Sale for rest in Belarus

Sale for rest in Belarus

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We invite you to relax from the bustle of the city at competitive prices!


We invite you to visit the only adult camp in the Republic of Belarus organized according to all the laws of childhood!

Book trips to the medical SPA of Belarus ONLINE with a discount! Promo code inside!


We invite you to attend the "Music Weekend at the Royal Assembly of Sula."

Together with VETLIVA we go to unique excursions, where fans of traditional Belarusian cuisine will be delighted by meals in the national style!


Renting an apartment in Minsk is one of the best accommodation options in the city!


Vouchers in the health improving center Zubrenok can be booked at VETLIVA.


Get ready to see the world-famous sights of the Brest region and the whole of Belarus – the memorial complex “Brest Fortress” and the National Park “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”!

When you booking a trip to a sanatorium, a room in a hotel or a house in an agro-hotel, do not forget about a quality transfer to your destination.