Treatment for Joint and Back Pain: Choosing a Sanatorium in Belarus

Treatment for Joint and Back Pain: Choosing a Sanatorium in Belarus

Treating joint and back pain is one of the common focuses in Belarusian sanatoriums. Which one should you choose? To help you decide, we will discuss three popular sanatoriums in the article.

What Diseases Are Treated in Sanatoriums?

Sanatoriums specialize in treating joint and back pain caused by various diseases:

  • Rheumatoid seropositive and undifferentiated arthritis,
  • Gout,
  • Reactive and psoriatic arthropathies,
  • Reiter's disease,
  • Ankylosing spondylitis and undifferentiated spondylitis.

People also come to sanatoriums to treat osteochondrosis, the consequences of injuries to the neck, spine and limbs.


The sanatorium is located in a picturesque area in the Lyuban district of the Minsk region. The nearest town, Lyuban, is 16 km away, and the capital, Minsk, is 162 km away.

It is beneficial to just walk around the sanatorium's territory because it is surrounded by a healing pine forest. It has long been known that pine trees emit essential resinous substances that are beneficial for the respiratory system. They possess antiseptic properties and help cleanse the lungs of harmful particles and microorganisms.

The sanatorium also has its own spring with mineral water that improves digestion, maintains mineral balance in the body, and promotes the removal of sand and stones. It also helps in the treatment of skin diseases and musculoskeletal disorders. Its composition is similar to the mineral water of the Truskavets resort.

Guests are offered five meals a day with a variety of dietary options. Every Wednesday, national cuisine days are held, where the most delicious dishes of Belarus are served.

Sanatorium Services

Among the sanatorium's services, the following are worth highlighting:

  • Apitherapy — bee venom is used to treat osteochondrosis, degenerative osteoarthritis, radiculitis, inflammatory joint diseases, and hernias.
  • Hydro massage using the Aquaroll Pro device — is effective for joint pain, rehabilitation after dislocations, and fractures.
  • Underwater spinal traction — the therapeutic effect is achieved through a combination of warm water and traction, which relaxes the muscles and stretches the spine, eliminating existing subluxations of intervertebral discs.
  • Laser therapy for joints — reduces swelling, inflammation, and pain, recommended for osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernias, arthrosis, and arthritis.
  • Shockwave therapy — is a modern treatment technology for musculoskeletal disorders, most commonly used for shoulder and lower back pain, Achillodynia, tendinitis, epicondylitis, and trigger point therapy.

Treatment is available for both adults and children aged three and older.

Sosnovy Bor

This health resort is located in the Radashkovichi village of the Minsk region. The nearest town, Molodechno, is 36 km away, and Minsk is 50 km away. 

Pine forest, untouched nature, the Rybchanka River — the landscapes on the territory are simply enchanting. Here you will definitely find interesting activities all year round: fishing, catamaran and boat riding, berry and mushroom picking, and skiing.

The sanatorium has two artesian wells with mineral water. It is used for both treatment and as a table drink. Natural mud from Lake Dikoye is also widely used here. It is similar to the mud from Moltaevo and Bolyash lakes. 

The sanatorium offers five meals a day upon individual orders, with dietary options available.  National cuisine days are also held on Wednesdays.
Sosnovy Bor

Procedures for Treating Joint and Back Pain 

The sanatorium offers a wide range of baths, including radon, mineral, chloride-sodium, iodine-bromine, pearl, fresh, medicinal, vortex baths, and more. Mud therapy and thermotherapy are widely used as well.

Among the physiotherapy procedures, the doctor may prescribe:

  • Ultrasound, magnetic, or microwave therapy;
  • Electro- or phonophoresis;
  • Underwater vertical traction;
  • Mechanical massage.

Treatment is available for adults and children from the age of three.


The health resort is located on the territory of the Lida district in the Grodno region. It is surrounded by mixed forests, with two rivers nearby: the Neman and the Ditva. The distance from the sanatorium to Lida is 20 kilometers and 160 kilometers to Minsk. "Raduga" specializes in treating adults and children from the age of 3. 

The sanatorium pays great attention to providing good nutrition and leisure activities. The resort offers a customized menu. Every day, there are various events such as discos, concerts, and movie screenings. There are sports grounds, a library, table tennis, a rental centre, a pool, a sauna, and karaoke facilities.

What Does the Sanatorium Offer?

In addition to traditional baths and mud therapy, the sanatorium offers modern treatment methods, including:

  • Carboxytherapy — carbon dioxide gas injections are effective for relieving joint pain, muscle tension, and spasms, with anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Laser therapy — used in the comprehensive treatment of spinal and limb joints, the rays penetrate to a depth of 9–12 cm, heating the tissues and positively affecting their metabolism.
  • Paraffin-ozokerite applications — ozokerite has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-edema effects; the procedure has proven itself in treating the consequences of joint injuries and arthritis.
Comfortable conditions, beautiful nature, and a modern medical base have made Belarusian health resorts popular among many people suffering from joint and back pain. To choose the most suitable sanatorium, focus on the necessary procedures.
Treatment for Joint and Back Pain: Choosing a Sanatorium in Belarus