A Food Tour across Belarus: National Cuisine and Cooking Traditions

A Food Tour across Belarus: National Cuisine and Cooking Traditions

Belarus is famous for its unique cuisine, which combines the traditions of cuisines from many countries. Here, you can taste dishes such as draniki (potato pancakes), pork roast, potato pies, and sour cabbage soup, and sour cabbage soup (shchi). The country also offers a variety of local products, such as cheeses, sausages, honey, mushrooms, and berries.

Belarus also boasts numerous restaurants and cafes specializing in national cuisine, providing guests with the opportunity to enjoy authentic dishes. Additionally, various festivals and fairs are held where you can try local cuisine and purchase Belarusian products.

You can get acquainted more closely with Belarusian cuisine during an exciting journey on guided tours. In this article, we'll highlight some popular destinations.

Cheese Tasting at Polochany

As part of several guided tours, tourists are offered a visit to the local craft cheese factory "GrandMilk," where traditional cheese-making methods are applied. The quality of the products from the cheese factory meets the highest standards.

Professional cheese makers will talk about the ingredients used to make cheese, reveal cooking secrets, and, together with visitors, create a Pasta Filata family mozzarella cheese. One can taste the product with breadsticks, jams, water, tea, coffee.

Additionally, visitors will be offered more than six types of cheese, including fresh mozzarella, aged varieties, and unique cheeses from the milk of Lacaune, a French breed of sheep, exclusive to our region.

The tour program "Minsk — GrandMilk Cheese Factory — Gierviaty — Naroch Distillery — Minsk" also includes visits to:

  • The Holy Trinity Church in Gierviaty, a Catholic temple. This is the finest example of the neo-Gothic style. The church was built in 1899–1903 and is one of the country's three tallest temples, reaching a height of 61 meters. The building is regarded as one of Belarus's historical and cultural treasures, earning it the nickname "Belarusian Notre-Dame."
  • Vinokurnya Naroch in the eponymous town. This is an active enterprise with a history of over 175 years. It's a company with rich historical heritage. Vinokurnya has been operating for over 175 years. Here visitors can visit the workshops and learn some of the features of the production of alcoholic beverages, drinking and mineral water.

You can also visit the GrandMilk Cheese Factory during the "Minsk — GrandMilk Cheese Factory — Soly — Gierviaty — Minsk" tour. The trip includes visiting The Holy Trinity Church in Gierviaty and Church of Mother of God of the Rosary in Soly as well.

The origins of the church in Soly date back to 1598. The Radziwills were the initiators of its construction. Unfortunately, the church was destroyed in 1656. It was reconstructed several times but was entirely burnt down during the 1812 war. In 1926–1937, according to the design by A. Dubanovich, the church was rebuilt. It was an asymmetrical Art Nouveau building and remains in that form to this day.
Cheese Tasting at Polochany

Products of national cuisine. Dudutki

An excursion to Dudutki involves tasting products of national cuisine based on special recipes from the 19th century: local bread, several types of cheese, butter, and tea. Adults are also offered to try the local alcoholic beverage - moonshine.

A trip to Dudutki is an opportunity to learn about ancient technologies and crafts that existed on our territory in the past. Tourists will visit numerous workshops and witness how craftsmen worked many years ago.

The sightseeing tour also offers the opportunity to:

  • Take a ride on a horse-drawn carriage.
  • Purchase unique souvenirs.
  • Visit a 14-meter windmill.
  • Enjoy the beauty of the zoo.
  • Explore rare vintage cars.
  • Visit an Orthodox church.

The Dudutki museum complex is located not far from Minsk, on the lands mentioned in the chronicles of the 11th century.
Products of national cuisine. Dudutki

As you can see, Belarus is not just known for its beautiful lakes, rivers, and forests; the country offers a delightful food experience, allowing you to try local cuisine, farm products, and authentic beverages. A gastronomic tour across Belarus is the perfect choice for those who want to get acquainted with the national cuisine of the country!
A Food Tour across Belarus: National Cuisine and Cooking Traditions