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Entering the New Year with renewed vigor: 6 health resorts for winter recreation

Entering the New Year with renewed vigor: 6 health resorts for winter recreation


In winter, many of us face an exacerbation of chronic diseases and a deterioration in our emotional state. This is influenced by a number of factors: cold weather, lack of sun, reduced daylight hours, etc. Therefore, some people prefer to go to health resorts in winter. Resting in resorts helps to normalize physical and emotional states. The VETLIVA online booking and payment service for travel services will tell you where you can go in the snowy winter period in order to gain strength and mood for 2022!

TOP health resorts with winter programs

Going to a health resort in winter: topical issues

Family vacation in health resort

  • It is not enough just to choose a health resort. People often have a number of questions that are difficult to answer quickly:

    • What to take with you when going to a health resort in winter?
    • Which treatment program to choose?
    • Is it possible to travel with children for health improvement?
    • Which resort should I go to?
The VETLIVA online booking and payment service for travel services will help answer these and a number of other questions so that a potential trip will be useful, exciting, and as comfortable as possible.

Why is it worth going to a health resort in winter and what to look for

3 advantages of winter recreation in a resort

People choose the summer period for rest and treatment mostly. But a winter trip to a health resort has its own advantages and charm. No wonder that Russian classics wrote so beautifully and reverently about frosty evenings, crunching snow and freshness of winter air. We will tell you about the main advantages.

  1. Promotional offers and discounts. Almost everyone loves not only to have a great rest but also to save money. It is in winter that health resorts offer interesting treatment tours and recreation with a decent discount due to a decrease in the flow of tourists.
  2. No large crowd of visitors. If you do not want to spend your time in queue for the necessary medical and health services and want to stay calm, serene atmosphere of rest and relaxation, then you will not find a better time than winter.
  3. The opportunity to have a great time with children. As a rule, children are crazy about snowy winters, snowdrifts, and other active entertainment. Therefore, in winter, parents can safely go to a resort with a child, where themed festivities and game events will most likely be organized on the territory of the health resort. Coniferous forests and picturesque nature always contribute to a pleasant walk together.

What to note when preparing for a winter spa vacation?

Preparation for the health resort

VETLIVA recommends: take enough time for organizational matters to take everything you need with you and calmly enjoy your vacation without force majeure.

  1. Write a list for packing. It may seem old-fashioned and wrong to make lists, but we will refute this opinion. If you give yourself time to think and evaluate what you need in a health resort in winter and what you will do there, then it will be much easier to get ready. But your luggage should definitely include swimwear, a tracksuit, and comfortable changeable clothes, light and warm sweaters or bikes, basic outerwear, and, most importantly, about a dozen pairs of socks!
  2. Check out the programs of the selected sanatorium. It is highly not recommended to go without first studying the site of the health resort. You must understand in what vein your potential treatment will take place and how you can brighten up your leisure time. Some visitors find it frustrating to make a blind choice and find themselves in a resort that does not meet all the stated requirements.
  3. Explore nearby attractions. Yes, and this is also necessary! You will definitely not spend all your time exclusively in your room or on medical procedures. Therefore, a small excursion to historical sites near the health resort is what can save you from possible despondency. In addition, most of the sanatoriums (Alfa-Radon, Ruzhansky, Borovoe, Sputnik, Ozerny, Belaya Rus) are very well located and offer clients individual excursion programs.

And for those who love picturesque open spaces and nature, we recommend that you see in which national parks you can celebrate the New Year.

Resting in the unforgettable "Alfa-Radon" resort

Relax procedures

Alfa Radon is a beautiful modern seven-story complex with a swimming pool and spa, where more than 3 hundred visitors can relax at a time. The health resort is perfect for families with children, for whom there is definitely entertainment to their liking.

You will not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but you will also be able to receive full treatment. The sanatorium presents detailed programs for the treatment and restoration of metabolism, the musculoskeletal system, the respiratory system, or the nervous system. In addition, there are many other specialized programs that doctors will select for you based on your individual health problems.

The following types of programs are available to guests:

  • health resort programs;
  • weekends;
  • wellness tours;
  • treatment profile programs;
  • diagnostic programs;
  • programs for children.

In addition, the health resort has several special offers, including programs and tours for a specific individual event or seasonal period, which have a certain period of validity.

In addition to treatment, you can go to the old cities and unique places of our vast country. There are countless numbers of them near the health resort: museums, churches, churches, architectural monuments, and much more.

Hurry up to book a trip to Alfa Radon for a perfect vacation in early 2022!

Rehabilitation programs near the Berezinsky biosphere reserve in the health resort "Borovoe"

Family holidays in Borovoe

The picturesque health resort of the Vitebsk region is located near the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, and around there is a dense pine forest and a clean lake. You can visit the health resort "Borovoe" starting from January, the dates of arrival are open for booking.

Visitors can undergo treatment for the endocrine and digestive systems, metabolic problems, respiratory problems, etc.

The health resort has a number of special programs:

  • healthy skin;
  • rehabilitation after COVID-19;
  • healthy heart;
  • Lite;
  • taking care of your back;
  • women health;
  • family;
  • the energy of youth, etc.

Details and cost can be found when booking or by calling 7172, +375 (29) 115-49-49.

The main advantage of the Borovoe resort is mineral waters, which are very useful for the heart and thyroid gland. They are so popular that they are sold under their own Borovaya trademark. And guests can even take a pool filled with mineral water.

The voucher price includes:

  • accommodation in a room of the selected category;
  • meals (buffet or pre-order);
  • a package of medical and health-improving services when booking a vacation with treatment

Undergoing complex treatment in the "Ruzhansky" resort

Family entertainment

The "Ruzhansky" resort in the Brest region is:

  • 5 buildings, which are connected to the medical and administrative buildings by an overground passage;
  • cottage;
  • large-scale capacity for 4 hundred people;
  • security on the territory and round-the-clock video surveillance.

The range of treatments provided is very wide: circulatory systems, digestion, elimination of respiratory problems, normalization of metabolism, exercise therapy, and much more.

Among the current programs of the health resort, you can find the following:

  • restoration of the circulatory system;
  • treatment of the musculoskeletal system;
  • rehabilitation after the postponed diseases of the respiratory system;
  • recovery after stress;
  • SPA weekend;
  • Diabetes-2;
  • Dump the Excess;
  • Sick Child.

Resort vouchers to Ruzhansky are booked for a period of 10 days, and wellness vouchers from 6 days. The voucher price includes:

  • accommodation in a room of the selected category;
  • meals (buffet or pre-order (from the 3rd day, the first two days of the standard menu));
  • a package of medical and health-improving services when booking a vacation with treatment.

You can get acquainted with the prices of the sanatorium services and free dates for booking on the VETLIVA website right now.

Enjoying the nature of the Grodno region in the "Ozerny" resort

Winter outdoor recreation

We offer not only the residents of the Grodno region to open the winter recovery season in the Ozerny resort, where you can treat not only the circulatory system and normalize the musculoskeletal system, but also the restoration of the respiratory system.

Treatment in the health resort can be organized in a complex way, by choosing several health services at once. Also in the health resort, there is an opportunity to purchase a weekend tour for those who value and save time. Here are a few programs that might interest you:

  • rehabilitation after pneumonia and COVID-19;
  • wellness nutrition and weight control;
  • Healthy Heart;
  • Diabetes-2;
  • Woman's Health;
  • wellness program for men;
  • training "2 steps to health", etc.

A water park, SPA, tennis, discos, karaoke, and much more are available to visitors.

The cost of the resort vouchers includes:

  • accommodation in a room of the selected category;
  • nutrition;
  • a package of medical and health-improving services when booking a vacation with treatment.

For those who are planning a vacation with children, the health resort will gladly accept them from the age of 2 years, and treatment is provided from 5.

Winter in the boundless Naroch region in "Sputnik"

Winter holidays in the health resort

One of the most beautiful natural corners of the country is the Naroch Territory. It is here, in the Minsk region, that the "Sputnik" health resort of the highest category is located. Therefore, rest in the health resort is distinguished by a decent level and comfort.

The resort offers potential clients 2 popular types of vouchers:

  • spa stays from 5 days;
  • health-improving vouchers from 4 days.

Vacationers of the health resort are offered to choose a rehabilitation program for the individual problem of the body, fully restore the body, develop a unique treatment program or enjoy relaxation in the spa.

Sputnik offers the following types of programs:

  • rehabilitation of the respiratory system;
  • wellness;
  • detoxification and optimization of body weight;
  • treatment and diagnosis of gynecological diseases;
  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • treatment of degenerative diseases of the spine and others.

 In addition to a range of services, the price of the voucher includes:

  • accommodation in a room of the selected category;
  • nutrition;
  • a package of medical and health-improving services when booking a vacation with treatment.

VETLIVA advises: for the New Year holidays from 12/24/2021 to 01/09/2022 the resort offers:

  • spa stay from 105 BYN / day (4,000 RUB / day)
  • health-improving voucher from 95 BYN / day (3 700 ₽ / day).

Each of them includes an unforgettable New Year's Eve with an interesting show program!

Southern New Year in the "Belaya Rus" resort (Tuapse)

Winter vacation at the sea

Dreaming of an unusual winter vacation? Then the "Belaya Rus" resort is what you are looking for! We offer you to relax on the picturesque Black Sea coast, 26 km away from the city of Tuapse. One of its main advantages is the combination of sleeping and medical and diagnostic buildings with a passage. Therefore, guests can walk to the desired wellness room for treatment in a matter of minutes.

You can choose one of the resort programs:

  • Weightlessness;
  • Women's Health;
  • Easy breath;
  • Schoolchildren's Health;
  • Healthy Child (age 5-6 years);
  • Antistress;
  • Health First;
  • Relax.

The health resort offers an excellent program for New Year's Eve:

  • 3 meals a day (buffet);
  • New Year's banquet 12/31/2021 with an entertainment program (no alcoholic drinks);
  • animation activities throughout the tour;
  • contests, dances, and music;
  • evening entertainment programs;
  • night discos and much more that will interest you.

Book the best rooms to celebrate New Year's Eve and get unforgettable emotions in January on the Black Sea coast.

VETLIVA prompts: Don't be discouraged if you can't visit the health resort for the New Year holidays. In winter, many tours and excursions are organized that will give you unforgettable emotions, so decide on the dates and feel free to call the short number 7172 to book your vacation.

Enjoy the New Year with unforgettable emotions

Choosing a place for New Year's bright emotions in winter is your prerogative, but VETLIVA knows one thing for sure! Don't put off until tomorrow the vacation that you can book today at a good price!

You can book your stay on the VETLIVA website or by calling 7172, +375 (29) 115-49-49 - and your winter holidays will become unforgettable.


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