National parks of Belarus

National parks of Belarus

The Protection of local flora and animal protection is carried out by means of creating the protected areas: national parks, nature reserves. Five national parks or nature reserves currently operate in the country. The very first Belarusian national park is Belovejskaya Pushcha.

Belovejskaya Pushcha


If you like unique nature you should visit Belovrjskaya Pushcha. It’s divided into 4 zones: reserved zone, the zone of controllable use, recreational and household zones. There is also a guard zone. The pushcha is a unique place where there are 865 of forests, big amount of rare animal, plant and bird species that are in the Red Book of Belarus. Learn more...

Berezinsky Reserve


It is located in two areas of Vitebsk and one district of Minsk region and covers the area of ​​76,200 hectares. At the end of the XX century it received the status of a biosphere reserve. There are 4 ecosystem types - forests, marshy bog, scenic ponds and meadows. Learn more...

National Park "Braslav Lakes" 


The name of the territory shows its geographic location near the city of Braslav. This park of Belarusconsists of mainly lakes and forests. Braslav town is in the center. On Braslav lakes eco-tourism, fishing and hunting are highly developed. Learn more...

Narochansky park


It was named in honor of the lake, where it is located, Naroch. There is a large spa and health area, children's health care institutions.Learn more...

Pripyat National Park


This park of natural woods in Gomel region of Belarus opens rich fishing and hunting areas, scenic landscapes, 95 percent comprised of forests, rivers and swamps. Learn more...

Nalibokskaya Pushcha


The Pushcha has impressive sizes and it’s the largest forest area in the country. The square is 96000 hectares. Because of the Chernobyl Accident it was contaminated.

Many representatives of Belarusian flora and fauna are under the government protection. Protection of rare species of the national flora and fauna is carried out not only on the territories of nature reserves and national parks, but also by contributing to a special official edition of "The Red Book of the Republic of Belarus". Learn more...