BBQing with pleasure: where to make barbecue

BBQing with pleasure: where to make barbecue

You have already opened the barbecue season, or perhaps you’re just going to do it soon. What if there is no way to get out of Minsk? But this huge aroma of meat beckons to taste it as quickly as possible! Even vegans go crazy with grilled vegetables, so we’re sure that our list of great hangout areas will be useful to every single comer. VETLIVA decided to tell you about such locations in Minsk where you can barbecue (and not get a fine at the same time).

And, of course, bear in mind 3 important rules:

  1. Make a fire strictly inside a grill at a distance of at least 7 meters from surrounding buildings.

  2. Make sure that the flame height does not reach a height of more than half a meter, thereby it is better to make barbecue in windless weather.

  3. Anyway, don't leave your trash all lying around because taking care of nature must begin at home.

Read, memorize, marinate and fry without consequences!

Where can I make barbecue in Minsk?

Minsk water reservoirs

Minsk parks

Where to go for barbecue in the vicinity of Minsk?

Picnic spots in Minsk

Juicy barbeque in picnic areas in Minsk

For safety reasons, there should be either a 10-liter bucket of water or a fire extinguisher next to the grill. That’s why most of the equipped places in Minsk where you can fry meat, are located near ponds

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: you can cook meat even in your backyard if the fire is lit strictly inside the grill.

But you must admit that it's boring! The soul yearns for a full relaxation outdoors. In the end, the grilled barbecue is much tastier. Meanwhile, our top list of vacation spots is opened by local water reservoirs, where there are fully equipped areas for unforgettable holidays in Minsk.

Zaslavsky Reservoir

Boy eating salad at the Zaslavsky reservoir

The Minsk Sea is a favorite holiday destination for both Minsk residents and many guests of the city. On the beaches from the 1st to the 6th, as well as on the 8ht and the 9th, there are specially equipped picnic areas where everything you need is available:

  • cozy summer houses,

  • benches,

  • stationary barbecues,

  • playgrounds,

  • sunbeds,

  • locker rooms,

  • bio-toilets.

Here you will probably find the most developed infrastructure. The coast is full of cafes, restaurants, recreation centers, and health resorts. Over and above how advanced the entertainment industry is here. You can go out on a yacht, and catamarans, and the latest kiting — a joyride on a board on the water using a special kite. In addition to gastronomic pleasures, you will find something for entertainment. But remember: the peak of the holiday falls in summer, so it is better to occupy gazebos in the morning.

Krinitsa Reservoir

Wonderful views of the Krinitsa reservoir

Just before the Minsk Sea, you can stop by another reservoir called Krinitsa. The infrastructure here is more "wild" than on the Zaslavsky reservoir, but on beaches the 3rd and the 4th there are gazebos, as well as sports and playgrounds. This is a great opportunity to occupy your children and burn extra calories right here as well. Take your grill and everything you need to prepare a fragrant dish: there are no food courts or shops nearby.

VETLIVA’s advice: do you want to have it all? Then it's time for you to go to Praleska! The resort is located within walking distance from the Minsk Sea and Krinitsa and offers weekend tours. In just a few days, you can enjoy barbecue, relax, and improve your health.

Drozdy Reservoir

Juicy kebabs at the Drozdy reservoir

Beaches 5-6 and 8 are just set up for barbecuing. There is everything you need, so you will only need to take meat (chicken, pork, beef), vegetables, snacks, and drinks since there are no shops nearby. And, of course, do not forget about coals or firewood and skewers.

For a comfortable stay in Drozdy, you may find:

  • gazebos,

  • stationary barbecues,

  • benches.

The location is incredibly picturesque: just begging to be caught! By the way, there are many attractive places for photoshoots not only in Minsk but also in Belarus.

Cniansky Reservoir

Recreation area on the Cniansky Reservoir

Cnianka is a place that, in addition to the barbecue, offers various entertainment options. Of course, there is a well-developed picnic infrastructure on the 2nd and 5th beaches:

  • a dozen spacious summer houses for large companies,

  • stationary barbecues,

  • playgrounds,

  • horizontal bars for adults,

  • bio-toilets.

Fry as much as you want! And if you want to entrust cooking of juicy meat to someone else, then you can take a small bicycle ride and come back when everything is ready. Moreover, there are bike lanes and bike rentals available.

Parks and green areas in Minsk

Delicious kebabs are fried on the grill

Minsk is considered one of the greenest cities in the post-Soviet area for a reason. 40% of the city's territory is cultivated by various parks and recreation areas that are targeted for family and friends holidays.

VETLIVA warns: rest is rest, but do not forget that there is the pandemic. Try to keep a social distance, treat your hands with sanitizer, and then your picnic will not trouble you and bring joy!

Loshicky Park

Delicious kebabs in Loshicky Park

The cozy forest park area almost in the center of Minsk is famous not only for one of the most beautiful estates in Belarus, which we deservedly included in the top 50 attractions of Minsk. For a long time, many fun bunches gathered here for barbecuing. Unfortunately, stationary barbecues have been removed, but no one will mind if you take everything you need for a comfortable (and most importantly safe) pastime with you.

The infrastructure here is also perfect:

  • there are several stalls with the most necessary things,

  • there is a public toilet,

  • there is a rental option for sports equipment, bicycles, and scooters.

VETLIVA warns: if you do not want to get a fine — by no means, do not make an open fire here! Due to the huge species diversity of green spaces, the park is recognized as a historical value and this is strictly prohibited.

Stepiansky Forest Park

People are resting in the Stepiansky forest park

A spacious meadow with a pond in the middle of Karvata Street serves as an outlet for the whole Stepianka. Despite the huge popularity of this place (but the Minsk Sea and Cnianka are pretty far from here), there is only one gazebo left. Previously, there were several of them, and there were even rumors that a real recreation park with rides and a skate park would be organized here soon. However, it is still unknown whether these plans will be implemented. So you will have to take the grill and other necessary stuff with you. And you can also arrange a cozy picnic on rags because a good company is your guarantee of high spirits.


Vacationers fry meat in Medvezhino forest park

And the Frunzensky district residents have their outlet too. This is Medvezhino forest park with summer houses and barbecue areas lined with small-piece tiles and meeting all safety requirements. Unfortunately, there are no stationary barbecues. In this case, don't forget to bring a portable barbecue set, coals or firewood, and anything else that might come in handy.

Malinovka apple orchard

Green garden in Malinovka

The apple orchard in the Malinovka neighborhood closes our top list of nature-and-barbecue places in Minsk. People flock here from all over the capital. And here's why: despite the complete lack of infrastructure, only here people feel unity with nature. In the area of the intersection of Rafiev and Golubev streets, there are several summer houses, while the rest of the picnic grounds are hidden in the thick foliage. So if you want to cook meat or vegetables, you will have to take everything with you.

When small distance is not a problem

Let's face it: in fact, the real pleasure from cooking and tasting barbecue can only be extracted outside the city. Somewhere, where you can completely forget about the city noise and enjoy beautiful nature, you will feel all the facets of the taste of meat or vegetables cooked on the fire.

For example, such holidays are offered by Belarusian agricultural estates. Some of them are quite far away, but definitely worth the time spent on the road there. In the meantime, we will tell you about a couple of places that are located in the capital’s vicinity.

Dukorsky Mayontak

Cottages in Dukorsky Mayontak

Where: about 30 km from Minsk, Dukora village

It only takes half an hour to get there. Even if you haven't been here before, you've probably heard of the Dukorsky Mayontak. It is known for its inverted house, where even a healthy person can start having problems with the vestibular system. And there is also a zoo, a museum, a street of masters, your own brovar and much more.

Perhaps this is one of the best places where you can barbecue and relax. Gather a cool bunch, book one of the cozy houses (there are several of them, by the way, and the capacity is different for all of them — from 6 to 12 people), and feel comfortable. On the territory of the tourist complex, there are gazebos and barbecues, as well as cafes. So please come here only with good spirits and a smile!

Vesta health resort‎

Cottages on the territory of Vesta health resort

Where: about 30 km from Minsk, Dzerzhinsk

Vesta is not only a place with a decent level of care but also with some recreational activities. The health resort is located right in the fine forest, and it means that there is no better place for frying meat! Here you can find summer houses, so you do not need to take a barbecue set with you. You only have 30 km to get there.

VETLIVA recommends: why not mix business with pleasure? Vesta is one of the health resorts where doctors help people who have suffered a coronavirus infection. So if you have already had COVID-19, then you can take your mind off your troubles, relax and improve your health by booking a ticket with the Clean Breath program. 2-in-1 at the best price.

Your vacation is in your hands!

Minsk is a city of opportunities, including high-quality recreation. It doesn't matter if you have a vacation or a weekend, you must spend it whatever you want. Imagine, you don't even need to leave the city! Summer will fly by quickly, so you just need to live in the moment! And do not forget that VETLIVA is always ready to safeguard your holiday and offer the coolest options for spending your time.

BBQing with pleasure: where to make barbecue