Nature of Belarus

Nature of Belarus

Belarus — the country of forests and lakes
The Republic of Belarus is a country with an impressive natural potential and heritage. The plants and animals of our country is unique and diverse. Belarusian natural resources are countless rivers, lakes, swamps, rich flora and fauna. Belarus is a country with a lot of natural attractions and facilities, which seemed to have been created specifically for ecotourism. Only national parks, conservancy areas and wildlife sanctuaries are worth it!

Beautiful nature in Belarus

Rivers of Belarus

In Belarus there are more than 20 thousand rivers the total length of them reaches ninety thousand kilometers. Rivers flow to two seas – the Black one and the Baltic one. The Dneper, the Neman and the Dvina cross in our country and this was the place where in the ancient times there was a famous way “from the Varangians to the Greeks”

The River Drissa is situated in the north of Belarus. It’s rather long and it’s suitable for those who like ecotourism. The river has a chain of beautiful lakes. You can enjoy your trip from 2 up to 10 days. Not to get lost you should look for Drissa at brushy banks. 

Belarusian river Neman

River Naroch is situated in Myadel area of Minsk region in the delta of the river Vilia and it flows out of the largest lake with the same name. The water is crystal and clean. The landscape is interesting and various. You get real pleasure if you visit it.

River Stracha is attractive in spring because it flows very fast and that’s why it makes interesting barriers. In summer the river becomes shallow. It flows out of the lake Small Shvakshty and runs through the territory of the National Park Narochansky.

Narochansky National Park in Belarus

Lakes of Belarus

Belarus has about 11000 lakes that’s why our country is called the country of lakes.

Naroch is the biggest lake of Belarus. Beloye, Batorino, Myadel are another 4 big lakes situated not far from here. There are pine forests near the lake that make air clean. People who are tired from their every day routine should have a rest here. There is a wonderful climate and there are more sunny days than rainy ones.

Belarusian Naroch Lake

Swamps of Belarus

Belarus is the only place in Europe wh ere you can find recovering swamp landscape. The overall square of swamps is about 13 % of the country. And they are spread not equally. Most of them are in the north part of the country.

Belarusian swamps and bogs

Rest in the bosom of Belarusian nature

What could be better than relaxing on the bank of a river or lake? Clean air, transparent water, cozy and comfortable living conditions will all be presented to you by Belarusian farmsteads, recreation centers and sanatoriums located on Lake Naroch, the river Neman and in other, not less picturesque places. We offer you get away from the city's everyday life, feel the unity with nature and organize your holiday in a calm and picturesque place.