Belarus in winter decoration: Where to Go Skiing and Celebrate New Year

Belarus in winter decoration: Where to Go Skiing and Celebrate New Year

Imagine celebrating the New Year with your loved ones, enjoying the stunning Belarusian nature, stylish and comfortable locations. Belarus offers a variety of options for celebrating New Year in national parks, historic castles, ethnographic complexes, and at ski resorts. Managers have already planned everything for you, including entertainment, food, and accommodations — all that's left for guests is to choose the perfect way to spend their holiday.

Ski Resorts 

"Belarusian Switzerland" is a picturesque area in the Minsk region, one of the few surrounded by hills and highlands. Local ski resorts such as "Raubichi," "Silichi," and "Logoisk" are set against a backdrop of snow-covered peaks and cozy cottages that light up with fireworks on New Year's Eve. 

The holiday banquets feature lively events, local and European cuisine, music, surprises, and contests for both children and adults. For those who want to spend their winter vacation on the slopes, some complexes offer special sports tours. After an active day, relax in the spa with a sauna, steam room, and swimming pool or take a quiet stroll through the snow-covered forest before returning to your comfortable apartment.
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Ethnographic Complexes 

Traditional Belarusian "Kalyady" comes to life during the Christmas season, full of songs and dances. If you're looking for a place to join the festive folk traditions and find entertainment to your taste, head to well-known Belarusian ethnographic complexes:

These authentic historical places allow you to feel the spirit of ancient beliefs and legends. Guests are welcomed with celebrations in old winter holiday traditions, unique rituals, games, and dances, along with traditional food and treats.
Нацыянальныя паркі

National Parks 

Would you like to welcome the New Year in Belarus with your cheeks rosy from the frosty air and dancing around a centuries-old fir tree? Head to one of the country's four scenic national parks:

The "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the most popular among tourists. The other natural complexes are equally captivating, combining pristine nature with developed infrastructure. On New Year's Eve, each park offers banquets with local cuisine, entertainment programs at the main Christmas tree, traditional festivities, and fun puppet shows. 

The next morning, you can enjoy a wood-fired sauna or a steam bath with a plunge pool. Then, merrily ride a horse-drawn sleigh and warm up with aromatic herbal tea. Make sure to visit the local museums. Belovezhskaya Pushcha has several of them: the Museum of Nature, the Museum of Folk Life, and The Archaeological Open Air Museum.
National Parks 

Visit Belarusian Santa Claus (Father Frost) 

Where can you find him? Surely, amongst the dense pine and fir trees! The local Ded Moroz (Father Frost) has chosen a cozy home in the Belovezhskaya Pushcha, where he, along with his granddaughter Snegurochka, warmly welcomes both adults and little guests. A little further away, in the "Pripyatsky" National Park, you can visit the home of Polissya's Zyuza, a Belarusian folklore winter god.

New Year in a Castle 

Christmas winter balls will transport you back to old Europe. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of palace entertainment from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at events in the Royal Castle in Grodno, Mir Castle, and the Radziwill Residence in Nesvizh. The latter two are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

If you've decided to celebrate the New Year in Belarus, get ready for an unforgettable warm welcome, ancient unique culture, and picturesque natural locations.

Belarus in winter decoration: Where to Go Skiing and Celebrate New Year