Visa-free territory Brest - Grodno

Visa-free territory Brest - Grodno

Visa-free territory Brest - Grodno in Belarus

One visa-free zone "Brest-Grodno" 

In the western part of Belarus are the Brest and Grodno regions. In order for foreign tourists to be able to visit the amazing sights of those places for free, a visa-free regime was established for 15 days. Starting from 10/11/2019, citizens of 73 countries of the world have the right to visit the visa-free territory of Brest-Grodno without applying for a visa on the basis of Decree No. 300 “On Establishing a Visa-Free Procedure for Entry and Departure of Foreign Citizens” of 08/07/2019.


1. Australia.
2. The Republic of Austria.
3. The Republic of Albania.
4. The Principality of Andorra.
5. Antigua and Barbuda.
6. Barbados.
7. Kingdom of Bahrain.
8. Kingdom of Belgium.
9. The Republic of Bulgaria.
10. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
11. The Republic of Vanuatu.
12. The Vatican City State.
13. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
14. Hungary.
15. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
16. The Republic of Haiti.
17. The Republic of The Gambia.
18. Federal Republic of Germany.
19. The Greek Republic.
20. Kingdom of Denmark.
21. The Commonwealth of Dominica.
22. The Republic of India.
23. The Republic of Indonesia.
24. Ireland.
25. The Republic of Iceland.
26. Kingdom of Spain.
27. Italian Republic.
28. Canada.
29. Republic of Cyprus.
30. The Republic of Korea.
31. State of Kuwait.
32. Republic of Latvia *.
33. Lebanon Republic.
34. Republic of Lithuania.
35. Principality of Liechtenstein.
36. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
37. Republic of Northern Macedonia.
38. Malaysia.
39. The Republic of Malta.
40. Mexican United States.
41. Federated States of Micronesia.
42. Principality of Monaco.
43. The Republic of Namibia.
44. Kingdom of the Netherlands.
45. Republic of Nicaragua.
46. ​​New Zealand.
47. Kingdom of Norway.
48. The Sultanate of Oman.
49. The Republic of Panama.
50. The Republic of Peru.
51. Republic of Poland.
52. Portuguese Republic.
53. Romania.
54. Independent State of Samoa.
55. Republic of San Marino.
56. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
57. Republic of Seychelles.
58. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
59. Republic of Singapore.
60. Slovak Republic.
61. Republic of Slovenia.
62. United States of America.
63. Eastern Republic of Uruguay.
64. The Republic of Finland.
65. The French Republic.
66. Republic of Croatia.
67. Czech Republic.
68. Republic of Chile.
69. Swiss Confederation.
70. Kingdom of Sweden.
71. The Republic of El Salvador.
72. Republic of Estonia **.
73. Japan.

* Including persons having the status of non-citizen of the Republic of Latvia.  
** Including stateless persons permanently residing in the Republic of Estonia.

Visa-free entry to the territory of Brest and Grodno

In the vicinity of Brest and Grodno there are amazing castles, Orthodox and Catholic churches, ancient estates, popular health resorts and much more. Within 15 days, foreign citizens can travel unhindered only in some parts of western Belarus. For an individual visit (not as part of a tourist group), a visa-free territory includes:

  • the cities of Brest and Grodno;
  • Brest, Zhabinkovsky, Kamenets, Pruzhany districts in the Brest region;
  • Grodno, Berestovitsky, Volkovysky, Voronovsky, Lida, Svisloch and Schuchinsky areas in the Grodno region.

Citizens traveling as part of an organized tourist group can move throughout the Grodno and Brest regions.

How to visit Grodno and Brest without a visa?

In order to take advantage of the terms of the decree on visa-free Grodno and Brest, foreign citizens must complete a simple algorithm of actions:

Full Name*

Date of Birth*

Passport number and serial number
Country of Residence


Skype, Viber, WhatsApp
Arrival date*

Number of persons*
Number of days stay*
I need tourism services
Dowland a copy of your passport

  • book and pay for a tour of interest;
  • receive and print a document (pass) confirming the right to a visa-free visit to the territory of "Brest-Grodno", which must be presented upon entry into Belarus;
  • cross the border of Belarus through certain checkpoints;

Road checkpoints: “Brest” (“Terespol”), “Bruzgi” (Kuznitsa Belostotskaya), “Domachevo” (“Slovatichi”), “Benyakoni” (Shalchininkai), “Berestovitsa” (Bobrovniki), “Peschatka” (Polovtsy) , "Privalka" (Raigardas).
Simplified checkpoints: Pererov (Bialowieza), Lesnaya (Rudavka), Privalka (Shvydubre).

Checkpoints at railway stations (stations): "Brest" (Terespol), "Grodno" (Kuznitsa Belostotskaya).
Checkpoints at airports: Brest Airport, Grodno Airport.

  • register at the place of stay in the nearest internal affairs bodies when staying in Belarus for more than five days (if the tourist lives in a hotel, estate, etc., then registration will be carried out automatically by the administration).

What documents are needed for visa-free entry to the Brest-Grodno zone?

When moving across any state border, foreign citizens must have with them a certain set of documents. To enter Belarus and visit the Brest-Grodno visa-free territory, a foreign citizen must have the following documents:

  • a valid passport or other document to travel abroad;

  • medical insurance policy in the amount of from €10.000 (valid in the territory of the Republic of Belarus);

  • a sum of money in the amount of two basic units for each day of stay in the country (one basic unit is 25.5 BYN);

  • migration card (filled out at the border crossing and must be presented upon departure from the country, otherwise penalties are imposed on the tourist);

  • a document on the basis of which a foreign citizen is going to visit a visa-free zone (drawn up by the tour operator when paying for the tour).

Special conditions of visa-free for 15 days

When visiting a visa-free territory, foreign citizens can move freely throughout the entire period of the ordered tour only for cities and regions permitted by decree. It is important to know that tourists are forbidden to leave the visa-free territory of Brest-Grodno.

It should also be borne in mind that the total period of all tours to the visa-free zone cannot exceed 15 days.