Treating autumn blues and colds in health resorts

Treating autumn blues and colds in health resorts

No matter how strong immunity you have, it often fails. This happens especially often in autumn when the weather is unstable. No doubt that at such a time on the streets you can meet people in T-shirts and winter jackets. All this is fraught with colds. And we must not forget about the stress that many experiences on the eve of winter. Therefore, it's time to learn how to get rid of the autumn blues and improve your health before the onset of real cold weather.


The off-season is characterized by an increase in colds, as well as diseases of the ENT organs, including bronchitis. This disease has probably caused you discomfort more than once, and its symptoms are in many ways similar to the coronavirus infection, which many have already suffered. The disease is accompanied by paroxysmal cough, discomfort and pain in the chest (especially when breathing), shortness of breath even at rest, headaches, apathy, and a slight increase in body temperature up to 38–38.5 degrees.

Health resorts treating bronchitis are not uncommon in Belarus. This is because many centers are located surrounded by coniferous forests, where the air itself, saturated with phytoncides, contributes to recovery.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: phytoncides are biologically active substances that help to reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria in the human body. Thus, simply breathing in the air saturated with phytoncides, you can feel better.

Respiratory diseases

Treatment of bronchitis in health resorts includes a set of procedures aimed at improving the patient's condition. The programs include:

  • Halotherapy is one of the most unusual procedures, which therapeutic effect is based on the effect of natural salt caves;
  • Balneotherapy, for example, baths with medicinal additives;
  • Heat, electrical, and phototherapy;
  • Massage and more.

VETLIVA recommends: you can go to a resort to treat bronchitis right now, without putting your health on the back burner. Moreover, during the velvet season, many health resorts pamper their guests with pleasant discounts on vouchers.

Nervous system disorders

diseases of the nervous system

For nervous disorders, health resorts are the first aid for many people. Moreover, the autumn blues can take you by surprise when you are not expecting it at all. And in order not to succumb to sadness and stress, nerve treatment in a resort is the best solution

What awaits you is:

  • The world's most relaxing floatation treatment. You soar in the weightlessness of the bathroom, forgetting about all your problems and stress.

  • Massage — traditional manual, non-contact, automatic, and even with the help of small fish!

  • Acupuncture, hirudotherapy, and mud therapy. Sapropel mud, which is actively used in sanatoriums, has both a general strengthening effect and helps to raise immunity, which is extremely important against the background of its fall in the fall.

In which resort to heal the nerves

nerve treatment with water treatments

So, you can go to treat your nerves in the following resorts:

  1. "Yunost". The location on the shores of the Minsk Sea, the SPA center with the European quality certificate, comfortable rooms, and the most modern medical equipment make the health resort one of the best in the vicinity of Minsk. And you don't have to go far.
  2. "Sputnik". If you are crazy about the beauty of Naroch and want to combine aesthetic pleasure with treatment, then Sputnik is waiting for you.
  3. "Borovoe". The health resort is located in the center of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve and has its source of mineral waters. So here you will be offered to taste it and swim in the healing water.

Health resorts for joints

joint treatment

Autumn brings not only endless colds and blues. Joints are also vulnerable to cold weather, especially for people with chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In chilly weather, immunity decreases, metabolic processes are disrupted, which leads to the destruction of substances that are responsible for the strength of the joints. Moreover, even though new substances are formed, they are destroyed faster.

Most often in the fall, two common diseases manifest themselves:

  1. Arthritis is an inflammation of a joint that causes an infection. Its danger is that it arises and develops quickly enough, is accompanied by swelling and pain, and in the absence of treatment becomes chronic.
  2. Arthrosis is a disease that is accompanied by the destruction of the cartilage of the joint, which leads to a deterioration in elasticity and limbs mobility.

treatment of the spine

There are many health resorts with joint treatment in Belarus. And here are the top three from VETLIVA:

  1. "Vesta". For those who want to get everything at once (and to heal the joints), there is a sanatorium "Vesta". And you should come here in winter and go skiing/snowboarding/tubing (underline as appropriate) from the local slide.
  2. "Alpha Radon". One of the most modern and luxurious joint treatment resorts in Belarus is waiting for you! Here you can experience the healing effects of radon baths and other joint procedures.
  3. Wellness center "Energy". In combination with an affordable cost, the health resort, located in the city of Bereza, Brest region, helps to alleviate the condition of people who suffer from joint diseases. Try it and see for yourself!

Digestive system treatment in health resorts

treatment of the digestive system

Autumn is considered the time of gastritis and exacerbations of peptic ulcer disease. This is also associated with a cold snap and changing eating habits. That is if in the summer because of the heat you did not want hot rich soups and there were enough fresh vegetables and fruits, then in the fall, willy-nilly, you want to warm up and eat something more high-calorie. And do not forget about stressful conditions, which many prefer to "seize up". Hence the constant heartburn, and pain, and a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen...

To help the digestive system, it is advisable to stick to a diet. And we don't need to explain how difficult it is at times, especially if you work day and night. Take pity on your body and go to a health resort with digestion treatment. The food here is not only incredibly tasty but, of course, dietary and balanced.

dietary dish

Best 3 resorts for the digestive system

  1. "Priozerny". The beauty of the Naroch region + modern medical facilities + professionalism of the medical staff = an ideal formula for helping the gastrointestinal tract. You don't have to worry about anything: you are in good hands.
  2. "Chenki". For almost 100 years, this health resort has been helping patients with digestive problems. Reception of mineral water, healing and restorative baths, strict adherence to the correct diet helps to quickly normalize the functioning of the digestive system.
  3. "Praleska". An excellent budget option for those who do not want to travel far from Minsk. The health resort has been assigned the first category, and therefore you can rest assured of the quality of medical services.

Health resorts for skin treatment

skin treatment

Autumn is a difficult period for the skin as well. All those problems that you could safely forget about in the summer are aggravated. A greasy shine appears, acne, the skin becomes tight and overly sensitive. This is inevitable during the transition period from heat to cold, and therefore you should think about resting in sanatoriums where skin diseases are treated.

For example, in the "Borovoe" health resort you will be offered to undergo the "Healthy Skin" program, which includes specific procedures that restore the beauty of your skin. Treatment begins with a consultation with a narrow specialist who prescribes a set of necessary procedures: naphthalan and mud therapy, phototherapy with a dermatological irradiator, etc. So if you suffer from atopic dermatitis, acne, neurodermatitis, chronic eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis, they will help you here!

Advice from VETLIVA: did you know that sea air has a beneficial effect not only on the respiratory system but also on the skin? Even if we don't have an outlet to the sea, there are Belarusian branches on the coast. We are talking about the sanatoriums of Belarus abroad: an excellent option for those who want to improve their health and miss the sound of the surf.

Say “no” to autumn colds and blues!

great mood

Many people love autumn for its unsurpassed beauty, and someone sadly awaits the onset of cold weather. Even if you cannot avoid aggravating autumn sores, this is not a reason to be sad! There are always ways to cheer yourself up and tone the body. And the life hacks on how to do this have already been described above. Try yourself what a vacation in a Belarusian resort is: we are sure that you will not want other options for salvation from the autumn blues!

Treating autumn blues and colds in health resorts