUROPE SPA MED? It means that the quality of spa treatments is not inferior to European standards.

There is everything you need for active and intense leisure time in the health resort “Yunost”. So not a single day you won't find it boring here!

Health resort “Priozerny”

Women in a salt cave in the

Our top-10 of Belarusian health resorts would be incomplete without this health resort on Naroch Lake. Rest and recreation in one of the most picturesque places in our country — what could be better?

✓ Price-quality. 12,000 people choose Priozerny as a place for health improvement each year, and this is not surprising. The resort offers comprehensive treatment and SPA programs, as well as weekend tours. So everyone finds a vacation to their taste and wallet.

✓ Medical profile. The health resort helps patients with diseases of the circulatory system, central nervous system, digestive and genitourinary system, musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, as well as metabolic disorders. Unique programs developed by the specialists of the health resort are targeted women preparing for pregnancy and childbirth, body shaping and relief of the condition of tourists with chronic diseases.

✓ Infrastructure. Bowling, billiards, sauna, gym, SPA center — probably, it will be even easier to list what Priozerny resort does NOT has there. Well, there is no place for boredom and sadness!

Health resort “Plissa”

Family in the pool of the sanatorium

✓ Price-quality. If there is a paradise for the whole family, then it is located in "Plissa". The specially developed program "Healthy Family" helps not only to significantly increase immunity, but also to unite family members even more.

✓ Medical profile. Patients with problems of the nervous system, central nervous system, musculoskeletal system and gynecology are welcomed here. "Women's Health", "Healthy Heart", "Active Longevity" and other balanced programs are designed for people of different ages, and each vacationer will be treated with an individual approach.

Advice from VETLIVA:if the pandemic has not passed you by, it's time to think about recuperation. "Plissa” is one of the best health resorts in Belarus, where a special program has been developed for those who have passed COVID-19.

✓ Infrastructure. In "Plissa", there will be no time to be bored and fast asleep: walk along the green territory, enjoy water trips on a catamaran or boat, or arrange a family volleyball or football match. There are more than enough options for active pastime.

Health resort “Sosny”

Sauna in the health resort “Sosny”

✓ Price-quality. The scent of coniferous forests, the indescribable beauty of Lake Naroch combined with high-quality medical care, is something for which you do not mind any money. Moreover, vouchers to the health resort are available to everyone.

✓ Medical profile. In "Sosny" we will gladly help patients with diseases of the circulatory system, digestion, respiration, central nervous system, musculoskeletal system and genitourinary system. Wellness and treatment programs, weekend tours, recreation for children aimed at strengthening the immune system — there are enough relaxation options for every taste and budget.

✓ Infrastructure. The convenient location between two lakes — Naroch and Beloe — is one of the reasons to drop everything and go to rest in "Sosny". You deserve relaxation in the SPA center and sauna, funtime in karaoke, enjoying rest in the swimming pool and other activities that are organized here.

Health resort “Ruzhanski”

Aquapark in the health resort “Ruzhanski”

A health resort with not just a swimming pool but also with its own aqua park? Why not... yes! This is the kind of rest offered in the "Ruzhanski" health resort.

✓ Price-quality. In the rating of health resorts in Belarus, this one is the youngest (was opened in 2005), but it has already become popular with tourists. Modern rooms, the newest medical base, thoughtfulness of every minute of being here — you will never regret the money spent on the trip in "Ruzhanski".

✓ Medical profile. Patients with diseases of the respiratory, digestive and circulatory organs, metabolic disorders can get help. Local specialists facilitate the condition of vacationers with problems of the female genital organs, musculoskeletal system and connective tissue. In each comprehensive program, everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

✓ Infrastructure. Rest in "Ruzhanski" is suitable both for adults and children. While you bask in SPA, your kids will splash in the pool or dashingly ride down the slides. And everyone will have the opportunity to have fun and relax.

Health resort “Sputnik”

A girl takes healing baths in the

✓ Price-quality. What could be better than rest in one of the best resorts in Belarus? Only rest combined with health improvement. Buying a ticket to the Sputnik resort, you get everything at once: quality rest and health improvement + the beauty of Lake Naroch, which is located nearby. The perfect formula for relaxation!

✓ Medical profile. Experienced specialists help people with problems of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, circulatory system and central nervous system. Spend at least 12 days in Sputnik and you will understand: this is exactly what you lacked for a good mood and well-being.

✓ Infrastructure. Proximity to Naroch is conducive to beach and active recreation. And if you are also a fisherman, then here you will find everything you need for your hobby. Bring home a good catch!

Health resort “Ozerny”

Aquazone in the health resort “Ozerny”

✓ Price-quality. Many tourists choose the Ozerny health resort because it is located near Grodno, as well as due to a variety of health-improving programs that take into account the individual characteristics of male and female organisms. The perfect combination of reasonable cost of the trip and maximum benefits from the rest!

✓ Medical profile. The Ozerny resort specializes in helping people with diseases of the circulatory system, respiratory system, nervous, musculoskeletal, genitourinary systems and metabolic disorders. "Women's Health", "Diabetes 2", "Joy of Movement" — choose a priority area and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

✓ Infrastructure. When you are free from procedures, you can enjoy walks around the surrounding area, enjoying the views. And if you like a more fun pastime — welcome to the aqua park! Ride down a slide, play water polo — you will definitely remember such a vacation for a long time!

Health resort “Radon”

Swimming pool in the health resort “Radon”

We cannot help but include the resort which is famous for its own sources of radon waters. The active element in their composition helps patients with problems of the musculoskeletal system and the central nervous system, and also increases the general tone of the body.

✓ Price-quality. "Radon" is a health resort with the highest rate, which means that you will be served here at the highest level. Everything you need is already included in the price of the tour, and therefore all you have to do is book it, wait for the cherished date and finally relax to the fullest!

Advice from VETLIVA: many Belarusian resorts are far enough off the beaten path. This is done in order for you to relax as much as possible and take a break from the city noise. Therefore, so that you do not have any problems with the road, we suggest ordering a transfer to the resort.

✓ Medical profile. "Radon" exists to help people with problems of the genitourinary, nervous and musculoskeletal systems. It also has its own program for recuperation after suffering pneumonia.

✓ Infrastructure. The highest category is a guarantee of not only qualified medical care, but also competently organized leisure of guests. For the little ones, there is an equipped children's room, and all other vacationers are not deprived of attention. Concerts, creative evenings and other interactive events are constantly organized here.

Health resort “Bug”

 A girl at a massage session in the sanatorium

✓ Price-quality. If you are looking for an option for a more budgetary holiday, "Bug" is at your service. The quality of services here remains at the top-notch level. At the same time, the vouchers themselves are more affordable.

✓ Medical profile. The medical base of the resort is focused on combating diseases of the circulatory system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system and connective tissue. It has also developed a special program for people who passed COVID-19.

✓ Infrastructure. The health resort is located on the banks of the Mukhavets River, so in summer you can take a ride on the “Grodno” motorship. And for entertainment on the spot there are enough options: billiards, table tennis, volleyball, dancing and movie evenings. Everyone will find something to their taste!

Health resort “Raduga”

Dining area in the sanatorium

Among the good and inexpensive resorts in Belarus, "Raduga" occupies a special place and deservedly is included in our top.

✓ Price-quality. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place for a family vacation, then "Raduga" is your perfect choice. It is located 20 km (12.4 miles) from Lida, far away from industrial zones and cities. Accommodation options are plentiful, and all are affordable.

✓ Medical profile. The health resort specializes in helping people suffering from diseases of the circulatory system, respiratory system, central nervous system, urogenital and musculoskeletal system and connective tissue. They also help everyone who has suffered from COVID-19 or wants to protect themselves from a dangerous infection and take all possible preventive measures for this.

✓ Infrastructure. Comfortable rooms, swimming pool, sauna, gym, billiards — this is just a small part of what is here. Get well and rest at your pleasure!

All the best for you in the health resorts of Belarus

The best health resorts in Belarus

Whichever health resort you choose, you can always count on the best service and medical care. All the resorts in our rating have regular customers who return there from year to year. Try it yourself: perhaps your future favorite is in this top-10. It's always better to test it on yourself once than read it seven times. And VETLIVA is ready to arrange a date for you with the Belarusian health resort you like.

Rating of the best health resorts in Belarus according to VETLIVA