News about tourism in Belarus

News about tourism in Belarus


Near schools and other educational institutions of the Grodno region, it is planned to organize 300 new skating rinks.

11.12.2019 Minsk

The Christmas tree, consisting of multi-coloured LED balls, will decorate the square in front of the Minsk City Hall.

10.12.2019 Minsk

In Minsk at New Year's fairs, it will be possible to try not only traditional mulled wine and hot dogs but also Viennese kalach and fried snails.


Belarusian Railway will launch 88 additional trains that will run around Belarus during the New Year holidays.

05.12.2019 Kossovo

Until the end of 2019, it’s planned to open a hotel and a cafe for tourists in Puslowski castle in Kossovo.

04.12.2019 Minsk

It’s promised to open the Christmas market, as in Lviv or Europe, near Komarovsky market.


02.12.2019 Minsk

The owners of the bar Na dne are developing a plan to create a 15-centimetre monument and invite all who cares to take part in the vote.

28.11.2019 Minsk

A month is left until the most anticipated holiday of the year. It's time to find out where festivities will take place in Minsk.

27.11.2019 Krasnoselskiy

At the Belarusian-Polish forum Step Towards, which took place on November 22, the most important issues and prospects of tourism were discussed.

26.11.2019 Minsk

Pesochnitsa comes out from vacation in December. Find out what awaits Minsk locals and guests of the city before Christmas and New Year.


National Geographic magazine has published a list of places where it is advised to go in 2020.

21.11.2019 Grodno

100 new bicycles and a motor ship are planned to be purchased for the new tourist season.

20.11.2019 Minsk

A new hostel has opened in the historical building in Minsk. Guests began to settle in it at the end of October.

19.11.2019 Minsk

Bronze family of storks, waiting for their flight, now adorns the fountain in front of the airport.

18.11.2019 Minsk

The disassembled car was delivered to the second floor of the Minsk railway station and then assembled again. Find out why this was done.

14.11.2019 Volkovisk

Visa-free tourists while visiting the Grodno region will get the opportunity to visit the Belarusian Maldives near Volkovysk.

13.11.2019 Grodno

The expansion of the visa-free zone and the extension of the period during which you can stay in Belarus without applying for a visa have led to an increase in the popularity of Grodno health resorts ...

12.11.2019 Minsk

In our country, sources of mineral and fresh waters are constantly being found and successfully developed.

11.11.2019 Minsk

Belposhta has opened order of congratulations from Grandfather Frost. You can make a gift for a child until December 22.