Tours in Belarus: where to go and what to see

Tours in Belarus: where to go and what to see

Traveling around Belarus is safe and exciting: the government pays a lot of attention to the restoration of historical heritage and infrastructure development, and travel companies organize special thematic tours across the Republic of Belarus. Let's consider the most popular destinations.

Palaces and castles

"Mir - Nesvizh". Ancient settlements preserve the pearls of the country's architecture of the 16th century: Mir Castle and the Nesvizh Palace and Park Complex are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. After restoration, they have again become major cultural centers: they house museum exhibitions, host art festivals and modern interactive events. In addition to the castle in Nesvizh, we recommend seeing the town hall on the Market Square, the Slutsk gate (city gate of the 17th century) and the Farny Church.

In the small town of Kossovo there is another attraction — the Puslovsky Palace. This is a 19th century neo-Gothic monument that looks like it came out of a fairytale illustration. There is a legend that the Kossovo Castle was connected by an underground passage to the Sapieha estate in Ruzhany. Today, the example of 17th century architecture has been restored only partially. On the Kossovo — Ruzhany route, in the Merechevshchyna tract, there is the house-museum of Tadeusz Kosciuszko.

In Grodno, you can visit the royal estates: the royal Gothic castle, which has been known since the time of Vytautas, as well as the New Castle of the 18th century — the place where the last king of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth signed decrees marking the end of the vast state's existence. There is also the oldest church in Belarus — the Kalozha church of Sts. Boris and Gleb built in the 12th century. After strolling through the streets of the old town you can see Farny Church. Go for a walk around the neighborhood — there you will find the picturesque Augustow Canal and the village of Murovanka, where a unique 16th-century fortress church, home to a unique 16th-century church-fortress resembling a medieval castle.
Palaces and castles

Ethnographic complexes

It is unnecessary to go far from the capital to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an old town: go to Dudutki, Ozertso and Sula. Here, in the house museums, every guest can get acquainted with the reconstruction of traditions and ancient everyday life, Belarusian crafts and ancient technologies, folk rituals and national cuisine.

Parks and nature reserves

Wild forests, clean lakes, diverse flora and fauna. Nature is the pride and calling card of Belarus. For example, a walk along the ecotrope of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve or a visit to the national Park will allow you to evaluate the natural diversity. There are four of them in the republic:

  • Belovezhskaya Pushcha,
  • Braslav lakes,
  • National Park "Pripyatsky",
  • National Park "Narochansky".

The latter received their name from the rivers flowing near national parks. You will see a unique water landscape and understand why Belarus is called “blue-eyed”. Choose paddleboarding or kayaking to admire the beauty of the water and wild woodlands.

A visit to the Pripyat National Park can be combined with a walk around Turov or Braslav Lakes, which are adjacent to the ancient city of Braslav and its Castle Hill. In Narochansky Park, be sure to visit the Blue Lakes natural complex.

Giant trees, majestic bison, the estate of Father Frost and three museum exhibitions — Belovezhskaya Pushcha knows how to surprise. Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the ancient forest reserve neighbors the Tower of Kamianiec, the only surviving medieval donjon (the main city tower) in Belarus. It’s not far from Brest: in a city with a thousand-year history, it’s worth looking at its old part, as well as visiting Brest Hero-Fortress.
Parks and nature reserves

Victory Monuments

The Second World War wiped out every third Belarusian, as well as hundreds of cultural monuments and historical buildings. Khatyn, the Mound of Glory, the Stalin Line are silent witnesses of tragic events. These monuments of military glory are a must-see for everyone who wants to pay tribute to the memory of the people's feat.

Belarus has always been famous for its hospitality. Look in to get acquainted with the rich history, as well as see cultural monuments that are known far beyond the country’s borders with your own eyes.

Tours in Belarus: where to go and what to see