Top-6 health resorts in Belarus for families with children

Top-6 health resorts in Belarus for families with children

There are many different options for holidays with children in Belarus. This includes traveling to interesting locations, vacationing in the countryside, and educational tourism, when kids gain new knowledge. There is also another option that allows you to combine recreation with health improvement. We are talking about Belarusian children's health resorts, or rather, those resorts where you can spend time with your family. We have selected for you the top locations by region, so that you can not plan a long trip, but choose accommodation near you.

Belarusian health resorts: holidays with children

  1. Vesta (Minsk region)
  2. Alpha Radon (Grodno region)
  3. Ruzhansky (Brest region)
  4. Serebryanye klyuchi (Gomel region)
  5. Sosny (Mogilev region)
  6. Letsy (Vitebsk region)

Vesta: children's recreation and parental relaxation

Children's slide and swing in a pine forest

Address: Minsk region, Dzerzhinsky district, km 319+800 Brest direction of the highway M-1/E-30 Brest (Kozlovichi) – Minsk – Russian border

Treatment. The Minsk health resort «Vesta» opens our top resorts in Belarus for recreation with children. It is located just 30 km from the capital, and so it will be convenient for Minsk residents to get here by personal transport or by transfer from VETLIVA.

Children are welcome here from the age of 3. Accommodation with infants is also possible: children from 0 to 3 years old can rest absolutely free of charge without food and treatment in agreement with the administration. But starting from the age of 3, rest and rehabilitation are provided in full. Moreover, pediatricians who constantly develop comprehensive programs for the babies’ treatment, for example, “Children's Wellness”, are conducting appointments in the health resort staff. It includes a set of procedures aimed at strengthening children's immunity and preparing the growing body for seasonal colds.

Leisure activities. Vesta is widely regarded as one of the best health resorts for children. In their free time, children can play on the equipped playground, play beach volleyball, football or basketball in summer or go skiing in winter. There is even a private ski slope here: isn't this a reason to master snowboarding or dashing around the tubing? And this is not to mention the fact that Vesta has a special children's menu and several swimming pools.

Alfa Radon: feel as you’re in a fashionable resort

Chairs, tables and toys in the children's playroom

Address: Grodno region, Dyatlovsky district, Boroviki village, 4 Danilovichsky Village Council 4

Treatment. In Grodno’s «Alfa Radon» not only adults but also children are treated thoughtfully. Three different programs are offered to improve a child's immunity, each of which is aimed at helping children with different problems:

  1. “A Healthy Schoolboy. Strong immunity”. The resort will help to increase the immune system so that your child will be safe from the danger of seasonal colds.

  2. “A Healthy Schoolboy. Beautiful posture”. Suitable for children with impaired posture and scoliosis. Designed for 7 days for children aged 6 to 12 and for 14 days — for teenagers over the age of 12.

  3. “The Hyperactive Child”. Helps to alleviate the condition of children aged 4 with neuroses, sleep disorders, and other problems.

VETLIVA’s advice: when choosing a comprehensive program for your child, do not forget about yourself, especially if you have already had a coronavirus infection. Alfa Radon and other health resorts in Belarus have special rehabilitation programs, that will help you recover faster after your illness.

Leisure activities. While you're away at treatments, don't worry about your child! He will be in the good hands of a qualified tutor. The resort has an equipped playground and a children's room. And when you get tired of playing — you can have a lot of fun in the aqua zone.

Ruzhansky: welcome to the resort with a water park

Pool with slides and bridge

Address: Brest region, Pruzhansky district, 1А Zapolye village, Ruzhansky Village Council

Treatment. «Ruzhansky» has everything for comfortable rest for families with children from 0 years old. For example, there is a program called “A Frequently Sick Child”. It is intended for 7 days and is designed to help children with weak immunity.

Leisure activities. Ruzhansky is one of the best health resorts where you can relax with children just because it has its own water park. While you are soaking in the spa or getting procedures, your child can ride down the slides and splash with all their heart in the pool with water of comfortable temperature. And there is more:

  • children's menu, so that you do not puzzle over what to feed your child;
  • children's room and playground outside;
  • children's TV channels that show only interesting and informative programs;
  • baby cots;
  • qualified pediatricians and much more to ensure that the rest and recovery were a success!

VETLIVA’s advice: there is another health resort in the Brest region, which is rightfully considered one of the best children's resorts in Belarus. This is the Children's Rehabilitation and Recreation Center called «Kolos», which pays a lot of attention not only to the health of children but also to their development. The health center constantly hosts cultural events and masters of their craft teach children different kinds of handicrafts.

Serebryanye Klyuchi: budget family vacation in the Gomel region

Children frolic in the children's room

Address: Gomel region, Svetlogorsk district, Chirkovichi village

Treatment.«Serebryanye Klyuchi» welcomes children from the age of 3, and this resort in Belarus has all the best for a child: modern medical facilities and the services of an experienced pediatrician who will help develop an individual health improvement program. All this, combined with clean air, physical activity, and swimming in the pool, will help the growing body to get stronger and acquire natural protection from colds.

Leisure activities. In addition to the children's pool, the resort has a playroom, where children will be looked after by an educator. And on the territory of the resort, there are several children's playgrounds with swings, slides, sandboxes, and a bouncy castle. Neither toddlers nor older children will be bored!

VETLIVA’s advice: Serebryanye klyuchi is famous for its swimming pool, which is the longest, and is suitable for real swimming training! Do you want to find out which other health resorts in Belarus have good water areas for recreation? Read our top!

Sosny: children's resort of the Republic of Belarus, which I do not want to say goodbye to!

Children painted with paint in the forest

Address: Mogilev region, Shapchitsy village

Treatment. Just 10 km from Mogilev there is a real island of excellent recreation and rehabilitation for children in nature. Children are admitted to «Sosny» from the age of 3 only if accompanied by an adult. For kids from 3 to 7, you can purchase vouchers only with accommodation and meals, if you do not want the child to go to the procedures. There are professional pediatricians on the staff of the resort, who can easily prescribe the necessary medical procedures for your child.

Leisure activities. For many years, a children's summer health camp has been based on the health resort. During the vacation, children get so attached that they do not want to leave! And, of course, Sosny has everything to make children not be bored: playrooms with educational toys, as well as good and educational cartoons are shown every day, volleyball court, where friendly matches between different shifts are constantly organized. In one word, there will simply be no time to be bored here!

Letsy: let’s go to the Vitebsk region for recreation

Children standing around a man with an accordion

Address: Vitebsk region, Malye Letsy village

Treatment. Specialists of the «Letsy» children's resort are ready to take children from 3 years old for treatment accompanied by adults. A local pediatrician will definitely prescribe the most appropriate treatment based on your child's medical history. And also will choose an individual set of procedures if you just want to increase children's immunity and protect the child from seasonal colds.

Leisure activities. Even though the recreation in Letsy is quite budget-friendly and available to everyone, children’s leisure time here is organized at the highest level. There is a children's playground with rides, swings, and slides. And various activities and outdoor games, children's discos, and cartoon viewing sessions are constantly held here. So you can safely go to the sauna or the procedures, while your child will have fun with the other children.

Gain health and get good spirits in the Belarusian resorts!

There are cool resorts in every region of Belarus, where they take care of every guest, no matter how old he or she is. The VETLIVA team is always happy to introduce you to the Belarusian health resorts, where you can gain strength and have a good rest with the whole family. Read our Blog, remember the most interesting things, and let yourself have the rest you deserve!

Top-6 health resorts in Belarus for families with children