Holidays in nature: rest on the Braslav lakes and in the Pripyatsky national park

Holidays in nature: rest on the Braslav lakes and in the Pripyatsky national park

Belarusian nature is perhaps one of the ideal places for recreation at any time of the year. Even if in summer you managed to escape to the Braslav Lakes or visit the Pripyatsky National Park, you can be sure that winter will give you no less vivid impressions. Especially if you decide to go here at the most magical time of the New Year holidays. We tell you what interesting and exciting things the employees of the national parks have prepared for the guests.

Nature calls: what to do in national parks

Outdoor recreation

National parks in winter attire are full of breathtaking beauty. After the city’s bustle and hustle, it is unusually easy to breathe here, and the desire to walk in the fresh air as much and often as possible fulfills you! When completing the mandatory minimum for walks, you wonder what else you can do here?

  • Bring or rent winter equipment on site. It can be skiing, ice skating, sledding, tubing — in a word, winter fun for every taste.
  • Prepare to be culturally enlightened. On the territory of all national parks, there are museums with unusual expositions, and some are even located right in the open air.
  • Try to catch trophy pike or walleye. For avid fishermen, they will organize winter fishing and will be happy to show you the fishiest places.
  • Relieve stress in a steam bath or sauna. And if the heat and steam are not to your liking, you can swim in the pool, because the water procedures perfectly relax.
Fun for kids
  • Make a snowman with children, build a snow castle, play snowballs. Don't miss your chance to have some fun!

VETLIVA advises: if you want to present a real fairy tale to your child, it's time to go to Belovezhskaya Pushcha. It is there that you will meet with Grandfather Frost and his faithful companion Snegurochka, the official residence of the New Year's wizard, one of the tallest fir trees in Europe, bison, and much, much more. Call 7172, and we will tell you about all the options that are not sold out yet!

Going to the Braslav lakes national park 

Family vacation on Braslav

In summer, the national park becomes one of the coveted beach destinations. And what to do on the Braslav lakes in winter? The online booking and payment service for travel services VETLIVA is ready to devote you to all the intricacies of the winter holidays in Braslav.

New Year's holidays start here on New Year's Eve. A rich program of events is designed for guests of all ages:

  1. On the 30 of December, we are accommodated at the recreation center "Drivyaty". Free time, during which you can use the local infrastructure every day with might and main, for example, go to a Russian steam bath or sauna, visit the pool or jacuzzi, go skiing, sledding, ice skating.
  2. On the 31st of December, we get acquainted with the exposition of the Braslav museum "Traditional crafts of the Braslav region", visit the Batley performance of the traditional Belarusian puppet theater "The Legend of Braslav". And the celebration of New Year is not far off on the Braslav Lakes! A fun performance for children awaits you, and from 22.00 — a luxurious New Year's banquet for adults. Have fun until you drop!New Year's banquet
  3. On the 1st of January, from 12.30, we join the "Merry New Year's Hang Out" — ​​a theatrical show with mummers, traditional winter fun, and a glass of cracklings in Braslav style. You have never had such a morning on the first of January!
  4. On the 2nd of January, we are culturally enlightened and go on the "Pearls of the North of Braslavshchyna" excursion . Do not forget to charge your phone or camera: your lens will show you some of the oldest temples in Belarus and the Borisov stone — a monument to epigraphy of the 12th century.
  5. On the 3rd of January, we continue to get acquainted with the beauties of the Braslav region during the excursion "From temple to temple". You can take a photo of the majestic Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God in Braslav, the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the women's Orthodox monastery of St. Panteleimon, the Church of the Holy Trinity.
  6. On the 4th of January, we are ready to become fond of art and learn how to make New Year's toys from straw, clay whistles, and amulets dolls from scraps of fabric.New Year decoration
  7. On the 5th of January, just enjoy the rest and do what your heart desires!
  8. On the 6th of January, on Christmas Eve we go to ancient Polotsk and get acquainted with its beauties. The beauty of the snow-white St. Sophia Cathedral is breathtaking! And a visit to the Epiphany Cathedral, the house of Peter I, the Upper Castle, the Spaso-Euphrosyne Monastery will not leave you indifferent. And in the evening, when you whet your appetite, we will enjoy a traditional dinner with real kutya, as our ancestors cooked. A wonderful end to the eventful day!
  9. On the 7th of January, we celebrate Christmas on the Braslav Lakes and enjoy an outdoor picnic lunch. Braslav pickles, freshly boiled fish soup, aromatic mulled wine — you must drooling right now!
  10. On the 8th of January, we enjoy walking, sledding and skiing, baths, saunas and everything that we used every day!
  11. On the 9th of January, we say goodbye to the hospitable Braslav region after breakfast.

Surely you have already fired up the idea to give up everything and go to Braslav Lakes as soon as possible. The online booking and payment service for travel services VETLIVA supports you in this and is in a hurry to warn you: dial 7172 and book because there are fewer and fewer places every day!

Caroling in Pripyatsky National Park

Christmas Carols
Kolyady in Belarus has long been celebrated on a special scale. It started on Christmas Eve and lasted until January 19th. Do you want to join the traditions of our ancestors? Then it's time to find out more about the two-day excursion "Your Merry Christmas and Kolyady" in the Pripyatky National Park:

1. First day. We will plunge into a bright holiday right from the moment of arrival! You are greeted by a guide, and then by the mummers, who will take you to the table with songs and dances, treat you to traditional kutya, and even offer you to become... a goat! But don't worry, there is nothing wrong with that: you will simply be dressed up in a suit. And the headmsaters of the excursion will::
  • teach you to read fortune with pancakes, a mirror, and a fence;
  • invite you to carol in the Belarusian outback (do not worry, they will not leave anyone without sweets!);
  • charge you with a positive and excellent mood.
Then we go on a sightseeing tour of Turov and get acquainted with its sights: stone crosses growing from the ground, the Museum of Nature, and the Cathedral of Cyril and Lavrentiy Turovsky. But that's not all! The cherry on top is a visit to the ethnic party "Dances, Games, Songs from grandmother’s youth" in the village of Chernichi. Then we check into the hotel and go to bed.
2. Second day. We wake up in a great mood and readiness to be surprised and receive new emotions further. The first point of our route is the "Bonfesto" brand store, where you can buy delicious soft cheeses for which Turov is famous.
Christmas tree in Pripyat park

And finally, the long-awaited acquaintance with the Pripyatsky National Park! Ahead of us is a fascinating journey through the Safari Park with three themed areas. One of them houses wooden sculptures of ancient Slavic gods. On the second, the mythical characters Baba Yaga and Kikimora are waiting for you. And from the third, little guests of the national park will be completely delighted, because there they will meet with Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka. And, of course, do not forget to visit the local "Karchma", where you will be fed delicious dishes of Belarusian cuisine (and we remind you that it is worthy of a whole gastronomic tour). During the tour of the safari park, you can see elk, roe deer, and even wild boars!

The excursion program will end at the open-air museum, where you will be initiated into the secrets of the craft by a master of his craft — a blacksmith, a cooper, and a potter. And what excursion can do without gorgeous photos in the end! The museum has a tower that you must climb to take breathtaking panoramic photos of the snow-covered Pripyatsky Park.

Even more sweet offers from VETLIVA!

Holidays with the whole family
New Year 2022 can be spent with your family. And it is better to meet it with your family where you have not been before. Hospitable and incredibly beautiful national parks of Belarus are simply created for a wonderful holiday at any time of the year. Winter fun, snow-covered landscapes, fresh air and the organization of leisure at the highest level — choose the option that you like, and the rest will be done by the specialists of the online booking and payment service VETLIVA. Do not forget our short number 7172, where they will always be glad to hear you!
Holidays in nature: rest on the Braslav lakes and in the Pripyatsky national park