Flora of Belarus

Flora of Belarus

Flora: Plant world of Belarus

Belarus isn’t just replete with a large number of natural reservoirs, but also has a rich flora and fauna. Most of the country's territory is covered with forests, and plains occupy about 15 percent of the territory.

Forest's of Belarus

Belarusian forests

7.8 million hectares of our country are covered with forests. The largest of them are the "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" and Nalibokskaya Pushcha National Parks in Belarus, which aren’t a conservation area. This is where the densest forests are located. Gomel region is rightfully considered a treasure trove of forests, as almost half of this area is covered with them. There are such trees as pine, fir, birch, spruce, black alder, oak, gray alder and aspen. In Belarusian meadows, you can see sedge, carnation grass, hair grass. There are more than 50000 medical plants on the swamps; here you can find 167 herbal species, 37 wood and bush species and 32 sorts of moss.

Plant world of meadows and swamps in Belarus

Belarusian meadows and swamps

Meadows occupy 3.3 million hectares of Belarusian lands. The most common here are sedge hare, yellow, millet, meadow-grass.

Belarusian bogs, figuratively called "lungs of Europe" (we have already written about them in the article), occupy an area of 0,92 million hectares. The most interesting are the Marshes of Olman Reserve, which are recognized as one of the most significant complexes of upland marshes in Europe. There is a successfully wildlife reserve which has been operating since 2008. More than 50 medicinal plants grow here, as well as 167 species of grasses, 37 species of trees and bushes, 32 species of green mosses.

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