Sale for rest in Belarus

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Book accommodation in the sports complex "Raubichi" we present you a bike ride!

Velvet season - one of the most favorable periods for recreation. Take him to the sanatorium "Yunost"

From June 2, 2018, a new tour "Minsk - the capital of the Republic of Belarus with a visit to the Museum "Country Mini " will start.

An nique offer: discounts up to 50% on excursions to Mir and Nesvizh castles and the museum and ethnographic complex "Dudutki".

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Have your children seen locks only in the picture, and the tanks they know about are only Lego toys? The time has come for amazing discoveries, because to see all the real things is easy! Summer i...

There are times when the word "rest" was associated only with the beaches of Turkey and Egypt was in past. Today people want something else: calm, fresh, clean. All this can give recreat...

Every child dreams about the time when he will finally be able to say the sweet word "Holidays!". However, for parents these days can become a real problem: children remain alone at home for a who...

Playwrights, scriptwriters, art historians, journalists - connoisseurs of creative work open a new season of fascinating excursions around Belarus.

The variety of architectural monuments of Western Belarus amazes every tourist who visited these places.

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