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It is the largest lake of the Republic of Belarus. The most popular lake in the Myadel district. One of the most popular resorts in the country. One of the purest lakes in Belarus. A historical site. All this is about Lake Naroch.

The history of the formation of Lake Naroch in Belarus.

The lake has existed for several millennia. It was formed during the retreat of the glacier through Sventsyany hill – as a result of their collision, the glacier melted and with the lowering of the water level, there gradually appeared a group of lakes in the north-west of Belarus.

In the XVIIII century the lake saved starving people from death, giving them its fish resources. And during the First World War, in March 1916, the well-known Naroch offensive operation took place there, when the commanders of France reached out to the Russian Empire. The French needed a diversionary attack against the Germans and the Entente agreed to help by transferring the offensive operation from May to March. During the battle the Russians showed real heroism, although many people were killed, including frostbite-related deaths. Later, in the 1935-1939, a fishermen's strike took place there, it was due to the rental increase by the Polish authorities and a number of other reasons.

Wealth of the largest lake of Belarus - Naroch.

As mentioned above, the lake is really large – its area is about 79 square kilometers. Sometimes, especially when the weather is gloomy, it is difficult to see the opposite bank. The average depth is almost 9 meters, and in the south-east it is up to 25 meters. The bottom relief presents the alternation of hollows and prominences. The lake water is pristine; here and there the visibility through the water column is up to 6 meters in summer, and in winter - 4-5 meters more.

In Lake Naroch there are found 22 species of fish: pike, eel, bream, perch and others. Mute swans, rare for Belarus, and many other birds nest at the lake. Due to a large number of waterfowls, one should be careful while swimming in the lake; it is desirable to do it only from the pier, but not in the habitats of birds as they spread schistosome dermatitis. Some tourists come there to hunt. This amateur activity, like fishing, is to be paid for. Particularly experienced hunters come home with wood grouses and black grouses, and some even with a wild boar and elk.

Organization of rest on the lake Naroch.

The lake located in the basin of the river Naroch is one of the most famous in Belarus. Along with such lakes as the Myastro, the Batorino and the Blednoye, this lake belongs to the Naroch group of lakes. Naroch is often called "the Belarusian Sea". Lots of streams and the channels Skema runs into it and only one river - the Naroch flows from the lake. Near the lake is the village of Naroch, where you can see interesting sights: the church of St. Andrew the Apostle and the church of St. Elijah. Many sanatoriums of Belarus, rest houses and tourist bases and hotels have been built here. Near the sanatoriums there are landscaped beaches, and places for picnics around the campfire.

Lake Naroch is not just a beautiful place that attracts with its atmospheric silence and lush vegetation. It is also the place wh ere you can improve your health, using local mineral waters and therapeutic muds. It is not surprising that it attracts such a huge number of tourists!


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