The city of Gomel: the pearl of the Polesye of Belarus

Gomel is one of the largest cities and the second largest population of Belarus. According to the latest census, about 520 thousand people live here. Most of the population - Belarusians, 10% are Russian and very little Ukrainians. This town located in the south-eastern part of the country on the river Sozh, near the border with Russia and Ukraine. According to general data, an area of ​​the city is flat enough, with small hills. Long and endless beaches stretch out on the banks of the river Sozh.

There are a lot of conflicting opinions, at least six, of the origin of the name of the city. The most popular version - the city received the name from the stream Gomeyuk, which flows into the river Sozh. This version is most inclined, because this is the most common case of origin of the names of many towns and villages throughout the country.

The beauty and cleanliness of the city of Gomel just fascinates and delights.

The history of the city of Gomel

Year of birth of the city of Gomel was considered to be 1142, already at the time there were fortified settlements of the Chernihiv principality. Although the history of this land began long before the formation of the city in the 6th century.

In the 12-13 centuries, the city’s square was a small area and was about 40 hectares, but there had been developed crafts and trade ties between the cities of Russia. According to historical data the city was extensively damaged during the invasion of the Tatars.

Already in the mid-17th century number of residents had decreased significantly due to numerous destructions, disappeared many crafts. That time was a period of decline for the city.

The city's population became steadily growing only after entry of Gomel in the Russian Empire, urban infrastructure and industry were developing.

At the end of the 18th century a stone palace was built by Rumyantsev, which was rebuilt and was finished by new owners several times.

Just a lot of interesting and remarkable was opened in the city at Paskevich - several schools, a couple of plants, glass manufacture, and many other things. Even the park around the Rumyantsev-Paskevich Residence is to his credit.

Gomel today and its sights

 Gomel is a quite elderly city. During the period of its existence a lot of interesting cultural, historical and architectural monuments have accumulated on the territory of a decent settlement. The city is highly developed culturally – there are three working theatres on the territory, Youth Drama and Puppet Theatre.

The Rumyantsev-Paskevich Residence is considered to be the most famous landmark of the city, which is known not only among Belarusians. This delightful building is located on the bank of the river Sozh in one of the most beautiful parks in the whole of Belarus. There are a greenhouse, and a lookout tower in the park - these buildings relate to the palace.

There are three working theaters on the territory of Gomel, a large beautiful building of the circus, the Philharmonic Hall, 3 large exhibition halls. And there are a number of museums and architectural monuments of the 18th and 19th century. The entire downtown is like one big monument of architecture, even low residential buildings are of historical value of this settlement here.

A trip to Gomel is one of the most memorable among a number of other cities in the country. Here, in the most secluded parts of the city, you can find something interesting and unusual.

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