Post-COVID Treatment in Belarusian Sanatoriums: Health and Strength Restoration

Post-COVID Treatment in Belarusian Sanatoriums: Health and Strength Restoration

To make the rehabilitation process after COVID-19 easier and faster, it's essential to help the body in regaining its strength. This can be conveniently and effectively done in a sanatorium, where the process is directed and systematic. Belarusian sanatoriums have developed special programs for people who have recovered from the disease. In this article, we'll tell you about the sanatoriums where these programs are offered.


The sanatorium is located in the northern part of the country, in a wooded area near the city of Novopolotsk in the Vitebsk region, on the bank of the Zapadnaya Dvina River.

For post-COVID-19 recovery, the sanatorium offers a special rehabilitation program. It has been developed and approved by Dr. T.L. Olenskaya, a Doctor of Medical Sciences, who is the head of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation at Vitebsk State Medical University.

To access the program, you need to purchase a Post-COVID voucher. It includes a set of procedures aimed at reducing the recovery time after the disease and diagnostic methods to detect possible complications of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Medical services included in this program are:

  • Respiratory gymnastics and massage.
  • Phytotherapy or oxygen cocktails.
  • Inhalations and phototherapy.
  • Halo- and hypoxia therapy.
  • Kinesiological taping.
  • Drug treatment.

Diagnostic procedures include ECG, echocardiography, and spirometry.


In an ecologically clean area with picturesque banks of the Mukhavets River, you'll find one of the largest sanatoriums in Belarus, which operates all year round. This place is located in the southwest of Belarus, in the Brest region, Zhabin District.

The sanatorium has developed a health resort voucher called "Respiratory Recovery," which is suitable for people who have recovered from acute pneumonia, including COVID-19, and other respiratory diseases.

The treatment includes procedures such as:

  • Paraffin and ozokerite applications — warm up tissues, dilate blood vessels and small bronchi, and promote the sputum excretion;
  • Pine needle baths — have a preventive effect against colds and boost the immune system, preventing recurrent infections;
  • Chest massage — stimulates blood circulation and lymph outflow and normalize tissue metabolism;
  • Inhalations — dilute sputum and eliminate residual lung conditions;
  • Speleotherapy — provides antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects while preventing respiratory system disease exacerbations;
  • Therapeutic exercises — strengthen chest muscles.

Additionally, the doctor may recommend bioptron therapy, aroma- and phytotherapy. Daily mineral water intake is also included in the program.


This is another sanatorium in the Brest region that welcomes guests for health improvement and treatment of various medical conditions. It is located 40 km from the regional center, on the shore of Lake Rogozyanskoye, surrounded by mixed forests.

To restore health and strength after COVID-19, Berestye also offers a "Respiratory Recovery" program. The health resort voucher includes two groups of services, providing:

  • for medical reasons — treatment with medications, dietary therapy, laboratory tests, and consultations with doctors of narrow specialization.
  • mandatory — consultation with a therapist, respiratory gymnastics, Nordic walking, chest massage, mineral-pearl baths with bischofite, aromatherapy or inhalations, phototherapy.

Guests also have the opportunity to attend psychotherapy sessions and use the mineral water pool.

Sanatorium and health resort programs for post-COVID-19 recovery in Belarus are designed to focus on addressing specific problems that concern those who have recovered from the disease. Non-specialized procedures are typically excluded. If you want to simultaneously treat concomitant diseases, you can avail of other sanatorium services for an additional fee.
Post-COVID Treatment in Belarusian Sanatoriums: Health and Strength Restoration