Hirudotherapy and other unusual procedures in Belarusian health resorts

Hirudotherapy and other unusual procedures in Belarusian health resorts

Today nobody will be surprised by medical procedures using sapropelic therapeutic muds or a pool filled with mineral water. And what do you say about the treatment... with oil? Or thin air, like in the mountains? Or treatment with leeches — hirudotherapy, which is more than 3,000 years old? VETLIVA will tell you about the most unusual medical measures that can be performed in health resorts in Belarus.

Unusual procedures provided in Belarusian health resorts:

Naphthalan bath: oil as a doctor

A girl takes a naphthalan bath

Did you think that oil is used only for the production of fuel for cars? And VETLIVA will tell you about a unique method of treatment with naphthalan — a special type of oil and drugs made from it. The only naphthalan deposit in the world is located in the Naftalan city in the west of Azerbaijan. Since 1926, a resort has been opened here, welcoming guests from all over the world.

There is a legend that the medicinal properties of this substance were discovered amazingly. In ancient times, a caravan passed through these lands. One of the camels fell ill and was left to die near an oil lake. What was the surprise of the caravaneers when they returned: the camel not only survived but also looked quite healthy and even became plump! People saw that the animal entered the lake filled with naphthalan several times a day and then dried out in the sun. The caravaneers dressed their wounds with it, following his example — and their wounds were healed!

An interesting fact: napthalan is the property of Azerbaijan and it is forbidden to export it from the country.

The therapeutic effect of naphthalan:

  • boosting the immune system,
  • improving metabolism,
  • enhancing nerve regeneration after injury,
  • helps with infertility,
  • has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Where to get naphthalan treatment?

Have you already wanted to swim in oil? Then you are welcome to the Belarusian health resorts, where this procedure is given.

The Kneipp path: when water treatment becomes entertainment

Gazebo with an equipped Kneipp path in the open air

With the Kneipp path, hydrotherapy turns into real entertainment! Step from one reservoir to another one, during which special sensor nozzles fill them with water of different temperatures. Stimulation of the points on the feet gives a massage effect, and after the procedure, there is a rush of endorphins and relaxation.

The Kneipp path is not only a pleasant feeling but also a benefit.

How does the Kneipp path help?

  • facilitates rejuvenation and strengthens the immune system,
  • stimulates blood circulation,
  • improves blood supply to the feet and legs.

Where to try the Kneipp path?

For Belarus, the Kneipp path is still a novelty, and you can experience its effect only in a few resorts from the list.

Hypoxytherapy: feel like you’re on the top of a mountain

A man on top of a mountain

Hypoxytherapy, or “mountain air” is an interesting procedure that literally allows you to travel to the mountains for a few minutes. A fantasy place, where the air is so clean and transparent, but it is difficult to breathe since the oxygen content is less than in the air on the flatland. What is hypoxytherapy for?

What is the effect of hypoxytherapy?

  • improving microcirculation by using reserve capillaries,
  • strengthening and stimulating the immune system,
  • boosting blood circulation,
  • increasing efficiency and reducing fatigue,
  • overall strengthening of the body.

Interesting fact: if you plan to climb some peak in the future, VETLIVA recommends taking a course of hypoxytherapy, which will easily help prepare the body for such a strain.

Where to try hypoxytherapy?

To breathe the mountain air, you do not need to hire an experienced guide and go to the mountains. It is enough to book one of the vouchers for the health resorts of Belarus.

Treatment with hirudotherapy: when health is helped by... leeches

The faint-hearted and squeamish people will have to suffer a little, but patients with cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the central nervous system, gynecological and urological systems, musculoskeletal system, and rheumatism will certainly be interested. Hirudotherapy, or the method of bloodletting with the help of medical leeches, was invented in the distant past. Even then, doctors noticed that after the bite of these blood-sucking worms, patients got better.

An interesting fact: hirudotherapy also includes reflexology, since the doctor places leeches on the patient's body in special reflexogenic points — the procedure thus also carries the effect of acupuncture.

The benefits of hirudotherapy treatment:

  • point effect on certain organs, depending on the place where the leeches are located;

  • the saliva of a leech contains more than 30 biologically active substances that enter the human body during a bite and affect pathological processes;

  • leeches “unload” the blood flow.

Where to enjoy the hirudotherapy procedure?

Wait! Do not rush to look for a swampy pond and catch leeches there! The procedure should be safe and comfortable for you. Therefore, hirudotherapy is done only in the best Belarusian health resorts, where VETLIVA recommends you to go.

What is halotherapy, or how does salt help to breathe

Salt cave with sun loungers

Isn't it a little chilly? In fact, halotherapy has nothing to do with ice and low temperature. The principle of the procedure is based on the microclimate of natural salt caves, in which the air is saturated with a high content of sodium ions and chlorides. Salt penetrates the most remote areas of the respiratory system, settles on its walls, and is quickly absorbed into the body. Thanks to this, patients with diseases of the respiratory system, allergies, skin problems, and reduced immune system become easier to breathe after a few sessions.

The benefits of halotherapy:

  1. Cleansing of the lungs and bronchi from dust and various pathogenic bacteria.

  2. Dilution of bronchial secretions and reduction of puffiness.

  3. Oxygen saturation of the blood, which is also useful for hirudotherapy.

  4. Improving immunity, which is important during a pandemic (especially for those who have already encountered COVID-19).

  5. Improving the condition of the skin due to the activation of its regeneration process.

Where to breathe salt?

Of course, such a procedure cannot be done at home. There should be a special room with an artificially recreated microclimate and safe conditions. Therefore, it's time to go to one of the health resorts from our selection.

Stone therapy: treatment with the energy of stones

Girl with massage stones on her face and body

You probably know that in many countries, stones are attributed to medicinal properties. For example, the American Indians had their stone therapy: they heated the stones in the sun and put them on their stomachs when they were sick. And the pain disappeared!

What is stone therapy? This procedure is a massage with hot and cold stones, which helps just as much as the famous acupuncture and other effects on vital points of the body. The procedure is performed using two types of stones: basalt, which is heated, and marble, which is used cold. And the effects that stone therapy provides help patients with joint and sleep disorders, immune deficiencies, and skin problems feel relief.

The benefits of stone therapy:

  • stimulate the work of muscles,
  • increase immunity,
  • reducing fat deposits,
  • normalizing sleep,
  • increasing skin elasticity, etc.

Where to feel the energy of stones?

Massage should be carried out by a specialist, otherwise, you will not feel the magical effect that stones can give. So, it's time to study and choose the most suitable offers for recreation and wellness in the Belarusian resorts where there are professionals in stone therapy.

Cryotherapy: hardening at extremely low temperatures

Smiling woman in cryochamber

What is the main benefit of hardening? It helps to increase the overall tone of the body and become immune to avoid seasonal colds. This is exactly what two procedures are needed for: hypoxytherapy and cryotherapy. We have already written about the first one above, but the last one probably needs a private presentation.

So, cryotherapy is the effect of extremely low temperatures both locally, on certain areas, and the entire patient's body. Just imagine: the temperature in the cryo chamber can drop to -190°C (-310°F)! So why is it not only harmless but also an extremely useful procedure? It's simple: the effect of cold is so short-term that the body only has time to start protective processes.

And these are the main benefits of the procedure:

  • reducing pain,
  • stimulating blood circulation,
  • strengthening immunity,
  • getting rid of foci of inflammation and edema, etc.

VETLIVA’s advice: cryotherapy and hypoxytherapy are similar in many ways because they help activate the sleeping abilities of our body. However, if you prefer peace, then a magical floating procedure is at your service, which is a concentrated dose of relaxation and peace.

What does the cryotherapy procedure give?

Do you have arthritis, osteochondrosis, Bekhterev's disease, arterial hypertension, or coronary heart disease? Then a cold test is exactly what you need! This procedure will not be superfluous for patients with metabolic disorders, skin diseases, gynecological problems, and many other diseases.

Where to pamper yourself with a chill?

And, of course, you don't have to look for a bigger refrigerator to try the effects of extremely low temperatures on yourself: all you have to do is choose one of the stays in the Belarusian health resorts.

Galvanic mud cure: treatment with a natural antibiotic

Woman in capsule for galvanic mud therapy

We think you have heard about the treatment with the help of healing mud of freshwater lakes. But what is behind the complex and incomprehensible title? It is the same therapy with sapropel, but much more effective: thanks to the effect of galvanic current (of course, absolutely painless) useful substances from the mud move to the deeper layers of the skin. Unlike traditional applications, this procedure helps enzymes, vitamins, free amino acids, biostimulants, and microelements reach even the internal organs!

Where to try galvanic mud therapy?

It is clear that the usual dirt that we can see on the street is not suitable for a galvanic-mud cure. Therefore, it is worth going to one of the Belarusian resorts for a miraculous substance. And there you can also relax at the same time.

VETLIVA’s advice: not sure if you need this procedure? Mud treatment is very effective in combating diseases of the musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory, genitourinary, and other systems of the body. So visit your doctor and find out: perhaps galvanic mud treatment is exactly what you lacked for happiness!

Procedures in health resorts of Belarus: classic and novelty work together!

Whether you are interested in trying healing with leeches, air, or stones, or you are more of a follower of classical procedures — it is not so important. Belarusian resorts must be a treasure trove of benefits for every taste and color. Qualified specialists will conduct all the necessary examinations and help you determine further treatment. You only have to enjoy your rest and feel how combinations of procedures do wonders to your tired body.

Keep following the Blog VETLIVA, be healthy and happy!

Hirudotherapy and other unusual procedures in Belarusian health resorts