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VETLIVA reveals popular places of Gomel and invites you to a new tour around the great city of Belarus!


Today VETLIVA has collected for you a list of cities that, regardless of size and population, are able to surprise even the most capacious tourist.


The time has come to tell you about the national holidays of Belarus: many of them will seem very familiar to you, while others will be thrown into frank shock.


VETLIVA decided that it’s high time to tell you more about the tourist potential of Minsk, by writing a detailed guide so that you have all the necessary information at hand.


Want to know more about Grodno and where is it located in Belarus? Here is an instruction from VETLIVA how to spend the day in the city!


Belarus, in comparison with most European countries, is very cheap for rest and even country life. Check the prices of the Republic and plan your next trip there.


Today VETLIVA will tell you a couple of unusual facts about Belarus, which you can share not only with tourists-friends-family, but also with local people.


VETLIVA presents a grandiose list of the most interesting and beautiful places in Belarus!


What is obligatory to get into your travel bags and what are the restrictions on purchases in Belarus? VETLIVA presents a guide to souvenir shops and ordinary grocery stores!


VETLIVA shares with you 12 reasons why you should visit Belarus, accompanying with vivid photos and the exact facts about why this Republic should be your next spot for traveling.


VETLIVA acts as your personal teacher of geography and history and talks about what Belarus is and what facts from those that you already know are not true.


In every city of Belarus there are really incredible cathedrals, monumental mosques and cozy houses of praying, interesting not only for believers, but also for simple tourists. See them all!


Hey there, welcome back! We are here again to acquaint you with new details about the II European Games, that are held in June 2019 in the capital of Belarus.


What festivals will be held in Belarus in 2019? Read our digest of events of the coming year and mark the most interesting ones in the calendar, so as not to forget about them!


Over the long history of existence, the Belarusian state has been part of many strong powers and has acquired special features of culture and life. Let's get along with the VETLIVA guide!


VETLIVA wishes to heartily congratulate everyone who is with us this year, to greet new members and tell you about what we have achieved this year!


There is a really huge amount of guides to the capital of Belarus, but no one else, except for VETLIVA, raised its mind to such an extensive guide to the sights of Minsk with photos and descriptions i...


Belarusian sauna, the biggest cars in the world, homemade moonshine and traditional Belarusian food, ghosts in Nesvizh Castle and much more — get ready for the most unusual tour around the country.


VETLIVA is ready to tell you about the history of European games and their features and give some tips for the guests of the country.


Make yourself comfortable, and in the meantime VETLIVA will tell about the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest.