Every year the sounds of folk musical instruments are heard from all corners of streets and alleys in a small town of Vitebsk region, located on the Myadelka river. You can hear the accordion, cymbals, folk songs, brave ones can take part in dances. It is only a small part of the international festival of folk music which takes place in Postavy for 14 years.

The town hosts guests from all over the world every June. Theatrical performances, dance and entertainment programs, concerts, costumed parties and many other mass events are arranged here. If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday and get acquainted with the culture of the Belarusian people, you should come to Postavy.

It is not all about this Belarusian town. There are mountains such as Mayak, Boyarovshchina and Lysaya and famous boulders throughout the country, for instance, Devil's Stone. Here you can relax on Zadevskoe Lake, enjoy the silence of several local ponds and swim in the cool river water.


Postavy was first mentioned in 1409. The town of Postavy was burnt more than two hundred years later by the tsarist troops of the boyar and statesman Vasily Sheremetyev. Therefore, for over a century this place was considered a small settlement with a market square in the center. However, in comparison with similar small Belarusian towns, Postavy had three magnificent buildings by the 18th century:

1. Wood Roman Catholic church,

2. Greek Catholic Church,

3. Wood Franciscan monastery.

Unfortunately, time did not preserve these buildings in their original form - in the early XX century their copies were built of stone.

It should be noted that the town of Postavy was not only a center of trade but also manufactory production. It is all thanks to Antony Tyzenhaus, who owned a small town of Postavy in the XVIII century; he did his best to make his family estate a real industrial, spiritual and cultural center. It is necessary to note that he succeeded.

An ornithological museum, art gallery, and library were opened in Postavy. At the beginning of the XX century, Postavy had its own beer factory. 

The town of Postavy belonged to the Russian Empire, Poland, the BSSR.

Postavy Today

Part of the town of Postavy and the entire Postavy district are located in the territory of the "Narochansky" National Park, so the wooded area covers over 40% of the entire territory. In summer, you can hide from heat and enjoy birds singing on green meadows near cool river waters.

It is a perfect place for spending time with your family: parks and recreation areas are equipped with benches, children's playgrounds, alleys along the shady majestic oaks and pines. Because of the wooded area, the residents of other districts and regions often come to Postavy: the fertile soil is rich in mushrooms and berries.

If you are interested in architectural monuments, you should visit St. Antony’s church (the late XIX century), St. Nicholas’ Church and the unique palace and park complex of the noble Tyzengauz family.     

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