Border crossing rules

The border-crossing procedure in Belarus passes quickly enough. However, the duration of border formalities highly depends on the fulfillment of the necessary rules. In order not to shadow your visit to Belarus by the bustle, delays or conflict situations, please refer to the border-crossing process.

Procedure and terms of border crossing

What documents do you need to cross Belarusian border?

1. a valid passport

2. a visa to Belarus (for visa-regulations areas)

3. return certificate (in case if you lost your passport in Belarus)

4. migration card (a special document which is given by the Belarusian border guards officer at the border crossing point). You should keep the migration card during the whole period of your stay in Belarus. When leaving Belarus, hand over your migration card to the Belarusian border guards officer.

Migration card should have a registration mark. In case if this mark is missing, the foreigner is to brought to administrative responsibility for violation of rules of staying in Belarus.

5. Health insurance document

Health insurance requirements

  • contain the name of a foreign insurance company and  its location, phone numbers or international assistance services, as well as the surname, first name, patronym (if any) of the foreign citizen;
  • distribute its effect on the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
  • be valid for a period of temporary stay or temporary residence of a foreign citizen in the Republic of Belarus;
  • provide the insured amount not less than 10,000 euros;
  • availability of  health insurance can be confirmed  by an  insurance policy, an  insurance card  or other document, containing information about health insurance.

6. Money amount necessary for covering of expenses on staying in Republic of Belarus and departure. If the foreigner makes a trip to Belarus for a period of up to 1 month, it has to have money amount in volume not less than 2 basic values (about USD 35) for every day of stay. If duration of a trip makes more than 1 month, the foreigner has to have the sum equivalent to 50 basic values (about USD 600) for every month of stay. (A basic value is 25,5 BYN)

Watch out for the safety of your passport, keep it to yourself, do not leave it in a suitcase, bus, hotel room or car. It is preferably to keep your passport separately fr om your documents, and the money.

Rules of border crossing by car

The driver of a motor vehicle should have an insurance certificate effective in the territory of Belarus and confirming public liability insurance in the member-state of the Green Card System.

A toll collection system- Bel Toll

Using toll roads within the BelToll system shall be paid by drivers of the following vehicle categories:

  • motor vehicles with a maximum laden weight exceeding 3.5 tons;
  • motor vehicles with a maximum laden weight not exceeding 3.5 tons registered outside the Eurasian Economic Union;
  • Vehicles with a maximum laden weight not exceeding 3.5 tons registered in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union shall be exempt fr om toll payment


For violation of rules of staying in the Republic of Belarus (stay in Belarus without a Belarusian visa, migration card, passport or other document for travel abroad, violation of the registration procedure) foreign citizens are subjected to administrative responsibility (a warning or a fine in the amount of 50 base values (from 01.01.2019 base value amounts to 25,5 rubles BYN) or deportation).