Rules of border crossing

Rules of border crossing

In order to hold the procedure to enter the Republic of Belarus without any problems, you need to know and remember that during state border crossing, all persons should observe certain rules of behavior.

Citizens at the checkpoints are forbidden:
  • To leave money in the documents produced for checking;
  • To offer and (or) to hand over officials any valuables, offer and (or) provide the benefits of property nature;
  • To take photos, filming, talking on mobile phones;
  • To perform other actions preventing the implementation of border and other types of controls.

Inside the territory between the state border and correspondent checkpoint is prohibited:

  • parking of vehicles;
  • embarkation and disembarkation of passengers;
  • cargo-handling works;
  • Presence of individuals not related to state border crossing.


      For violations of these requirements foreign citizens are subjected to administrative responsibility (warning with deportation or without deportation, or imposed a fine of up to fifty base values (from 01.01.2017 base value amounts to 23 rubles BYN with deportation or without deportation) in accordance with Article 23.32. in Code of Administrative Offences.