The best country estates in Belarus: checklist for travelers

The best country estates in Belarus: checklist for travelers

If you’re fond of renting a house for spending holidays, outdoor activities with family, or want to celebrate New Year's Eve in a beautiful and lovely place with friends, VETLIVA welcomes and invites all comers to its fascinating tour of the best country estates in Belarus!

We have created this list based on three main criteria: comfort, cuisine, and entertainment. This brief but precise guide will show you what Belarusian vacation spots are famous for in different parts of the country, and will help you choose the right option for you. Let's go!

Best Belarusian estates

Belarusian country estates:

Agricultural estate Nesvijskaya

Want to have it all? The Nesvijskaya estate deserves to be in the top of the best country estates in Belarus, and now we will tell you why.

  • Address. Minsk region, Nesvizh city, 6 Kosciuszko Street.

  • Comfort. The rest here is for a company of up to 15 people. For this purpose, the two-storey mansion has everything you need and then some: for an affordable price, you get the opportunity to relax in one of the most picturesque places in Belarus, not far from the luxurious Nesvizh Palace. And one of the most beautiful castles in Belarus — Mir — is just 30 kilometers away. Isn't this great?

  • Cuisine. Cook your own meals in the fully equipped kitchen, if you want, or order breakfast and dinner from the owners. Moreover, we recommend large and cheerful companies using the barbecue set and frying flavorful meat.

  • Entertainments. In summer — badminton and volleyball, fishing and songs around the campfire, in winter — skiing and walking around the beautiful beyond description territory. There is something to do all year round!

VETLIVA’s advice: do you still think Belarusian cuisine is limited to draniki and kalduny, so you don't expect anything different? It's a high time to study our gastro tour and make sure that the Belarusian national cuisine will give a head start to many other foreign opponents.

Belarusian cuisine in the estate Nesvizhskaya

Starki estate

The place with a poetic name, which will be definitely enjoyed by the fans of the Game of Thrones series, and beckons all lovers of out-of-town recreation.

  • Address. Mogilev region, Belynichsky district, Yagodka farming, 5 Belorusskaya Street.

  • Comfort. The recreation here is intended for small companies of up to 5 people. If you’re an eco-movement supporter, then you have chosen the right place. The log house is completely made of natural materials. Just imagine what a pleasure it is to get warm on a real stove-heater on a rainy day!

  • Cuisine. Fragrant, melting in the mouth dishes of Belarusian cuisine, cooked in the oven — sounds so yummy that you probably want to drop everything and ride off to the Starki estate! Machanka, jellied minced meat (kholodec), homemade sausage, crispy pickles…Perhaps we will stop here, so as not to cause you a hunger attack.

  • Entertainments. A wood-burning sauna is a wonderful way to relax and take a good steam bath. Since the Neroplya River runs nearby, you can rent boats or kayaks and make a real rafting trip on it. You can also go fishing here and try to get a trophy, and let alone walking through the scenic location and enjoying the beautiful nature of the Mogilev region!

Authentic Starki Farmhouse

Ustye LIFE estate

If paradise exists somewhere on Earth, then its piece is definitely located on Braslav Lakes. So, there are only heavenly conditions in paradise!

  • Address. Vitebsk region, Braslav district, Slobodka agrotown, 22 Ustye village

  • Comfort. One of the best country estates in Belarus, located in Ustye village in the Braslav region, is ready to welcome families and small companies of up to 4 people. No wonder this place is the winner of the National Tourism Award "Poznai Belarus 2017" in the Accommodation of the Year category. Both in summer and in winter, you will get the basic comfort and do not want to leave here!

  • Cuisine. The fully equipped kitchen allows you to cook whatever you want. And, of course, the owners would love to feed you delicious meals of national cuisine and introduce you to the natural village dairy products!

  • Entertainments. What better way to spend an evening with your soulmate, family or friends and hearing this sweet crackling wood sound in the fireplace? Relax in the summer house under the seductive aroma of frying barbecue — nothing besides! Choose a vacation to your taste and go ahead!

Cozy house in the estate Ustye LIFE

Rodny Kut estate

Looking for a cozy place where you can rest with the whole family? Rodny Kut is what you need!

  • Address. Gomel region, Rogachevsky district, Zalozye settlement, 2 Partizanskaya Street.

  • Comfort. Have you planned a trip to the Gomel region? This is a great chance to stay in Rodny Kut. Take a nice friendly ride here — the spacious two-storey house can accommodate up to 15 people, and for a reasonable price!

  • Cuisine. A large modern kitchen will allow you to uncover your culinary skills and hidden talents! And if you don't feel like cooking, then turn to the owners, and they will provide you with delicious homemade food.

  • Entertainments. Sauna, quad bikes (ATV), volleyball, fitness, swimming pool, barbecue, and sleigh rides, skiing and snow tubing in winter — you probably won't have enough time to try them all, oh, you will get bored faster, we tell you! By the way, you can even organize a wedding here, because the spacious territory allows you to. So any of your plans will easily come true.

Playground and summer house in the Rodny Kut estate

Nikodim's estate

Why not combine agrotourism with some wonderful things? Especially when one of the best Belarusian estates is within walking distance from the magnificent Mir Castle.

  • Address. Grodno region, Mir urban settlement, 7 Oktyabrskaya Street.

  • Comfort. Gather a real friendly bunch up to 18 people and get over here! The place is located on a hill, so a magnificent view will overlook the Mir Castle. It does not matter whether you spend only one day here or decide to stay for a week: the house has everything you need to feel comfortable.

  • Cuisine. Miss the aromatic fragrance of strawberries, currants, raspberries and other berries? Come here in the summer, and you can eat them right from the garden! Berries and vegetable beds are fully available for all roomers. And for those who miss homemade food, the owners are ready to treat you.

  • Entertainments. Horse-back or donkey riding, billiards, sauna, barbecue, fishing trips and going for mushrooms — here everyone can choose something to their liking. And, of course, do not forget to seize the moment and visit the wonderful castle. You know, it is just about ready to be captured on the vacation photos!

VETLIVA’s advice: since the castle architecture and the royal element in the interior could not come out of nowhere, we recommend you to become familiar with the Grodno region. And to find more interesting information about Grodno, read our article!

Coniferous forest around the Nikodim's estate


A quiet and picturesque place nearby the magnificent Nesvizh Palace — this is all you need to relax properly and recharge your batteries.

  • Address: Minsk region, Nesvizh district, Buzuny village, 54 Tsentralnaya Street.

  • Comfort. You cannot even doubt that here you will get the maximum comfort! Take a merry band of 6 people and try to get real rest. By the way, some of you will get lucky to spend the night on a real Russian stove, so do not forget to clinch a cool spot for yourself.

  • Cuisine. You will find here a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook something delicious on your own. Moreover, the estate’s owners are always ready to treat you with the freshest vegetables, fruits and berries, homemade dairy products, and those village eggs that all eco-fans enjoy!

  • Entertainments. Rest in Zakutok is all about true relaxation and joy. Just imagine the evening, cozy crackling fireplace, and you with your beloved sipping aromatic herbal tea. Or, enjoying the birds’ chirping, slowly sipping a fragrant coffee in the morning. By the way, there will be some activities for fishermen as well: in the woods nearby, you can sit by the lake and fish.

Gardens of Zakutok estate

Klevoe Mestechko

Dedicated to fly-fishermen! Get out your spinning rods, feeders, and other gear — it's time to go to the Klevoe Mestechko!

  • Address. Mogilev region, Osipovichi district, Smyk village, 4A Tsentralnaya Street

  • Comfort. There is enough room for several companies to stay at once. Choose one of the four locations to your liking:

  1. The fisherman's house where 5-6 fishermen will be accommodated comfortably (although it is not particularly important when the time comes for a bite).

  2. A family house is a great place for 5-6 people to relax.

  3. A bathhouse where you can take a steam and spend a night.

  4. A Venetian-style house for one-on-one romantic weekends.

VETLIVA’s advice: by the way, did you know that estates are a top option for organizing a wedding? And the Klevoe Mestechko is the best proof of that! It has everything you need to celebrate the most important day of your life: Osipovichi reservoir nearby, a spacious territory that can easily accommodate all your guests — sounds really cool, we think!

  • Cuisine. What could be better than to immediately cook fresh fish? Moreover, there is a fully equipped kitchen and a grill at your service. Walleye barbecue, grilled pike, crucian carp, baked with sour cream and vegetables — along with fishing rods, you will need to uncover your culinary skills to taste the freshest fish.

  • Entertainments. There is something to do even for those who are far from fishing tricks. Children will splash in the swimming pool in summer or find other activities at the playground at other times of the year. Meanwhile, adults will be able to take a steam in the bathhouse, ride a boat and catamaran along the reservoir, pick berries or mushrooms in the fall, ride a bike and even arrange a football tournament!

House with a swing in the estate Klevoe mestechko

Bobrovaya Hata

The English for “Bobrovaya Hata” is “The Beavers House”. Beavers, of course, do not live here but there is always a place for tight-knit companies.

  • Address: Vitebsk region, Rossonsky district, Ukleenka village, 5 Sosnovy Lane.

  • Comfort. Space and eco-style — that's what conquers Bobrovaya Hata when you first cross its threshold. The estate is built from century-old pine wood, and the interior is dominated mainly by natural colors and shades. With the abundance of ceramics and forged interior items, wood, comfortable furniture — you couldn't find a better place than this to simply enjoy your holiday. For a confident stay here, all necessary appliances and electrical equipment are offered. And, of course, the rooms have Wi-Fi, so you can easily go to your favorite social network or read the news.

  • Cuisine. The room rate already includes three meals a day, which you will be delighted with. Here you will be fed even better than at home, do not doubt. On the estate’s territory, there is a bar that serves drinks for all tastes.

  • Entertainments. All at once — this is the motto of Bobrovaya Hata. In summer, you can do sphering (walking on the surface of the lake inside an inflatable ball), ride on catamarans, remember your childhood and jump on a trampoline, and even arrange a real laser tag tournament. And this is not to mention traditional fishing, quiet hunting for mushrooms and berries, beach volleyball and football, a unique bath with honey and beer, and other activities. You have an unfortunate excess of winter and summer entertainments!

The main hall of the Bobrovaya hata estate

Chalet Guest House

Vacation in Belarus like in the Alps? Well... yes! Especially if you choose Chalet Guest House in Borisov as a place to stay.

  • Address: Minsk region, Borisov city, 59 M. Gorky Street

  • Comfort. Classic interior, modern appliances, comfortable furniture — each of the five rooms has everything you need. You can stay here for a couple of days or spend a week enjoying a relaxing holiday. 5 rooms, which can accommodate up to 10 people, are waiting for you!

  • Cuisine. Breakfast is already included in the room rate, so you can relax in bed in the morning without worrying about making it. If you wish, you can cook meals in the fully equipped shared kitchen. And, of course, you can always pass the evening in the gazebo with a fireplace and barbecue area, because there is nothing more pleasant than the cozy wood crackling and the aroma of meat roasting on the coals.

VETLIVA’s advice: do not want to go far from the city, and thoughts about barbecue do not give you peace of mind? Then our selection of locations designed for this purpose will definitely come in handy!

  • Entertainments. Well, bellies are filled, but no one canceled any other pastime! Guests can enjoy billiards, a dip in the Russian font, a steam bath, or a foosball match here as well. By the way, there is even a separate suite for newlyweds — a great option for those who have just tied the knot.

Bright entrance hall with stairs of the Chalet Guest House

Antonisberg Guest Houses

Another option for a comfortable accommodation on the Naroch is offered by the owners of cottages with an interesting name — Antonisberg.

  • Address: Minsk region, Naroch resort village, 25 and 27 Naberejnaya Street.

  • Comfort. Two spacious cottages are divided in half into two separate apartments. No one will bother you here: the rooms do not intersect with each other. Those who come with a large company can rent the whole cottage to comfortably accommodate 12 people.

  • Cuisine. Kitchen furniture and all necessary utensils for cooking are available. If you want to be lazy one day, no problem — then you can have dinner in the Naroch hotel complex. And, of course, do not forget that there are gazebos and a barbecue on the estate territory, and the owners always worry about the availability of firewood in advance.

  • Entertainments. A real paradise for all sauna lovers: it is on the first floor of each cottage. Karaoke fans will not be deprived either: there is everything here to sing from the heart! And this is not to mention that only 850 meters away is Lake Naroch, where you can swim, sunbathe, fish, and many other things to do. The main thing — do not forget to bring a fun bunch and good spirits, oh please!

Cozy two-storey cottage

The best country estates in Belarus: the list is always updated!

There has to be a good reason why we have made this detailed guide for you: country holidays in Belarus have always been, are and will be a popular way to have a rest for both adults and children, and these unforgettable holidays will be remembered for long. This is a combination of virgin nature and clean air, unusual pastime, delicious food made from organic products and the opportunity to get rid of all problems and anxieties. Even townspeople sometimes need a break, so holidays here will make everyone take a moment and feel the wonder of being here and now and finally give yourself a full rest.

What would you choose: outdoor rest or staying in the city? Rate our guide, follow the updates in the Blog and keep track of new places for having a good time with VETLIVA.

The best country estates in Belarus: checklist for travelers