Visa-free entry

How to get to Belarus without a visa?

Visa-free entry is an opportunity to cross the borders of states without applying for a visa at the competent authorities. This regime can be established between countries on the basis of intergovernmental agreements. This policy greatly simplifies the entry and exit of foreign citizens. There are several regimes in Belarus, within which you can stay in the country without applying for visa.

Visa-free travel for citizens of certain countries

Visa-free regime in Belarus for citizens of a number of countries

In order to simplify the entry and stay of foreign tourists, the Government of the Republic of Belarus signed a number of agreements with other countries. According to the signed documents, the visa is partially or completely cancelled for the trips of citizens of certain states. It is necessary to clarify the conditions of entry under these agreements, as there are requirements for crossing the border despite the visa-free regime.

Visa-free Belarus for 30 days

Visa-free entry to Belarus for 30 days

In addition to the above list of visa-free countries for Belarus, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved a list of 74 states which citizens do not need to obtain a visa subject to certain conditions. This Presidential Decree №295 “On establishing a visa-free procedure for entry and exit of foreign citizens” entered into force on July 27, 2018. According to this document, citizens of European countries, including EU countries, as well as Japan, the USA and other states, can stay on the territory of Belarus without visa within 30 days if they enter through the checkpoint of Minsk National Airport.

Visa-free regime in Belarus for 15 days

Visa-free entry to Belarus for 15 days

Another option on how to visit Belarus on a visa-free basis is to use the conditions of Presidential Decree №300 “On Establishing a Visa-Free Procedure for Entry and Departure of Foreign Citizens” of July 8, 2019, which entered into force on Oktober 10, 2019. In accordance with this document, citizens from 74 states can stay in part of the territory of the Republic of Belarus for 15 days without a visa. The decree applies only to the visa-free territory of Brest-Grodno, while foreign citizens must cross the state border at certain checkpoints.