Where to get long-expected southern tan: best Belarusian beaches

Where to get long-expected southern tan: best Belarusian beaches

Summer is at its peak, which means it's time to get your swimsuits, buy sunscreens and look for the most suitable place for a beach vacation. But this is not a reason to be upset about the lack of territorial access to the sea: Belarus is called “blue-eyed” for the reason. It means that our country is rich in other water resources, such as rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. We suggest you go on a short trip to such places and make sure of their heavenly beauty!

A group of friends is jumping into the water from the pier

Best beaches in Belarus

  1. Beaches in Minsk
  2. Best beaches in regional centers
  3. Beaches of Belarusian health resorts
  4. Beaches in national parks

Belarusian beaches: sunbathing in Minsk

It is not necessary to go outside the city to swim and sunbathe. For example, the Zaslavskoye reservoir, which is deservedly called the Minsk Sea, is worth visiting! And there are a lot of similar places in Minsk, you can only choose the appropriate option or visit them all.

Minsk Sea

Bird's eye view of the Minsk Sea

The territory near the Minsk Sea has all the facilities for a comfortable beach holiday. Have you always dreamed of sailing? Then the yachting services are at your disposal. Do you want to fly a kite over the vast water surface? Kiting instructors will teach you! And, of course, here you can rent a catamaran or a boat, have a snack (there are plenty of cafes) and just soak up the warm rays of the sun. 10 beaches — can you believe that? Yes, this fact alone should inspire everyone to visit each of them as soon as possible. By the way, fishing lovers here will also probably like it: pike, walleye, perch, bream, and other fish just keep waiting to be caught!

VETLIVA’s advice beach vacation in Belarus is offered by theYunost health resort. This is one of the best options to relax, where you can enjoy the comfort of a nicely equipped beach, and improve your health: there are just ideal conditions to make it real.


Stunning view of the city from the shore of the Drozdy reservoir

Many indigenous residents consider Drozdy to be virtually the most picturesque green zone in Minsk. This is not surprising: in the forest park, located on the shore of the reservoir, there are many beautiful fountains, waterfalls, and other authentic locations that you definitely want to capture! The beach infrastructure is also perfect: 8 beaches with changing rooms, playgrounds, beach volleyball courts, and toilets — what more can you ask for? Except for only warm and sunny weather!

Cnyanskoe reservoir

Bank of Cnyanskoe reservoir

There are 5 sandy beaches here, so there are plenty of places to relax near the water. For your safety, the bathing area is fenced with buoys. If you forget to take a snack, you can buy something right on the spot. But it is even better to gather a friendly bunch and make barbecue: fortunately, there is everything you need for this purpose on 2 and 5 beaches.

Where to sunbathe in regional centers

You can also get your portion of southern sunburn and freshness on city beaches. There are a lot of places like this in Belarus: in each regional center, there are at least 5-10 fully-equipped zones. Let's go over the top locations.

Central beach in Gomel

Vacationers sunbathe on the beach in Gomel

Right in front of the jewel of Gomel is the most popular beach in the city. Everything is organized at the highest level here: there are changing rooms, toilets which are constantly cleaned, and the recreational area is clean and well-tended as well. There are fast food tents on the beach, still, pretty sure you won't starve.

VETLIVA’s advice: be sure to use our guide around the city on Sozh! It has everything a traveler needs: information about the sights, the best accommodation options, and other life hacks.

Yubilejnoe lake in Grodno

View of the shore of Yubilejnoe Lake in Grodno

The fully-equipped beach is located in a picturesque area of Grodno. There are changing rooms, water rides, places with refreshments, and shade structures. There is even a separate paddling pool for children. Just keep in mind that this place is wildly popular, and in the heat wave it will be quite difficult to find a free patch of land.

Vostok beach in Brest

Boy splashing on Vostok beach in Brest

There are shade structures, benches, a shower cabin, changing rooms, toilets, and a summer cafe. The beach is located quite far from the center, on the outskirts of the city, but that's a pro: there will be fewer people than on the central beach, and the marvelous view and advanced infrastructure will give a head start to all other beaches.

The area of the Yubilejnyj Bridge in Vitebsk

One of the most well-equipped beaches in Belarus is located near the Yubileyny Bridge. Tents belonging to city cafes, catamaran and bicycle rental, a children's camp — in short, there is everything you need for active beach entertainment.

City beach in Mogilev

View of the town hall from the city beach in Mogilev

The city centre beach also attracts many residents of Mogilev. There are changing rooms and shade structures, but it can be crowded on hot days. Public utilities are constantly installing new loungers, benches, toilets, and other necessary items for a carefree holiday for the opening of the bathing season.

VETLIVA’s advice: for those who have not been to Mogilev yet, our detailed guide to the city will be useful. Study the list of the most interesting locations and go to explore them all!

Belarusian health resorts with a beach

Recreation, entertainment, treatment, delicious food — this is just a small fraction of what's awaiting you in Belarusian resorts. Most health resorts are located in such a way that in summer you can walk around the picturesque territory and, of course, swim in the cool water during the stifling heat. And now we are going to tell you about some Belarusian resorts with a swimming pool and a beach, which are equal to foreign resorts in their landscaping.

Priozerny health resort

Priozerny health resort from a bird's eye view

Where else would one of the best sandy beaches in Belarus be located, if not in the Naroch region? And just on its shore is the «Priozerny» resort. So, having a rest here in the summer, you will certainly need to swim in the clear water of Naroch. And the rest has already been taken care of by the staff.

A fully-equipped beach is located 400 meters from the buildings of the health resort. There are loungers, changing rooms, showers, boat rental, and various equipment for the best beach vacation. And there is also a pontoon: a great device for those who like jumping into the water!

Vesta health resort

The stylish main building of the Vesta health resort

Vesta is one of the most amazing health centers in Belarus. For example, in winter it turns into a real ski resort. And in summer, you can relax here in a way you never dreamed of! Beach volleyball and football are common practice here, deck chairs, boats, catamarans, bicycles, roller skates, and roller skis are also present. There is plenty of entertainment for all tastes! And there is a cafe nearby in case you suddenly get hungry.

Recreation in Belarusian national parks

In addition to the Naroch National Park, there are many other truly magnificent places for recreation in our country, including the beach one. For example, these are the famous Braslav Lakes, where one of the largest festivals in Belarus — Viva Braslav — takes place every year. And not only bisons live in Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

So, let's go!

Braslaw Lakes

Yacht off the shores of the Braslaw lakes

One of the best boarding houses in Belarus with a beach on the lake is just located on the Braslaw Lakes. That’s because everything here offers you the best ambiance for a nice and relaxing time. For example, did you know that due to the depth of the lake, you can even go diving here? The water is so clear that it can be seen 5 meters deep!

Best places for relaxation on the Braslaw Lakes:

  1. Drivyaty. There is a function to rent boats and catamarans for water walks on the picturesque lake. There is an equipped sandy beach with a shallow entrance to the lake, so even kids will be comfortable swimming.

  2. Leoshki. Besides Leoshki has everything you need for a comfortable and eventful holiday, there are also boat trips on the Braslav Lakes, recreational fishing, and hunting. The fully-equipped beach is located just 30 meters from the center, so it will be easier to get out of the heat!

Narochansky National Park

Stunning views of the nature of Naroch Park

The scenic Naroch shores were chosen not only by health resorts. There are several excellent options for recreation here: Belarusian country estates, hotels, guest houses, where you can stay with a little company and make a family picnic.

VETLIVA’ advice: think of your vacation plans in advance! There are enough offers for accommodation, but they are sold like crazy. Choose, book, and enjoy the vacation that you deserve.

Sunbathe, swim and enjoy these lovely elusive summer days!

Of course, this is not a complete list of Belarusian beaches. Almost everywhere where there are reservoirs, you have the opportunity to have a perfect rest by the water and get a tan no worse than one by the sea. Just remember: to make your vacation safe and pleasurable, always choose equipped beaches for sunbathing and swimming! Specialists in OSVOD — All-Russian Rescue Society on the Waters — are always standing guard there and are able to help you in an emergency. And VETLIVA, in turn, is always ready to provide you with all possible assistance in choosing places for rest, relaxation, and wellness!

Where to get long-expected southern tan: best Belarusian beaches