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News about tourism in Belarus

News about tourism in Belarus


On Oktyabrskaya Street, a restaurant will open in the bus, where you can enjoy traditional Georgian dishes.

25.07.2019 Grodno

Since the beginning of 2019, Grodno and the region were visited by 60% more visa-free tourists compared to last year

24.07.2019 Minsk

New restaurant opened in Minsk. It is unique. Find out why


On the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory Belarus and Russia will prepare a joint animation project - a short film about the war

21.07.2019 Brest

The Palace of Puslovsky in Brest has been restored since 2008. The completion of works is scheduled for 2020. Read the details below

18.07.2019 Verhnedvinsk

During the excavations on the site of an ancient settlement near Verhnedvinsk ancient ceramic objects were found.

17.07.2019 Minsk

The National Historical Museum has signed an agreement on cooperation in science and technology with Chinese counterparts. Learn more below.

15.07.2019 Minsk

It will soon be possible to take the train from the capital to the National Airport. The construction of a continuous railway is planned to be completed by 2020-2021.

15.07.2019 Vitebsk

At the time of the Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk, a special visa-free regime was introduced. It is predicted that thanks to him, the event will be able to attend 5 thousand more foreigners

11.07.2019 Minsk

A taxi terminal will soon be located on the territory of the National Airport. Read the details below.


The representative of UNWTO announced the intention of the organization to use the experience of the second European Games in Minsk for the development of sport tourism.


Minister of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade gave explanations about the rules for transporting bicycles, which are very relevant in the holiday season.


Capital restaurant was in the ranking of institutions in the world, compiled by the American magazine Wine Spectator

04.07.2019 Brest

Works on landscaping the embankment along the Mukhavets river in Brest are planned to be completed by September 2019. Learn about the completed and planned work below.

04.07.2019 Minsk

The forecast about the number of foreigners who will visit Belarus during the II European Games of 2019, fully justified. This was stated by the Minister of Sport and Tourism in Belarus.

02.07.2019 Minsk

During the week from June 21 to June 27, 1173 foreign tourists visited the history museum of the Great Patriotic War in the capital

01.07.2019 Minsk

The book of the European Games in 2019 at once in two language versions presented in the capital. Learn more below

27.06.2019 Minsk

In the traditional parade on the Independence Day of Belarus this year almost fifty helicopters and airplanes will be involved. The organizers are preparing a surprise!

26.06.2019 Minsk

More than 30 thousand people a day visit the main fan zone of the capital near the Palace of Sports during the II European Games in 2019.


A survey among Russians revealed which countries they consider the most attractive for gastronomic tourism. The rating included Belarus!