New Year's adventures in nature: meeting 2022 in national parks

New Year's adventures in nature: meeting 2022 in national parks

Bored with the city and want to unwind in nature? New Year's holidays are the best time for this! Snowy expanses, fresh air, fun entertainment for every taste, and, of course, comfortable living — this is what awaits you in the national parks of Belarus. So, let's figure out what will entertain you here on New Year's holidays.

New Year in Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Belovezhskaya Pushcha in winter

The famous Belovezhskaya Pushcha beckons to the thicket of a dense forest both in summer and winter. But it is on the eve of the New Year that it reveals all its beauty to the guests. Just imagine: on the territory of the national park there are about 250 species of birds alone. So if you are a fan of birdwatching (as they call bird photography), you should definitely visit Belovezhskaya Pushcha!

Rest in Belovezhskaya Pushcha for the New Year: what to do in the National Park

You can book an organized tour and go on an exciting journey, where every day will be full of interesting events and impressions. In a few days you will get:

  • an acquaintance with the expositions of the Museum of Nature and a small forest zoo, where you can see the main inhabitants of the forest — bison, deer, roe deer, and other animals;
  • a luxurious New Year's banquet accompanied by Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka, as well as an incendiary fire show;
  • an excursion to the residence of Grandfather Frost: be sure to take children with you, because a meeting with the main New Year's wizard is the best gift for a kid for the New Year! By the way, about gifts: at the end of the visit, Grandfather will definitely give them to every child;Father Frost's residence
  • a visit to a unique open-air museum, the exposition of which reflects the history of Belarusian lands in the period from the Stone Age (from the 9th — to the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC) and up to the early Middle Ages (the 10th century AD), as well as a visit to the Museum of Folk Life and Technologies.

Advice from VETLIVA: if you do not want to worry about buses and group excursions, then you can organize your leisure time yourself and celebrate the New Year in Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Just choose and book the most suitable accommodation option, and VETLIVA will take care of the transfer to your destination. 

Visiting the Berezinsky reserve

Berezinsky reserve in winter

If you've already visited the bison and Grandfather Frost, then it's time to go to the Berezinsky Nature Reserve, where, by the way, there are bison too, and the program of the New Year's tour is expected to be no less eventful. For example, during the "Wildlife Tale" tour you will:

  • Get to know the central estate of the reserve;
  • Meet 2022 in a warm company;
  • Visit the Museum of Nature and Wildlife Aviaries;
  • Ride on a sleigh or horseback, on special winter bicycles and skis (rental of all the necessary winter equipment can be found on the spot);
  • Have a great time at the main Christmas tree of the Berezinsky Reserve with Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka;
  • Visit the museums of honey and mythology and, of course, walk along the ecological trail, enjoying the wonderful winter landscapes and fresh air!

Hotels of Berezinsky Reserve

The Berezinsky Reserve is famous not only for its beautiful nature. There is where you can stay and spend a few days in comfort, for example, in the hotel complexes "Plavno", "Serguch" and the ecological tourist complex Nivki. We guarantee: you will not want to leave the winter fairy tale!
VETLIVA advises: do you want to spend some amazing weekends without traveling far away? Then, perhaps, in our selection, you will find a more suitable option for relaxation and meeting the upcoming New Year.

Winter recreation on the lakes

Braslav lakes in winter

Braslav Lakes are just breathtaking in winter decoration! So if you were looking for where to get great shots and update your Instagram account, it's time to book a tour. What awaits you?

  • A visit to the Russian bath and sauna, as well as the swimming pool;
  • All kinds of winter entertainment: it's time to remember your youth and dashingly ride a sled down a hill or enjoy ice skating;
  • New Year's banquet and treats with local cuisine throughout the entire New Year's tour;
  • Cheerful performances of batleyka (folk puppet theater);
  • A visit to the Museum of Traditional Culture;
  • Excursions to local attractions, including an interesting trip to one of the oldest cities in Belarus — Polotsk.

VETLIVA advises: if all the entertainment options from our selection have been tried, be sure to visit Braslav Lakes with children! They will definitely like the batleyka show, a special children's entertainment program, and a wide variety of masterclasses where your kid can make a Christmas tree toy, a clay whistle, and a charm doll with his own hands under the guidance of a craft master.

Waiting for the first star and caroling in the Pripyat and Narochansky national parks

Pripyat reserve

New Year's holidays are not limited to one night only! Christmas is still ahead, followed by Kolyada, which you may celebrate in the Pripyat national park and Narochansky park. If you only have 3 days left — go to the Naroch for the Christmas mood. Excursions to local attractions and trips to Polotsk, Smorgon, and Zalesye, rich fish soup, and barbecue, which will be prepared for you right in nature, walks along the shores of a picturesque lake, skiing, visiting a sauna and a swimming pool — to cut a long story short, there will be no time to get bored!

And if your soul longs for merry folk festivals, then you should take an excursion to the Pripyat national park:

  • Find out what the traditional kolyadny kutia tastes like and try on the role of the Goat or Santa Claus;
  • Get to know the history and sights of Turov and Lyaskovich;
  • Visit the safari park and the local residence of Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka.

VETLIVA recommends: in addition to the Christmas program, there are also three-day excursions to the Pripyat national park. Here you can cheerfully celebrate the New Year 2022, enjoy a great vacation surrounded by Belarusian nature and taste traditional Belarusian cuisine in the restaurant "Nad Pripyatyu" (you can even taste a real wildfowl if you wish).

Have an unforgettable New Year's Eve!

New Year's Eve with family in National Parks

Like a birthday, New Year is celebrated only once a year. And therefore we want it to be unforgettable. For this, there are our great New Year's offers, which you can still have time to take advantage of. Choose, book, and get ready to celebrate the New Year 2022 so that the memories of it will warm your soul until next winter. And VETLIVA organizes everything at the highest level: call 7172 and get ready to meet the best New Year in your life!

New Year's adventures in nature: meeting 2022 in national parks