The Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier in Grodno (Farny)


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фарный костел в гродно
костелы гродно
достопримечательности гродно
фарный костел в гродно
костелы гродно
достопримечательности гродно

One cannot express in words the beauty of Grodno Farny Catholic Church! And photos as well will hardly be able to display all the monumentality of this splendid сhurch. You should watch the сhurch alive. A trip to Grodno should be destination number one in your travel itinerary. It makes no sense to explain why. You will be able to make sure in everything by yourself when you come to this Belarusian city over the Neman. And you will not regret that you have walked through the historic center in the evening by the light of lanterns, have looked in one of the cozy cafes to have tea and have gone to the main square of the city to look at a real work of art – the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier.

We will talk not about two different churches. This Catholic Church – the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier – received the name Farny because this word is derivative from the word “parafialny” which means main. As a rule, the Catholic Church is open from early morning till late evening. It is always crowded, tourists are eager to go inside the temple to see the interior of this great structure.

But before you get inside, just look upwards at this building. The skyward arches of the temple remind people that God is great, and the power of a person is in endless faith. Do not be in a hurry to leave the Catholic Church, let your eyes linger on this building. It is beautiful in any season, by the light of the rising or setting sun, as well as when the night is falling upon the city and the illumination is being turned on everywhere.

The history of the Farny Catholic Church in Grodno

The Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier was founded by Jesuits in the 17th century. That building was a part of the Jesuit monastery and that is why it had been also called Jesuit for a long time. The construction of the church lasted about 100 years, and the temple itself has been located in Grodno for over 300 years. Nothing broke it over the years; it has been preserved in its original form. The Church is visible from different parts of the city, all tourists, who have ever been to Grodno, will always remember its shape. This is, undoubtedly, an attraction that exists out of time.

The favorite place of the king in Grodno

It is not surprising that the idea of creating a church on that place in Grodno had appeared long before the beginning of its construction. King Stephen Báthory liked to visit Grodno in the 16th century.  He could stay in that city for long as he loved that beautiful place; he even chose it as his residence. So the monarch finally decided to build the church in such a picturesque place, he even made a donation for the construction in the amount of 10 000 zloty. And only Báthory’s sudden death prevented to realize the idea of building the church. However, a century later, the Catholic Church appeared in Grodno.   

To attend a mass during Grodno sightseeing tour

It has appeared to stand here forever and to remind parishioners and tourists about the importance of faith in the human heart. You should attend a mass in the cathedral to listen to an organ. Close your eyes for a moment during a visit to the Shrine and just think about how this temple was being created, how the king once decided to build that magnificent structure. Return to the present, and you will understand why the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier is still important in Grodno as well as in many Belarusian hearts.  

You can see the Farny church, having joined our Grodno sightseeing tours. It can be as excursion for one day («Meet the royal city Grodno» and «Glorious archietecture of Grodno»), and combined excursions lasting many days with visiting of Grodno. You would not choose what excursion route, the royal city of Grodno necessarily will be pleasant to you!

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