Nature of Belarus

Belarus — the country of forests and lakes
The Republic of Belarus is a country with an impressive natural potential and cultural heritage. The flora and faunaof our country are unique and diverse. Belarusian natural wealth is countless rivers, lakes, swamps, rich flora and fauna. Belarus is a country with a great number of natural attractions and sites, which seem to have been created especially for eco-tourism.National parks, nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries alone are worth a look!

Beautiful nature in Belarus

Rivers of Belarus

In Belarus, there are more than 20 thousand rivers, whose total length reaches ninety thousand kilometers. The rivers flow into the basins of two seas - the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea. The Dnieper, the Neman, and the Dvina pass through the country, and it was here that the famous trade route "from the Varangians to the Greeks" ran in ancient times.

The Drissa River is located in the northern part of Belarus. It is quite long and is suitable for those who like ecotourism.  The river has a bunch of beautiful lakes. You can enjoy a hike from two to ten days. However, keep it in mind, in order not to get lost you should look for the sources of Drissa on the banks, overgrown with reeds. 

Belarusian river Neman

The river Naroch flows in the Myadel district of the Minsk region, in the delta of the river Vilia, and has its source from the largest lake, which is named the same. Once visiting the river, you'll experience a real pleasure because of its clearest water and interesting landscapes. (В этом предложении сделала опущение)

In spring, the river Stracha attracts with a swift current of water, which forms interesting obstacles. In summer, however, the river is shallow. It starts in the lake Malye Shvakshty and flows through the territory of the famous national park "Narochansky". 

Narochansky National Park in Belarus

The Lakes of Belarus

There are about 11,000 lakes in Belarus and that is why our country is called Blue-eyed or The Country of Lakes.

Naroch is the largest lake in Belarus. Beloye, Myastro, Batorino, and Myadel are the four large lakes that located nearby. On the shores of Naroch there are pine forests which clean the air. Rest in this area is recommended to people who are tired of everyday routine. The climate there is wonderful and there are much more sunny days than rainy ones.

Belarusian Naroch Lake

The Swamps of Belarus

Belarus is the only region in Europe where restored bog meso-landscapes are preserved. The total area of marshes is about 14% of the total area of the country (2.5 million hectares). They are unevenly scattered over the country, and most of the swamps are located in the north of Belarus.

Belarusian swamps and bogs

Rest in the bosom of the Belarusian nature

What can be better than a rest on the bank of a river or lake?  Clean air, clear water, cozy and comfortable accommodation - all of this can be presented to you by the Belarusian farmsteads, recreation centers and health resorts. These resorts are located on the lake Naroch, the river Neman and in other, no less picturesque places. We offer you to organize your vacation in a quiet and picturesque place to feel the unity with nature and get your mind off busy city life.