We don’t need the crown: increase immunity in the health resorts of Belarus

We don’t need the crown: increase immunity in the health resorts of Belarus

It's no exaggeration to say that the coronavirus pandemic has been a seismic event and changed the way of life. Coronavirus is a real challenge even for absolutely healthy people. Everyone needs recovery from COVID19.

Coronavirus recovery:

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Impact of COVID-19

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the pandemic has been going on for almost two years, the disease is little-known. The new coronavirus affects us all. For example the rehabilitation period can be up to one month. After a severe illness the recovery period lasts 6 months. Sometimes this period lasts about a year.

Indications for sanatorium-resort treatment:

  • Sleep disorders (insomnia and excessive sleepiness);
  • Cognitive impairments (e.g. problems with memory or concentration, decreased performance);
  • Circulatory system diseases (arrhythmia, tachycardia, hyper- and hypotension);
  • Asthenic syndrome and breathlessness;
  • Depression.

Severe coronavirus disease has a serious impact on health and can lead to fibrosis, heart attack, stroke, thrombosis and even gangrene.

VETLIVA warns: don’t delay rehabilitation. Go to the sanatorium immediately after the two-week quarantine period. The sooner you begin coronavirus recovery, the faster you can regain your health.

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Rehabilitation goals

The main goal of recovering from COVID19 is to help you return to your normal life quality. E.g. many people suffer from asthenic syndrome after coronavirus. That’s why you need sanatorium-resort treatment.

Wellness programs:

  1. Boost immune system;
  2. Reset sleep cycle;
  3. Get rid of depression, anxiety and fatigue;
  4. Improve eyesight;
  5. Restore pulmonary function.

VETLIVA recommends: a lot of sanatorium-resorts have appropriate medical profiles, which means they can provide more effective patient assistance. Choose sanatorium-resorts with a pulmonary profile for coronavirus recovery.

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5 rehabilitation steps

Rehabilitation includes:

  1. Drug therapy. Vitamins D, A, C, E and trace elements boost the immune system. Fiber rich food and prebiotics improve and maintain the balance of beneficial intestinal microflora. Liver needs regeneration: special drugs normalize the organ functions.
  2. Wellness. Massage, mud therapy, therapeutic baths, magnetotherapy boost the body's resistance power, immune system and restore pulmonary function.
  3. Balanced diet. Buffets in sanatorium-resorts are similar to All Inclusive in 5-star hotels. Moreover all dishes are as dietary as possible and tasty.
  4. Calm rest. We can’t imagine cognitive functions restoring and getting rid of anxiety and depression without relaxation. The most relaxing floating procedure in the world helps to feel harmony.Physiotherapy and breathing exercises restore pulmonary function and don’t need intensive physical activity.
  5. Physiotherapy and breathing exercises restore pulmonary function and don’t need intensive physical activity.
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Top 6 health resorts for recovering from COVID19

Belarusian health resorts implement health improvement programs aimed at people after coronavirus. Although the disease has not been fully understood yet, experts know how to deal with the impact of COVID-19.

Health resort «Yunost»

foto health resort «Yunost»

The resort is situated on the shore of the Minsk Sea. It is not only distinguished by different leisure activities, but offers tours with two specialized programs:

  1. «Recovery from pneumonia». The combination of a complex of procedures + 3 meals a day (buffet style) = the perfect vacation you can afford (and even need!). The program is for those who had COVID19 in a moderate or severe form, and is aimed at the most efficient recovery of the normal functioning of the respiratory system
  2. «Immune system boosting». Immune system boosting is the most important part of the recovery process. You’ll have a rest in the atmosphere of calmness, friendliness and relaxation. You’ll recover faster.

Health resort «‎Alfa Radon»

foto health resort «‎Alfa Radon»»

The resort in Grodno region offers 2 programs for reсovering from coronavirus:

  1. «Express rehabilitation after Covid19» is suitable for those, who can visit the health resort only for a week. It includes the minimum required number of procedures that help prevent the development of fibrosis, boost immunity and improve psycho-emotional state.
  2. If you can have a rest during 15 days, choose a full program. In 2 weeks you’ll get physiotherapy procedures (magnet therapy and electrotherapy), balneotherapy, inhalation therapy and massage.

Health resort «Plissa»

foto health resort «Plissa»

Pulmonary program «Light breathing» lasts from 6 nights. It’s an excellent opportunity to boost your immunity and restore all the functions of the respiratory system.

It includes the next procedures:

  • Physiotherapy,
  • Mineral baths,
  • Inhalation,
  • Massage,
  • Speleotherapy, etc.

Rest in «Plissa» can boost your well-being thanks to natural factors and effective medical procedures.

Health resort «Priozerny»

foto health resort «Priozerny»

What could be better than the rest on the bank of lake Naroch? Only rest with health improvement, which offers «Priozerny». You should stay here at least for 6 days to achieve minimum efficiency. Better to buy a 2-week program.

VETLIVA warns: programs include the most optimal number of procedures. If you had a mild coronavirus, choose a 6- or 7-day program. Patients who suffered from COVID19 in moderate and severe forms need a longer recovery program (during 14-15 days).

Health resort «Raduga»

foto health resort «Raduga»

The specialists of the Grodno health resort developed complex programs for 7, 10 and 12 days. Intensive functional rehabilitation and immune system boosting is what you need, even if you didn’t have the coronavirus infection.

Health resort «Sputnik»

foto health resort «Sputnik»

Resort «Sputnik» is the last but not the least. Everyone can get qualified assistance.The program includes massages, exercise therapy, dry carbon dioxide baths, speleotherapy, magnetotherapy, blood irradiation and many other procedures.

Breathe deeply!

Health is the aim and dream of everyone. Coronavirus is often mild but has a serious impact on health. Nowadays it’s especially important to get back on track quickly. It doesn't matter which recovery program you choose — in Belarusian health resorts you’ll improve well-being.

We don’t need the crown: increase immunity in the health resorts of Belarus