Nature vacations save skin

Nature vacations save skin

The experts of the company Procter & Gamblе came to the conclusion that the skin of city dwellers ages faster, than the skin of country inhabitants, despite the fact that they spend more time under the sun and are more exposed to ultraviolet, harmful in terms of aging. The results of the company's research prove that living in a big city speeds up the aging process of our skin by 10%.

Nature vacations for your health

The experts blame urban air: it is extremely polluted by harmful substances, first of all, due to automobile exhausts and emissions of industrial enterprises.

Therefore VETLIVA decided to take care of your skin and health and offers you comfortable nature vacations in national parks and reserves. Belarusian nature safeguards public health!

The article will be divided into 2 parts. The first one will be about water national parks — Naroch and Braslav Lakes. The second — about nature vacations in forests. Check for updates and enjoy the reading!

Braslav Lakes save health

Braslav Lakes

Location: Vitebsk Region

Area: 700 km2

Peculiar fact: Due to huge amount of water reservoirs, Braslav Lakes look like cheese from space.

Short information:

Lakes of Braslav are the main attractions for tourists there: 183 km2 of pure as driven snow water reservoirs. About snow and ice: most of the lakes have been derived from the last glacier on the territory of Belarus 15000 years ago. Besides lakes you can see real marvels of  Belarusian nature — islands. The most unusual are located in Lake Strusta: for instance, the biggest island there and the second one in Belarus — Chaichin, — has its own lake inside it.

And now about your skin health. Belarusian nature is not only lakes with crystal-clear water, but also bogs and softwood forests which clean the air. Which spa treatment can be better? Save your skin in these places during your nature vacations:

  • Recreational center Leoshki which offers cottages in isolated area bordered by one of the cleanest lakes in Europe and the forest. The killer feature of this place is scuba diving as water transparency here is up to 5 meters!

  • Tourist complex Zolovo — the paradise for people seeking meditation atmosphere: four cottages (the capacity of the complex is up to 20 people) on the shores of Lake Zolva in the midst of Belarusian nature. Add real Russian stove, banya (or Russian sauna), barbecue and mini beach and plan your next trip there!

  • Dryvyaty — recreation and health improvement rolled into one. Well-developed infrastructure, comfortable rooms of different types, health complex and swimming pool in the heart of Belarusian nature — what can be better for your skin?

Naroch is excellent for nature vacations

Lake Naroch

Location: Minsk Region

Area: 79,62 km²

Peculiar fact: Tourism on the largest Belarusian lake began developing in the first half of the twentieth century, after Polish industrialists had built several villas, a restaurant, a yacht club and a marina for sailing boats on the western shore of Naroch.

Short information:

Yes, the Naroch is the biggest lake in Belarus (one of the cleanest and most popular for tourists either). This lake is included in the Narochansky National Park, 17% of which is covered by more or less 40 lakes. They are divided into 3 groups: Blue Lakes, Naroch Lakes, and Myadzyel Lakes. As you understand, each of these groups are Eden for tourists: Belarusian nature, well-developed infrastructure, guided tours to forests and lakes, fishing and hunting facilities.

But now we will stop only on Lake Naroch and explain why you should stay in the hotel Naroch (sorry for tautology). The two-story hotel of the car-camping "Naroch" is located 150 meters from the lake in the midst of picturesque forest. You can stay in the camping hotel all year round — spring, summer and autumn for enjoying beautiful nature of the region and winter for skiing in the snowy forest.

The first part of the article about nature vacations in Belarus is over. As you see know, our water resources can not only save skin, but improve your health and give opportunities for high-level recreation full of new experience and emotions. Check our site for the second part and remember: VETLIVA is your best guide to Belarus!